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Rilee, you are a beautiful girl and your previous shoots showed how vibrant and exciting you can be. This set may be bad photography but I fear it may be more serious than that. The glazed look in your eyes, obvious weight loss, and loss of skin tone makes me wonder if some kind of health issue is involved. Rilee, I really hope you are well! If you are not, please seek the help you need because you are worth it!

There is nothing wrong with the model. It is refreshing to see a model in her natural state.
The images are some of the worst on Met.
Lose the photographer!

Where did your beautiful smile go? You look so serious in the past couple of shoots, maybe even sad.

What happened???? did u drop ur camera??? man...u guys gotta take this down n do a re-take or sumtin...my eyes they hurt...out of focus...out of sinc...

I dunno, i hate to make bad comments but this set shud be chucked out!!!
Plz fix it...Rilee would be hating this!!! Hope ur next one is much better!! Cheerz!!!!

So disappointed!!! Waiting so long to see Rilee again and this is what is served up ... and please smile; I don't care if you've still got your braces on

I have been a fan of Rilee's since she first got into modeling and this was not the return I hoped for. I have read the other comments and I hope it was just a matter of the photographer and model not being on the same page. Maybe this pairing just didn't click. Rilee did a shoot for another site in May and though she didn't smile a lot which seems to be the case with her often she did appear much healthier and had a glow about her.

I do hope we get to see Rilee again soon.

Holy moley,

I've even seen Zemani sets that looked better than that ...

extreemly poor photography!!!!!!!

It is quite possible (IMHO) that Rilee simply hates her "job" just like many of us do.... but, like many of us, is "tied" to her job by money needs.
In many of her sets going back a long way she just doesn't look happy. Does this men she's doing drugs? Not necessarily. Let's not jump to conclusions.
Some women seem genuinely to enjoy displaying their bodies -- but some simply do not, but do porn for reasons other than personal fulfillment, such as a genuine need for money. I think this is what is going on with Rilee, and going back a lot further than this set.

Either the camera is crap or the photographer does not know how to use it. Its a pity I live 4000 miles away otherwise I would pop around and see what I could do with it as I know I could have done much better.

I posted the above message, then afterwards read everyones views. Not being an expert on these things then I will give the benefit of doubt to the model regarding drugs and assume drug free. I will put it down entirely to the crap photography. I actually like Liz Ashley but infortunately not one of her sets on this site is very good either (all shot by this photographer) - such a waste of time and the use of a good model.

Rilee is such a beautiful young woman, but this set bothers me. I don't know what's going on with her, but I hope somebody will help her. It's more than a look of "I don't want to be here". She looks upset.

I don't want to assume drugs, but I have to say I'm very concerned.

Shame for all the negative comments toward Rilee. Rilee is perfect the way she is and I am very happy to see she opened up a little more in this set than usual. Thanks metart and keep more of Rilee coming.. Every set is not perfect from the perspective of the photographer or subject, but I can appreciate these women for what they are: naked.

Send these "American" girls to ALScan please. Give me the "Ravishing Russians" every day! Thanks...;o)

Don't knock American girls! WTF is up with you? Sure there are beautiful girls in Russia and other former Soviet states, but don't knock our beautiful girls from USA.

I for one love seeing a beautiful pink pussy between two long slender legs and a nice set of breasts to grab onto while slurping away on the pussy, but what I don't care for is out of focus crappy photography and jerks who blame the girls for the results.

I agree with all the "terrible photography" and "out-of-focus" comments. Giving the photographer a 4-out-of-10 is way too generous.....I'd rate his skill as a TOTAL BUST ..... a big zero.

Bloody digital cameras .......if you're too blind, or too lazy to focus each shot, the modern auto-focus feature will work better than these 127 blurry shots. I gave up looking after not finding a shot worthy of keeping after 4 pages of fuzzy crap. I mean, I'm used to parts or some areas of photos a bit out of focus, but most of this whole shoot has photos where neither her hair, eyes, nipples or pussy is in focus. Zones of crisp focus are totally absent.

We have been waiting for months to see Rilee, as promised, without the braces on her teeth. Now that she has finally appeared, far from treating us to a radiant smile, she looks bored and and interested in the photoshoot. It makes me wonder if in fact the braces are still there?

