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♥Ralina♥ come back please, we need You a lot dream Angel:-) Kiss kiss all over dream Girl♥♥♥

Ralina looks so cute and edible!


Hi, I just want to say that your spontaneity contributes to the power of your modeling skills. My favority picture is 257KB in this set.

Best set of the day Rylsky.
Ralina is a cutie. I like her smile and playful personality.

Best of all, the photographer did a good job with the set as she's nude throughout. I wish all sets were like this.

Look at it this way guys. Today was a 4 star day. Only one 9 in the bunch and don't ask me who. Every girl presented today is top of the line stuff. The only difference is very minor personal items not worth arguing. Especially if you rate by model and take away personal gripes with the photography.


Kamlyn A is the best set of the day.

Loretta is the best set of the day.

I guess I should have prefaced my comment with "IMO" :))
This is one reason I enjoy reading the comments daily (even if I don't join in)....it reminds me of how accurate the adage "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" actually is.

So true, Browning.
To be fair, we'd have to preface just about every assertion we make with "IMO." LOL

It goes without saying that everything we say here is our own 'opinion'... It takes a special moron to think his/her opinion is "fact"...;o)

True rachsbach :))....but there are a few who act as if only their opinion matters.

VERY true...

For those that are not aware, today is a double header for Rylsky! Not only does he give us this bit of sweet perfection but over on RA he gave us what I think is the best set of Feeona in all he wonderful impish glory!

Two sets that IMO are some of his best ever and two darling young ladies to make your heart race and you libido rise!

Unimpressive. A bit boring really. These solid-color backdrops make me think that the artist has run out of ideas...

gorgeous brown eyes and creamy pussy so much a ease with the camera I love the whole series great model exceptional !!

In my opinion, a set 5 stars (*****).

A colored background simple and bright.
To make a frame to the beautiful, sweet and small Ralina naked and joyful to be naked.
A jewel brunette.

Nothing more

Ralina is a ;erfect beauty and seems very happy about it. I love her figure specially her cute bottom. She seems very selfconfident, and has a perfect set to show her poses. Rylsky as usual has selected a background that is perfect to show off her beauty. I gave them both a 10 ++++

Ralina is the mistress of the naughty, intoxicating smile ~ the mischievous smile that says "I know exactly what I'm doing to you" ~ even though there is no way she possibly could know... a devilish innocently raunchy little angel.

Though Ralina is not new to me, this is a new Ralina due to this lovely set. Congrats on making this set a whole new girl. You captured her essence in a way that makes her new and fresh and oh so innocent looking. I like this set because it is all Ralina and she is innocent and yet so powerfully sexy it makes my heart pound. That is a powerhouse packed into a tight sweet little package that is perfectly irresistible.

Awesome job guys and welcome to my new Ralina! ;)

Ralina is another of those girls with 1,000 looks or styles... different almost every time we see her.

98 perfectly delightful photos of an absolutely beautiful young woman. Wonderful!

Ralina is new to me, though she's been around for several years. This is her first set in more than a year. She is definitely easy on the eyes, in a cute little-girlish way. But I suspect that's deceptive. Think of her as a sexpot trapped in a waif's body. Nice set.

Hi Sailor Ralina is more commonly known as Romy in the Met-Art universe, and she works steadily for Errotica Archives,TLE,and so on

There is a purity and simplicity to the photography in this lovely set. And what a sweetheart you are Ralina!

Pure and simple. Erotic Art at its finest. Ryslky at his best.

Ralina's series "Attimi" with Clements has been an all-time favourite. Both are excellent; Ryslky's "Piantis" wins on purity of form and a range of poses only possible in the absence of props and furniture. The sheer joy captured in Ralina's smile in shot 49 is, well …….captivating. Clement's use of that bar-stool is as clever as any device ever employed in a MetArt series, and there is that glorious nubile freshness, only partially qualified by the un-natural blonde hair, and the revelation of that fine neck…….

Not really sure there is much point in comparing in a competitive way…… just celebrating the joy of a divine young woman photographed by great artists who can find a different aspect. Thanks to MetArt for bringing us this standard of work once again.

I agree, this set does Ralina perfectly. Nothing to distract from her lovely girlish beauty

I still say that some people are too easily distracted.

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