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Red Fox is a strange name, very fuckable would be just as good, thanks for great shot of her opening her butt cheeks to show off her taught anus, all models on this site should be made to do this pose.

I do agree about the photography. The work is good, but the quality could be much better, especially considering the equipment available today. I'd like to see Ms. Fox back-lit, preferably natural light. She and her sheer perfection deserve better than this. Oh, BTW the perkier her nipps, the better!!

HOLEY COW! She is such a flawless beauty and a perfect example of extreme femininity!

HOLEY COW! She is such a flawless beauty and a perfect example of extreme femininity!

Red Fox is a total beauty. The outdoor shots are not so good,and she definitely needs to be encouraged to smile more,

This is Red's third shoot and she has yet to appear completely nude in a single photo, so for me, she never even leaves the starting line.

Red Fox and photog Erik Latika seem to have this thing going with these themed sets. That's not a bad thing, and like her second set (as an Asian princess) this one is decent for an outdoor set. We won't mention the first set. Red is cute and well-endowed and I would like to see more of her, just please don't go overboard on the theme aspect and overlook showing off her beautiful features. Perhaps throw in a pure nude shoot in the mix sometime.

I think this is a delightful set. This woman is perfect for this type of shoot. she has a slightly wild untamed look that creates mystery and fires the imagination. She was made to be the dress up princess in these exotic outfits. She has a face that becomes the part she is playing. First an exotic Asian princess and now the mysterious and sexy gypsy and all in the exotic location which I am sure was taxing and maybe even a bit dangerous. Shoots 48/49 are excellent.

For the artist, my congratulations for 2 wonderful sets in this location. The choice of costumes is perfect for the location and the model. I like that she did not need to remove the dresses to show all of her delights perfectly. I normally don't like a set where the model never is totally nude but with these splendid outfits there was no need. They actually enhanced her exotic beauty and the sense of mystery.

I really enjoyed both of these sets and feel that this was both the artist and the model working together with a great location to create true art.

nice tits...brutal photo shoot.

Can she wear more clothes next time?

Tip from fellow photographer- blue skin tones are not very appealing. When shooting in shade the hue goes way toward the blue. Either adjust white balance, or add yellow in Photoshop. Red Fox is indeed a fox, more close-ups would be nice.

Nice set...but what's with the seaweed..???

Rating reduced for dirt and rocks.

Beautiful woman.
Less than great photography.

Disagree entirely about the photography. The colors of fabric and setting combined perfectly to draw the eye to her amazing face and body.

Could definitely do without the jacket, at least for my money.

Rating reduced for the boob job.

Where do you get your information mate? I cannot see any evidence of a 'boob job'. Red's boobs look quite perfect to me.

Beautiful girl, good poses, grainy photos.

Certainly makes me want to go hunting...

Nice girl, but dull set, as so often with the outdoor ones.

A sexy little vixen.

Thumbs up, Red darlin'. You have won my heart yet again. You are so pretty, so lovable—so damn CUTE! I can't get enough of you. Kisses all over.

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