I like earlier sets of Rilee. I do not like her portrayal or expressions in this set, they just don't do her justice. As for some photos being out of focus as an intended effect, I see it as a quality issue. Artistic license is not an excuse for poor quality.

why are the photos all out of focus? a waste of time.

This model looks sad, depressed, worried, scared, tired, and would rather be somewhere else doing something else. Very bad set.

Not a terribly good set of Rilee --

But, to borrow from Shakespeare -- "Me thinks everyone doth protest too much". :-/

For all the so called experts below have you considered the possibility that this is the look that the photographer was looking for. MetArt is an art site not a beauty site.

If you look at the 3 sets she did with the same photographer (probably at the same shoot) that are on The Life Erotic then there is a series of themes being explored by both photographer and model and rather than criticising the look or that the model is being abused congratulate both of them on an excellent job by Rilee for acting the part and Kent for a great piece of conceptual art.

Jacobi, I agree with your theory. I did a little research and looked up "explotar" in a Spanish dictionary, and it can mean "to explode" or "to exploit."
I think Mr. Hepburn was trying to make a statement about pornography and the way it exploits its models. In a way, he couldn't have picked a better model, because Rilee frequently looks unhappy in her sets... I just think that she doesn't particularly LIKE nude modeling, but just does it because there's such demand for her. So this set was a statement on her part as well...

IF the photographer was looking to create a conceptual piece of art, he missed in my eyes.

IF it is all pretend and they both were trying to portray a victim of the porn industry and drugs, they both did an amazing job.

Right on Baggy!! If the "look" of this set was intentional, they absolutely did a bang-up job at portraying a 'washed up porn star'!

I think that photographer Hepburn bit off more that he could chew here and that he was flooding the set with every frame taken versus being selective in the display. I respect that he wished to use natural, filtered light in a rustic restaurant location. There are areas of shade and of greater light beaming in. The result of his choice in this direction is the focus issue. Another is that Rilee seems blurred in various frames because she would move during the shutter release. Hepburn must be far more accustomed to shooting with a flash that will freeze and instant in time. Here it did not work.

His use of poses and his direction of Rilee is also an area of his failing in the set. I remember when Rilee was the cute, sexy, orthodontically-challenged sex goddess by the Christmas tree. Does "perky" even begin to describe her early work? So many of you today are correct in you collective analysis: she looks dead, pedantic, bored, even a little afraid in many of the poses. I would equate this photo shoot to a hostage video where the subject is forced to make a statement or two to verify their continued existence. Rilee is making a wooden set of statements here. There is no sense of joy or revelry in the beauty of her young and nubile body.

Rilee, fire this photographer. Seriously consider the feedback given for this set. You are a stunning, beautiful woman. Do what it takes to climb back up to the top. The view is better up there. Thank you for the pleasure you have always given me.

Riley doesn't really look like she's at death's door at all in this set. I do think she didn't enjoy making it, however. She has seemed much happier in some of the Sex Art videos I've seen of her than she does here, and I think that is largely due to poor chemistry between her and the photographer taking the pictures.

It seems to me that the the two of them simply aren't a good combination.

The quality of the photographs is another issue I have with this set. They, are to put it bluntly, awful. The lighting is poor, the photographs themselves very grainy and the color quality abysmal. Whoever edited this set should be fired with extreme prejudice and never allowed another editing job again.

It seems the photographer should be more sincere in displaying this girl's true beauty more properly by selecting better state of the art photographic equipment and materials, after all its 2013!

This is the worst use of a beautiful girl I have ever viewed on MetArt! Riley looks totally burned out and the photographer can't focus nis/her camera. What a bunch of crap!

What is she doing while off camera? Is someone pimping her out 24/7? She sure looks worn down/out.

The photographer did the worst job of any shooter I have ever viewed. If you can't focus a camera on a wide open set of legs/pussy, go to flipping burgers again.

Kent Hepburn you suck as a photographer and should refund any money you were paid for this totally crappy set of out of focus pictures of Riley.

Riley, get yourself into rehab as soon as you read this!

You are worth so much more than to end up looking like this and being used up by people who don't care for your well being, only wanting to make money from you and then throw you away when you are worn out.

