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Very cute and sexy girl. Personally i enjoyed watching her frolic and flirt in the ocean. She looked full of life and seemed to be having fun. Made me want to be there on vacation with her, forgetting about the stress of everyday life while I'm taking these pictures of her, knowing i get to sleep with her later... Since I'm not there i will enjoy her in this set.

Very sexy Rachel in a wet dress wich became see-through and no underwear beneath so she shows her lovely tits and totally shaved pussy. More from this lovely blonde!

Rachel is a very beautiful model, but I agree that the photographer could have done better The poses are repitive

Lovely to see a Model obviously enjoying herself whilst being photographed.....praise must go to the Photographer, Angela, for making Rachel seem very much at ease.....

This model has done some good work on previous sets. Unfortunately this will not be one of them. I never have high hopes when I see this photographers name on future listings, so I was not expecting much to start with - which is just as well.

You are so right.

It's a bit of a conundrum though, that a lot of models prefer to be shot by women photographers, but then are never as expressive when posing,as they are when sitting for males. Go figure.

Not too hard to understand --

The model should flirt with the camera -- having a man behind it makes it easier.


Rachel is absolutely gorgeous and looks like she had a great time during the shoot!!! I love how she seems to enjoy showing us her beautiful pussy!!! This is the best set I've seen from Angela Linin, though some of the shots had distracting streaming water droplets. Still, a great set!!!

100% agree with your comments. It's the best set I've seen from Angela too. I don't think models open up the same with women photogs as they do with men. Rachel, while displaying her pussy readily enough didn't spread her lips as she does with Arkisi, for example.

I also think water is an over-used setting, and find nothing erotic in looking at a drowned pussy.

I also have a pretty liberal view on so-called porn. There is nothing pornographic about the female genitalia, even if there's a slight eruption. All that tells me is the model is really relaxed in her surroundings, is enjoying her work, and gets turned on by the fact she's giving a lot of pleasure to those viewing her pics.

So Thank you Rachel for your unfettered enthusiasm and generosity in sharing your beauty, and to the photographers who bring it to us.

Regarding water --

Think of an elegant French Poodle -- beautifully groomed and coiffured. Then -- turn a garden hose on it.

What do you have -- nothing but a wet dog.

Wet women outdoors are undesireable. Indoors, they are a waste of scarce water and good film.

Beautiful infectious smile, my favorite pictures in set are when she bends over and looks between her legs, that is so fucking hot.....

Rachel has a cute smile and looks like she would be fun to take to the seaside, her breasts are very delectable, but the seaside photo shoots don't do much for me in terms of erotic setting.

I prefer to see cute girls in bed without the red rash on their cute cheeks or sand stuck to their cheeks and other body parts. :)

I do like the hips thrust up towards the camera displaying a beautiful pussy, a butterfly pose would have been appreciated.

Agreed --

When I was a younger man, making love on a California beach was "THE" thing to do.

But -- as Dylan said -- "the times, they are a-changing". I much prefer women in more romantic settings than a damp, sandy beach. Elegant and erotic is more my style.

I never expect much from outdoor photo shoots -- regardless of the setting.

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