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The most beautiful woman ever seen !!! The photographer's work is not bad, too. At least the girl looks natural and alive. Special thanks goes to the model and photographer.

She has a very nice butt !!! What's the use? She was not photographed from behind a single photo. Thanks photographer.

Red Fox is a stunning beauty. Fresh, and uninhibited. It's not known how many shoots she has appeared in, but for a first time on M-A Red Fox has excelled. Her poses here are both provocative and vivacious. She is confident, without being ego-driven.

I give her 10/10 for her flawless beauty and 10/10 for this seductive set.

Erik gets 10/10 for bringing Red Fox to us, and 10/10 for his work with her here.

I would not be unhappy to see Red Fox appearing every month, for at least, the next decade. With a movie or two thrown in for good measure:-)

Red Fox please come to the States!

Those legs - talk about stars and stripes FOREVER! She knows how to put on a fireworks show

Yes: I believe that you would be a wonderiful wife for someone. Maybe me.

It takes a lot of balls to produce a shoot like that.

I did'nt mind it at all for her debut series she's got potential if she keeps up her modeling she's got great breasts,nice erect nipples and body the only thing that i did'nt like much was her outfit abit of an over kill with the Stars and Stripes and no offence either to my fellow American members if George Washington did't kick the English out of the America's Australia would'nt be as it is today bloody great so Happy Indepence Day to you all and if my late partner was still alive he'd be here all night long the scroll wheel of my mouse key is worse for wear and makes Red Fox's labia lips in image number 85 squeeze open and close kind of kinky i think ;)

Back at ya rags!....tip a fosters on us! :o) No offense taken at all!

Back at yya Rockhard It will have to be Jack Daniel's straight up it's winter here in my little outback desert town lucky to reach double figures on the temp gauge here enjoy your summmer :)

This set just hit a sour note for me. The room is ugly, pool tables are not sexy, and the socks are a serious turn off. Maybe it's just my mood today but the whole thing just left me flat.

Personally I coulda did without the "wearing of the flag" (It reminded me of Def Leppard's drummer's Union Jack shorts, actually) but, I didn't feel as flat as you about the shoot. I found the other aspects redeeming enough to be a good shoot.

And let's keep in mind, it IS her first set... I look for some really nice sets starring this honey... The potential is certainly there. :o)

Cute little rascal!

Sure is!!

This way Red Fox will never been beaten playing pool. How can you keep your eyes by the game if you play against Red Fox showing all her goodies. You only want to score on her totaly shaved pussy.

Very patriotic! Best "display" of the day!

Very pretty and sexy girl, but this "disrespecting of the felt" must stop!! ;o)

Aye -- !

All hail the "Sacred Field of the Green Felt".

I hear ya, There is nothing sexy about a pool table.

Nope... nothing sexy about the table.
The naked model on it, however, is quite refreshingly sexy.

That's a big 10-4!! ;o)

Certainly, in my opinion, the best set of the day. Nice hair, beautiful body, and nice poses. I also like the leggings...Happy Birthday America!!

She's a keeper.

My only complaint is that the theme from "Sanford and Son" is going to be running through my head all day.

Delicious girl.

Huh? Oh, her name! (; Yep, funny stage name.

Was thinking the same thing!

Thank God she doesn't look like him --

Sizzling Debut. Great Tits and Pussy. I know where I would like to pot my balls!!

Great to see someone finally found a productive purpose for a billiard table.
Yes, this young lady can parade around my felt and play with my (billiard) balls and stick any day.

I love the open legs and butterfly pussy shots! What a sexy and erotic girl. I would love to do some 69 time with this sweet thing!

A girl with a shaved pussy and long hair always makes the best shots!

Happy Fourth of July and welcome, angel. You are gorgeous. Lovely face, sweet tight little ass, and sexy poses. An excellent debut.


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