To say you were merely 'Unfair' with your comments about Rilee, would be the understatement of the new millennium.

Conversely, your comments about Kent Hepburn were right on the mark. He absolutely Wrecked his 4 sets of Liz Ashley - the only ones she's sat for. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise why.

I think, perhaps, you're sending the wrong person to rehab, though. Don't you???

Holy crap, seems like the vocal portion of the membership shared a big box of Nasty-O's for breakfast this morning.

Yeah, Rilee doesn't look happy to be here and the quality of the photography may be an all-time low for this site. But "underfed", "abused", "used up" and jumping to conclusions about drug use??? Her weight is perfectly fine and I don't see any signs of abuse. We got an unadulterated look at a girl with less-than-perfect skin.

I'm embarrassed for y'all.

Are you Dr. Phil?

I agree with luv_lickin_clit.
Well said bibblefuss. I'm female myself, and also a fair photographer. Rilee is a beautiful girl. And all young girls have skin problems at times. Usually right after her period. Give her a break guys.
And as far as the photos go, he needs a better lens. Cameras are like stereos. Good stereo and bad speakers, equal bad sound. Good camera and low quality lens, equal bad photos.

Well said bibblefuss! No one here has any idea of what is going on in her personal life. Rilee has always struck me as a girl who is shy, and that is part of her charm. I think she's also someone who can look depressed when her face is relaxed....when in fact she may not be the slightest bit depressed at all. So maybe she just felt uneasy on her first shoot with this photographer, or maybe he only wanted a sultry look, or maybe she was tired that day. None of us can know which if any of those things it was. I thought she had some great poses in this set. Just couldn't see anything because of the poor focus. No wait, the lace on the right cup of her bra was in focus on pic 3. I think Rilee is just fine. She just needs a better photographer.

I hope you're right about that.

This girl is too cute, but the pictures are out of focus. So 4 on 10 for the photographer.

Yeah looking closer she's really screwed up and this photographer just went the fuck along with it.

Bravo Sir, real genuine scumbag posting these photos. No way anyone could be oblivious to her state of health when it's so apparent in the pictures.

Actually I am willing to bet that if someone doesn't get her off the drugs this will be about the last time we see or hear of her alive. I've seen it before, the skin tone, the pock marks, the weight loss, dead hair, and dead eyes.

A combo of Pills, meth, heroin, cocaine, and some sick old 40 something taking advantage giving orders.


I can imagine that being young in the industry there is a good chance of drug use, but more likely the pressure of needing to look skinny for beauty sake of being a model is a more reasonable assumption. Maybe she likes herself petite and wants to stay that way. As for any possible drug influence, it is more likely that her condition started long before this shoot and is a result of a combo of peer pressure from abusive, self-centered, ignorant,punk-ass 20 somethings. Revilis, don't hate...youll live longer. Maybe to 40
Regarding the photographer, could use a lesson in depth-of-field and use a shorter f-stop. Focus on the tits or belly and get both lips and lips in well-defined

A sad prospect Revlis. Perhaps it is just a menstrual cycle issue. Lets hope so for her sake. The photograhper was certainly having issues here. Maybe he was off the planet, thereby explaining the cr*p focus, poor framing and static perspective.

I've seen some pretty nice sets of Rilee, here and elsewhere, but this is just awful!! She looks abused...or at least misused. Maybe time to retire...?

I was going to say she looks skanky here, but you said it much more gently!

This photographer seems to be incapable of providing a well-focused photograph!!! Very apparent when you look at all of his sets!!! This is not Met-Art quality!!! Rilee deserves much better than this!!!

TOTALLY agree. He completely BOTCHED 4 sets of Liz Ashley. Either Learn to use your camera, buy better equipment, or both. I find it hard to believe that MA would pay for these photos.

And I thought I was the only one to notice. Liz was humiliated, just as Rilee has been by this dork. As a photographer, I wouldn't trust him with a bloody pot!!!! What he hell is M-A thinking, promoting his amateurish B/S????

totally agree. i do not agree with Met Art policy to keep one model with one photographer.

met art should take our comments on quality of photography. do Met Art administrators read our comments?

totally agree. i do not agree with Met Art policy to keep one model with one photographer.

met art should take our comments on quality of photography. do Met Art administrators read our comments?

