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Rylsky: I prefer single malt as well, but I think the water sets are fantastic. Thanks very much and keep them coming please. Simon.

Bushy pussy is a turn-off for me.

The turn-off for me is all this bitching and whining about the set or the girl or the photographer or the lighting or the decor....well you get the idea. Why can't we all just take what we want and leave the rest. The vast variety of sets on the site means that there's something for everyone, and no one person is going to be happy with all of them. I've done my share of 'bitching' too, but am realizing how silly it is and that it won't change a thing. I prefer Quinn shaved also, so I won't be saving this particular set, but it was fun to look at...after all...it IS Quinn!! And SHE is gorgeous! shaved or not!

Thank you for this comment. Looks like we think the same way with you about What MetArt is. It is huge "supermarket". You will never like to eat all of this but you can find anything you want. The more to choose from - the more chances everybody who hungry will visit this "supamarkt" daily.

What is this trend on Met-Art in which the clothes remain across the tummy FOREVER? If I want to see girls with their clothes on, I can go to the mall.

See ya....have fun ;o)

I really don't understand all the anti-hair comments. If it is natural how can it be depraved?? Or fetishistic? The thing that really gets me is that the vast majority of sets here are of clean shaved women. I don't really care for that look. I think it's sad if we think that women need to shave off all their pubic hair - what? - aren't they "good enough" for us as they are? Why do they need to look pre-pubescent? That's a little disturbing.

I would love to see ALL of the models with pubic hair, or at least half. The shaved thing is a recent fashion and one I am looking forward to seeing changing.

BTW if you really think that you will be performing oral sex on any of these women then you are deluded! And if you can't deal with some pubes while doing it you are maybe not as good as you think you are.

For all those pubic hair haters let us lovers have some pictures to look at. Why should it all be one way? For me some pubic hair signifies that she is a woman. It is part of what makes her beautiful.

I found this set to be very hot. Quinn A has special powers. To me her hair emphasizes her nudity, and her very relaxed attitude, with her legs open, bare feet on the table takes my breath away. This is femininity! Wow! Great job Rylsky! I'll never be the same.

feet are uggh
face is soso
don't care about hair

but I would love to have that tapestry and that couch.

Face is absolutely gorgeous imho. To each his own. Give me Quinn. Please.

No more body hair please. Ruins the set. This is a complete waste of a beautiful model. I love performing oral sex on women, but gagging on a pubic hair isn't my idea of a good time. When I see a set with an unshaven model, I simply move on.

Quinn, love your pretty face sweet tits and beautiful butt. But I'm absolutely overwhelmed by your magnificent bush and succulent pussy. Would love to bury my face between your thighs for...well I'm in love. From the "States"!

I am a European and personally I cannot stand body hair. This is a set I was looking forward to until I saw she had not shaved. As suggested I shall not download the set, which is a pity because Quinn is a stunning model.

Jolie fille bien mise en valeur par le photographe
Elle ne nous cache rien et même ses poils sont jolis

Europeans are familiar with more body hair on women than those of us in the USA. It is not a sort of "depravity" as someone said. It is simply familiarity. I am not used to hairy arm pits or genitals so it does not stimulate me sexually. Here in the USA men have hairy arm pits and legs while women have smooth legs and arm pits. Some genital is fine, but those big jungle bushes are very unattractive to most of us in the States.

from the "States"...disagree.

Yes I am also an American and disagree with this opinion.

Seems as if (most members) are really big fans of a woman with a prepubescent look to her. Hmm? seems as if that would qualify as some sort of depravity.

So women who prefer men to have a clean shaven face are depraved? Grooming of some sort is a mark of civilised Man; it's merely a matter of degree. Smeering those who prefer a clean look is offensive.

Oh -- !!

