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Excellent photography. I love voluptuous (well endowed) women. I wish Met-Art would post more voluptuous models. Skinny women turn me off. The glasses are dumb.

I agree on all points, except the glasses : )

The gathering of the creatures of the night continued near castle Headlopper. The many battles of the Knights of the Dark Watch had thinned their ranks. Only the most skilled and cunning in battle remained
and they were weary of the battles. The few knights that remained to protect the kingdom of the good Shepard ant the princess and other good people were near death from the lack of food and battle. The brave princesses such as Princess Pavla nourished the knights with the milk of life from there breasts. After feeding them they took their place on the watch towers and kept a sharp view with sword and bows and quivers of arrow at the ready. The brave and beautiful Princess Pavla was worried and voiced her images of the future to Count Headlopper as he made his rounds to rally the princesses. Dear Count Headlopper, we are few in numbers and the enemy is of great strength and numbers. Is ther e any chance other brave nights may join us at castle Headlopper. No, dear princess, the creatures have cut off the roads that any other knights could use to join the battle and the stories of dread spread thru the land like the plague of blackness. Princess Pavla stood in defiance's and bodily stated that if we had only a few more knights the man the catapults we princesses can keep the evil creatures at bay. The weary Count Headloppers eyes glazed over and glowed a emerald green. Dear princess Pavla, what a beautiful idea from a beautiful princess. He gently whispered in her ear that we will reinforced the road to the castle Headlopper with the outstanding knights. He told the beautiful princess his plan and her eyes also glazed over and she let out a little laugh, Oh dear Count Headlopper, how I love you so. The creatures of darkness feared the nights near castle Headlopper and retired to the hills beyond to build their fires high. As night approached the Count lead the remaining knights into the woods the crop down small trees.
He the had the guard sharped the point of the trees into stakes and drive them into the ground along the road leading up to the gates of castle Headlopper. With the help of the tallest princesses the knights impaled the outstanding knight onto the stakes of timber and place them at their guard posts. They lined the road with the outstanding knights and waited until the dawn of a new day to inspect the new guard posts of castle Headlopper. Their shinning armor glistened in the morning sun with the blood that seeped from the cracks in their armor. Look my dear princess, two knights are approaching the castle Headlopper, they are wearing the armor of the Knights of the Dark watch and the carrying the shields of the Headlopper. Why dear princess do you think they have stopped, these are outstanding guards to escort them to the gates of castle Headlopper. The beautiful Princess Pavla only smiled at Count Headlopper and with a coy grin ask the Count if he was hungry.

Reality is a difficult place to frequent. Really is not the objective here. Variety is good. Overall the quality on MA is quite nice. I (IMO) feel certain K does the best she can to post models that meet the expectations of as broad an audience as possible. Stay away from reality though. In reality these young women take the money and hopefully move on to some safe location. Based on the crude comments that appear here and in the "Tags", we would appear to be a bunch on "old" perverts for which make them cringe. If not we should all clean up our act and show some respect. If you do not like a set move on. for someone else, it's their favorite. Thanks!

Good advice.

Thank you.

Is it just me or could you get completely lost in between those wonderful boobs.

If you go in, make sure you tell some one where you are going and when you plan to be home. Bring a flash light and pack a lunch. Make a day of it.

DANGER - Explosives
Objectively beautiful but I'm not attracted to women prosperous.

"voluptuous" ?

Jesus, everyone afraid to actually say what is on their minds here? Is that what happens?

There's been a string a REALLY average looking models posted up over the last month or so and it baffles me the waves of positive comments. I'm not saying that cruelty has a place, but reality should. This is a solid average looking woman, with a pair of large but otherwise very average looking breasts.

There's nothing exceptional in the photography and while she might be a sweet person, and a pretty girl, there is nothing exceptional there either.

Big boobs does not mean pretty, SKINNY does NOT mean pretty, and for the love of god red hair does not mean pretty.

I wish you would comment more often. I have seen very few sets that are exceptional lately. But a good number rave... Very few comments are actual real critiques. And apparently a good number only use 9 or 10's to vote, thus the ratings get useless. And our really good/great models from the days ratings actually were somewhat valid just keep drooping down the "top list" e.g. Suzi Carina, Paloma, and even Ariel Piper Fawn. Makes no sense to me...

swplf2: Would you like to see more of the 'old favourites', such as Suzi Carina? Just a question...I think so...

