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Incredible Quinn.

Queen of beauty.
Queen of sexy.
Queen of Dreams.

Now that she is shaved, she comes into her own. Stunning girl, stunning pussy

Beautiful model and a great job of photography. As usual, I would prefer to see Quinn unshaven.

By far my favorite set of Quinn. Great work Rylsky, excellent photo set.

Quinn is a hit both shave or unshave.

Excellent set, Rylsky. The closeups were mouthwatering. Definitely the best of the last two days.

Lovely. But best unshaven. More please.

Very pretty and I love the ages given here on Met-Art... She's 21 just like lead floats in water.

No one says she is 21. If you look it says age when first shot. There is no way to keep up with actual ages since you might be looking at a set submitted 2 or 3 years ago.

wish i could have been there

Maybe Adam can help us here. I just reviewed all of Quinn's sets. We are presented at least three (3) different "grooming" options. In her first set she was either shaved or more likely waxed. The we have apparently only minimum trimming if any. Then we have a cute triangular "patch" above her lips which are again trimmed or waxed. Ant then today we are back to totally bare. I am not a member of Ry's site so I couldn't check out his changes there, but I would assume we would find all three variances, there also. What this tells me is the "posting" of the sets are strictly the editors choice of what to use when. The sequence we see them appear may have absolutely no relationship to when they were shot. This is why I say Adam may be able to help us. Exactly how Met's contract with the artist and girls works is probably a "trade secret" but if Met would start adding a "Date shot" tag, it would make it make more sense. But hell, depending on how their "deal" with the artist work, they may not even know! But it truth do we really care, as long as the sets are this good...

I am not Adam but I can answer the question for you. There is no sequence. The photographers shoot many sets with a girl when she is available and then store them in what ever sequence they see fit or not any sequence at all. They may start out with a full bush and and end up a day or two later shooting clean as a babies bottom. There are probably dozens of variations. They then submit a number of them to Metart and they buy however many they feel they need at the time. The rest go back to the artist who puts them back in his files for later submission or possible submission elsewhere.

Once the sets are bought by Metart it's up to the editors at Metart what sets go up and when. So the set you see tonight might be fresh and it might have been sitting on a shelf for quite some time. You may even be seeing sets from Models that are no longer even in the business(retired). The models must sign off on the sets before they are submitted to Metart but there is no way to know when they were done. Only the artist knows when he did the set.

Hope That didn't burst any balloons but them's the facts. So just enjoy and make up your own fantasies. After all that's what it's all about.

The title of this set is Premye, a Hatian-Creole word for "FIRST", go figure? Que coño rosa es sin duda de primero!

Quinn is another one that gives us personal grooming versatility. I like being able to see a model that will mix it up. You can't get that a lot of places. They shoot a model once or maybe twice and that is it. One of the benefits of MET.

As far as the sequence, I'm willing to bet that there is none. I've seen a few postings this year that looked dated, as though they'd been on the closet shelf for a while and someone got a wild hair and dug it out.

There does not seem to be a lot of effort in accuracy of the bio's and certainly not the tags. It might be interesting to know when it was shot, but it won't affect my enjoyment of the set. Interesting idea, though...

Agreed, on all points!

Maybe you are over thinking all this. Isn't it sufficient that Quinn is very pretty and seems to be willing to take a very sharp object or a very hot substance to herself all to please as many of us as possible? Show me a man who would go through shaving and waxing to please women who live on the far side of the world. I do not think any of Rylsky's ladies maintain their intimate grooming according to Rylsky's dirrection or contract obligations. Many models never appear shaved and still others never appear natural. The Mighty Quinn seems to be one of those rare ladies who are willing to present herself both ways. You've not seen nothing like the mighty Quinn.

I'll raise a mug to that me hardies!!

This was shot 8/12/13... Most (if not all) photo-editing software will give you the 'meta data' of each image, which includes "date created". Mine even gives the "time" of the shoot...(7:40pm for this set). And in all truth, we really DON'T care...;o)

Leave it to Rylsky to save the day with the incredibly delicious Quinn!
This girl gets more beautiful with each passing day! And her sets are never disappointing. This is a beacon of light on an otherwise dreadfully dark day at Met... Also, I very much like your recent offerings on E.B., especially Milene's...she's a real beauty!! You make me wish I'd chosen a different career path...;o)

And I just noticed Mara is your work also... The only thing I have to say about her is "WOW"! Are either of these beauties on RA??
(Forgive my 'disassociated' comments here, but no facility there for them)

Please give me links to the sets you described above.

Milene - yes, you will see her on RylskyArt.


Both of these very good! Mara is very exciting...
Thank you

My answer is: Milene - yes, Mara - 50-50%

My answer is "please post Mara here".... I may be in love....;o)
Must be fast...(LOL) My time is running out...

detailed answer:
1. MIlene's sets are ready for RylskyArt and will be online soon.
2. Mara's sets needs her to approve to be online. But we have it.

and I cannot answer for MetArt or EB, I cannot make decisions there.

Thank you.

NOW my answer is, how foolish of me to not do a search before asking the question in my previous post... I now see Mara when she was younger and still fresh and(presumed) innocent, from seven years ago. Yes...I believe I am in love. These are nice but now I look for more new sets here.. Subscription also expired on E.B. but still good here for one week...:o(

Your answer is confusing, but enough of this..

Adorable Quinn, I love you shaven. Those luscious, luscious lips, those sweet, tiny breasts, and that face to die for. Thanks, angel.

Totally Agree.... I love those tiny breasts!!

Beautiful girl, always a treat.

Quinn is beautiful! Many of the shots would make perfect portraits if cropped and rotated appropriately.

Hop to it baggy...lol I'd be interested in seeing what you have in mind... Post the results on "Twatter"...;o)

Why oh why did you shave? :-( . Please let's have the bush back again .x

Rejoice, all Quinn needs to do is leave the razor in the cabinet for ten to fourteen days and things will be back to normal. Hair will be where it belongs, God will be in his heaven and all will be right with the world.

Less hair, less hair.
The hair jam the gears of the world.

Sounds like a good plan to me.


Quinn's classic beauty never fails to stop me cold. Even in the sexiest of poses, she's never less than elegant. Come back soon, sweetheart.

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