One thing I'm very happy to see with this set is that Rylsky resisted his usual temptation to put her against a black background and simply turn a water hose on her. Most unimaginative. :-{

Dear Dreadnought, If you have time, please count percentage of "usual temptation to put her against a black background and simply turn a water hose" in total amount of my sets on MetArt+EroticBeauty+RylskyArt. Also please count how many locations did I used. As a bonus please count how many models was presented by me there.
After that please let me know your score and please show me who could teach me do a better job in variety, styles, etc. Now it looks like you saw 3-4 of my sets? If you drink beer 3 times per year and it was same 3 times when we met in a life - can I say to anybody that you are alcoholic?

Dear Rylsky --
I am an extensive collector of MA, EB, and RA -- well over 5,000 sets on Met alone.

I have seen a good deal of your work, certainly more than 3-4 sets, and the "Riparian Treatment" struck me as your signature style.

However, I have much enjoyed your recent presentations of Feeona, Paloma, Virginia Sun, Candy Rose, etc, etc, -- the list of excellent work is far too long to list. And your "Gitonisa" treatment of Yani A was stupendous!!

So -- if I have spoken out of turn, please accept my apologies. I did not mean to be mean-spirited.

And, for the record, I prefer liquor to beer.

Yours --
-- Dreadnought

About a "signatures":
when I start use water in a studio in 2004 - I never thought it will became so popular and since that day I start to collect how many studios and photographers use it since 2004. You have no idea how many people wrote to me and copied what we start with my studio. BUT I never agreed that it is my signature (even after I already have 300+ students who visited my workshops and many requests after 2006 master classes of water studio shoot) because I like photography a lot, not my fault that it was quick and curious success with "erotic+water" idea. We know many exaples in musuc when 1 hit song became famous when 100+ songs of same composer stays in shadow. By the way, I have won contests with my non erotic photos, and you will never know what it main for me. Because I don't know it too. I like different things in life and in photography as well.

Thank you for reasonable way of discussing. I am not beer drinker too, I dislike alcohol as a class if you want it to know. Maybe 50ml of single malt 2-3 times per year...

Since "hairy" women are a matter of personal taste, I simply resort to deleting the pictures with too much hair, or hair in the wrong places.

When it comes to tattoos -- I either delete or "shop" them.

Since high heels appear to be rare in Europe, I delete the foot fetish pictures if she has ugly feet.

I ran my own site for about 6 years and did quite well with it. Good lighting and good camera angles can do wonders for a girl, but if she has tattoos, then it's up to the cameraman to keep them out of the shot. The same goes for hair and ugly feet.

All this argument -- either "for" or "against" -- is quite useless. Some of the remarks have indisputable logic, and are quite witty, but ultimately futile. The set is shot to cater to a certain amount of fetish interest. And that will not change -- and all the ranting in the world will make no difference whatever.

Therefore, each of us must choose to "retain", delete, or simply not download.

I agree with much of what you say. You are also correct in saying high heels are rare (or less common would be more accurate) in Europe which is a shame. However one thing is for sure - British, Central European and Eastern European women wear a lot less clothes, and skimpier clothes and show a lot more flesh than many non-european countries would ever see.

Quinn,what you´ve got between your legs is a real gold mine.(Not mine actually,but i wish it was...)
BTW Rylsky,don´t know how you do to stay cool and concentrate in the presence of such an awsome girl,but the photograph is sensational.Thanks
a lot.

Thanks from Quinn and from me as well.

You are a beauty with a disability. Hair. As I gaze on your body with delight I feel a gagging sensation at the back of my throat. Remove the hair. The radiance of your being will shine through, your sexuality will electrify me! Thank you Quinn.

You can easily check her portfolio at MetArt and RylskyArt and enjoy what you like. What for to ask girl stay the same if she let you see her all the ways?
I can only say thanks to her.

Awesome armpits. I hope we get another look at them soon!

Simply stunning, I do prefer her shaved though.

The smile that launches a thousand dreams....

I like her just as she is especially her armpits. A 10 and I'm adding her to favorites. Don't change Quinn.

Lovely girl, but Rylsky should lend her a razor.

Excellent work (model & photographer)!

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