So beautiful...

Pavla (Samantha), you are the living proof that big is beautiful. Come back soon. Come back often.

Welcome back Pavla...Hope you will be staying for a while...More more plz...Awesome set...maybe do a movie as well yeah???

I second that motion, Pilot!

Pavla is an awesome beauty. The Czech Republic has some fabulous girls,and Pavla is one. She has been gone too long, but I prefer girls who have thought it over and decided they really want to do it.

Agreed, seadog... Pavla does look as though she's having fun modeling for us. At least I hope so! ( :

I'd like to say Pavla is a beautiful girl, but I never got past looking at her tits.

Beautiful natural breasts...

I have to comment here..i am one of those members who likes the slim waifish girls...I fact I usualy avoid clicking any sets of well endowed girls. my reason is tied in with my fascination with legs and feet. I have noticed many times that when a girl has a large chest she tends to neglect the rest of her body a little, because lets face it most men wont look below her breasts anyway

so the reason I had to post and vote is this...pavla has some very beautiful, sexy, well kept lil feet...I would like to see more of them and her in the future

MetArt needs more voluptuous models!!! They are under the mistaken impression that none of us like breasts larger than a C cup. Give us one or two truly busty models a month (as long as they aren't fake).

I agree on both counts. Voluptuous and real are a good combo. I am not a fan of fake boobs. That said, I would much prefer to see natural Bs than fake DDs and there are a lot more of the former out there than the latter.

Agreed, fake boobs are as appealing and convincing as a blown up balloon... not to insult any woman who chooses to get them, but they just don't work for me.

Pavla is a gorgeous natural beauty with awesome breasts! I would like to see much more of her.

Pavla has so many things in addition to the boobs.
Beautiful lips, a sparkling smile, deep eyes and mischievous,
statuesque legs and a pert ass.

You notice the low rating and short comments; most of these usual critics cannot handle a real woman; maybe its a thing about penis size!! But this lady is amazing, a perfect ten, all woman, real woman; only one adjective can truly capture her femininity, - incredible; or one phrase, "my goodness!" What more do you want in a woman. A Perfect 11!

better is a BIG MAC or oysters and champagne?

Perfection is the measure, the balance of all.
The excesses extra size does not.

You make a lot of generalizations and assumptions about who you call critics. I think that is rather naïve since you really don't know these posters but like I mention, your making generalizations and assumptions.

hotte - The ratings on this page are intended to be for the set as a whole. The model has her own rating on her page when you click on her name. I can't offer any explanation about why she hasn't scored as high as you feel she should (on this set). As of this writing, the set is at 8.14 at 219 votes, which is not bad.

As for my own opinion, it's a decent set, but small (only 88 pictures) and very focused on her breasts. I think she has awesome breasts, but the rest of her is pretty much ignored. I'd rate the set higher if it were not so focused on only one aspect of Pavla. She deserves more than to be admired just for her breasts.

I respect your individual right to an opinion; please respect mine and others. I hope this comment is long enough for you.

That's pretty funny actually. If a man has different taste in body type than you, then his penis must be lacking somehow. But I do it too, when I see a bonehead driving around in a giant monster truck, I wonder if he's trying to compensate for something. Humans are interesting creatures.

All the attention is on Pavla's amazing tits, and I agree it's hard not to dwell on them, but the rest of her is pretty tasty too! I also appreciate when they pull their labia open for a glimpse of the joys inside.

Not only does Pavla have an Apple, but a nice pair. (Couldn't resist, in spite of the double-digit thumbs down that will follow). : )

Double-digit thumbs up. Congrats : )

Women in glasses are so sexy. ( :

Got that right. I was thinking a duo set with Suzanna, both wearing their glasses.

OMG hellz yeah, mincer!

So sexy, a real woman .

Pavla, what an amazingly beautiful woman you are, with an awesome figure. It has been a wonderful pleasure to meet you. Warm regards and very best wishes for much happiness.

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