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Piss-poor photography, but it's a shame this beauty isn't around anymore.

After looking at more of this photographers work with Polina, I regret my first comment, which was beyond rude, and uncalled for. It's now clear that this artist/photographer is focused on the 'artistic' aspect of the models body, within the context of the setting. The near absence of 'erotic' poses and pictures should not always be used as the measure of a set. Polina is a beautiful girl, and 'Artist' Anastasia brings that to light very well in all of the sets I've seen so far. And I repeat my lament that Polina has not returned to the pages of MetArt since her last appearance. It would be a treat if a few sets are sitting in the archives, waiting for an insatiable audience to consume...(??) Thaaat's about all...

This photographer is completely useless. He is incapable of obtaining sharp focus on a girl's pussy, so why bother to undress them at all?

We need more Murano.

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