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Beautiful woman.

Rachel on top form - quirky, sparky, beautiful, irresistible!

What a pretty little pink butterfly! And great shots to insure we got more than enough. ;)

Best set of Rachel yet! Beyond expectations! Beautiful....in all respects. Magnificent model... very 'tasty'! A masterful work!

Rachel Blau does have a pretty face and a cute smile.

Rachel is a TKO, beautiful face, killer smile, hot sexy body, oh yeah baby

Rachel is incredibly beautiful, and I love the soft but dressy look. You can see every part o her perfect beauty.

Rachel defies description. I love this set!

Rachel is beautiful! I like the fan for color and the skirt for mystery, but too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

Rachel, you are beyond delicious—beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, wonderful breasts, beautiful pussy wonderful breasts, beautiful bottom, gorgeous long legs, wonderful breasts. I am besotted with you. (Did I mention you have wonderful breasts?) 10+

"Besotted" ~ nice choice of words! ( :

Rachel: beautiful face too :)
Vote 10.

And she has wonderfull breasts

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