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Love the gloves.... stockings for the hands!

Catherine is indeed my favorite photographer. This set could be reduced from 120 photos to maybe 20 photos. There are so many redundant poses and photos. Nevertheless, it is always a pleasure to look at Catherine work

I was looking at your comments and noticed that 50% were positive. I would write the model is the best part of this set, and I lean more towards your other 50%.

Thanks for your comments. For me it is very important

Thank you for the armpit shots

Penelope is a gorgeous and sexy girl!!! The set started out good, but too many standard poses were left out. It is nice to change things up from time to time, but I think Catherine was trying to be too artsy with this one.

This set was my last hope for happiness today...it's gonna be a very gloomy day....:o( Complete with rain! I think they ALL 'phoned it in' today...

One of my favourite photographers and I always look forward to seeing this photographers new work. Because my initial view was that this set was so bad I actually looked through it a second time just in case I had missed something. My conculsion though is that this set is signifacantly worse than merely just being poor, it is just simply dreadful. This set does nothing for me whatsoever and is just awful.

no like

This set does nothing for me. Catherine normally does some very good material, but whatever she is trying to get across isn't working.

awful, just awful.

Based on this and preceeding series - I think this model/artist combination is exhausted. I do rate Catherine's work highly, but this is far from her best.

Sensuous and erotic.One or two odd poses but great set all in all.Good work Catherine.Penelope D is stunning as ever.

This is what "low expectations" can do for you. I'm happy that someone is happy with this...practice set(??). I believe Catherine 'phoned it in'.

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