One of her worst sets. Not a single smile she looks hard and angry through the entire set and she is looking very tired and underfed. This is not the Rilee that was so cute and perky in those first sets. I don't know what has happened but she seems to be going downhill fast.

It´s nor Rilee It´s just the crappy photo

It's more likely the 'porn business'. It can be tough on a girl, physically AND emotionally.

It's great to see Rilee back, I hope we don't have to wait six months for her next set!.

Rilee is just gorgeous, head to toe, T&A and that lovely smooth shaven vagina, I just wish she would smile a little more, she has such a wonderful smile.

Hi my friend, I haven't been commenting for a while because I haven't had time to do it right. After digging down through all of the mostly stupid comments above. It was nice to find your two. Both of yours are honest and thoughtful with good analysis, which is your thing. If someone doesn't like a set, let them just say it! Don't trash the model or photog or try to focus blame. Not ever set can be a winner. With the standard set by Met, Sex, Erro, etc. it is probably hard to always deliver the best, for a lot of different reasons. I think you agree with me that we should praise the good/great sets and if we see a problem comment in a way that might help improve his or her work and not blame him/her for failing. I am glad you are still here.

Very inspired analysis... A shame it's mostly 'hot air'! MetArt DOES present the "best" of erotic photography, and the most 'beautiful women' to be found on the web. So when a set such as this one is posted, the reaction to it is very predictable. The model looks not only unhappy, but unhealthy as well, and the membership expressed their/our opinion of why that might be. AND our displeasure with lousy photography! It may be "hard to always deliver the best", but that's what we pay for and that's what we expect, and usually get from Met! This set is crap and we need to let them know that's what we think...and why. Please stop commenting 'again' until you can see things more clearly.

Well,pick a clearly overrated model,like Rilee(fotunately mouth closed this time).Next Kill any trace of emotion in the model and capture this
frightening sensation in an endless series of static shots.Then go to photoshop and add some crappy graininess.
Oh!Art!The things we do for the sake of art!

Dude, don't knock Riley, your opinon is yours but most guys with a hard on would not agree with you!

It is the photographer that is to blame for this set of crap! Period, endo of discussion, now go jerk off to some model you like and leave Riley alone! :)

Just kidding, you can do what you like and the world won't care on damn bit.

As always Ms Marks is as stunning as ever. Please don’t make us wait so long for her next set.

I'm stunned alright! At how bad she looks. The poor girl's had enough!!

Well said rockhard! I can only hope and pray that Riley will reappear in her former happy smiling glory and those red hot pants and then we can all go back to whipping it with vigor! :)

And for those who read this and deny they wip it, I ain't buying it! No one comes to a porn site to study and criticize the lighting and costume jewlery worn by the girls!

I am so glad I have it all figured out and can wip it in total confidence that I am so righteous and pure! :)

Another photographer that believes we use our display screens in upright position: 127 photos all in all, 117 of them in portrait format and only 10 in landscape format. An annoyance!

No! We don't like 60% of the screen unused and in black!

The prevalence of portrait shots had always been an issue with this site, however with the increasing amount of people using rotational hand held devices the portrait format is less of an issue, in general. Using such a device myself I now prefer the portrait shots as less of the image is now lost than in a landscape view, however I do sympathize with those viewing on desktops and laptops as it is galling not to be able to see the full picture.

I have both a laptop and a 21" 'desktop' monitor and am not troubled at all with the portrait view. Tablet rotates but is a bit small at 11". But I AM viewing "downloaded" sets, not "onsite".

As I responded to you once already, I see a full screen and more of all these portrait mode pictures on my 27" iMac! What is the exact problem for you when you view these pictures? I would like to help but I don't know your setup, your preferences etc.

I believe your response is to bobblehat, not me. Wrong 'reply' button.

Oops. My mistake. It's 5am and things are getting a little blurry... Carry on...lol

Getting "a little blurry.." you could be a photographer X!! :)

Adorable, as always, lovely Rilee. But you seem very solemn. Anyway, WE all smile to see that red hot bod again.

Speak for yourself... I am NOT smiling! I am seriously concerned for her health. She appears to be what we long ago called "fagged out"...meaning "used up"..."spent" if you will... Such a shame.


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