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Rachel is a Total hottie, and Ms. Linen has done a perfect job of photographing this set, which gets a 10/10 from me. I would hire Ms. Blau to decorate my yard anyday.

I really hate this to be my first post, but take a look at pics 98-101 and tell me what you see. I agree with fer_realz about her breasts. I can't really describe what makes them special, but they are.

She must be a trooper...my kind of girl! She's a sweetheart thou.

is she a porn star? It looks like she enjoys anal, which is a bit surprising since she looks so cute and innocent. but i like all those qualities about her :)

Opened ass!!

My primary attraction is not to breasts, but something about Rachel's breasts is simply magnificent... something in the shape, size (not too big, not too small), the areolae, something just clicks in my mind when I see hers.
And that smile just animates a very very pretty face... takes her from merely pretty to arrestingly radiant.
Rachel, please tell us you will return to us many, many times...

Your correspondent is happy to report that Rachel Blau still has wonderful breasts, a delightful smile and the bluest of blue eyes. She turns any setting into visual poetry. Kisses all over, you beautiful thing.

Hey Sailor, Rachel is listed as Russian, but in her biography she wrote that she was born in Kiev. She may be Russian, but she was born in the Ukraine.

This is me, smiling smugly … : )

Couldn't of said it better myself Sailor.

Sweet smile, enchanting eyes, and clearly a happy heart. Rachel looks like she is enjoying herself, and she projects a welcoming and friendly personality in her photos. This makes me feel happy too.

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