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Guys you that joke !!!!!!!!????? I am indignant !!!I 5 more than with MET - ART,over the years at Goncharov identical studio,identical suits on models, and there is not a variety in models .Surveys near one wall during 8,I think it already too !

Lovely smile, very nice to see. Well done set, simple, clean, and fresh. Thank you.

A blue wall and an orange bolero (two complementary colors)
nothing more for a perfect photoset.
In the midst beautiful Rachel shows without secrets.
And the mirror does double.
10+ Rachel 10+ Goncharov.

Credit where credit is due, Goncharov. Here at last you've created a set that is reminiscent of your previous (pre 2012 work). Your make-up artist has done remarkable job, keeping the line between scalp and forehead subdued, minimal and glamorous in its application.

The high-lights in Rachel's gorgeous eyes are sparkling, animated and totally professional.

The set is great, color definition superb, and the way you have captured Rachel, in every image, from her hair, eyes, mouth, breasts, butterfly, (so adorably discreet), to her feet, is the absolute height of professionalism. (# 87 is stunning in it's cropping:-)

Rachel, my thanks to you for approaching you work with the enthusiasm and dedication you do. By now you must know you are one of the favorites on M-A, but you have not allowed the fame and favor go to your head. Shows a maturity well beyond your years. (Some models, with less accolades, think their bodies are 22 carat gold, when they're definitely not!!)

Goncharov, thanks to you for your erotic and glamorous portrail of Rachel in this set. Rachel has been subtle, yet openly erotic and beautiful, while your work has been nothing but majestic in this presentation.

This has to be the most colorful set with Rachel! I really like this setting. I know there will be those who do not like it because of the sweater and leg warmers being on the entire time, but I think it sets this one apart from the others.

As for Rachel herself, what is there that she does not posses? This set shows her curvaceous body shape especially well. I love those shots of her standing in the recessed archway, smiling as if she is having a wonderful time.

I'm smiling, too, at Rachel's wonderful display of her feminine beauty she gives us today.

An almost perfect butterfly. And those titties...

almost perfect?? what could be more perfect then Rachel's butterfly?? very pretty girl with an amazing little pussy and great ass. very arousing girl....

Rachel's rating is a travesty! She is beautiful; with lovely eyes and smile, shapely breasts, amazing areolae, nice nipples, an innie, a tiny waist, long legs and a beautiful butt. Thanks Rachel for posing and kudos Goncharov for staging and capturing all of Rachel's many charms.

What a delightful young thing. Tall slender and so sexy.

Rachel, you are an amazing looking woman. I cannot wait for you nexy set here on Met.

Rachel of the beautiful breasts is back and lovelier that ever. She is adorable in this set. I love her gorgeous blue eyes. I love her smile (see especially image 62) and I love that delicious backside (78). What else is there in life?

I agree, Rachel is awesome! I love those blue eyes and beautiful smile. It makes all the difference when the model smiles in my opinion.

I couldn't agree more. A warm smile is the sexiest expression of all.


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