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Rinna is quite simply one of the most elegant beauties on Met Art. Red hair, blue eyes......spectacular face and body........head to toe, it does not get any better in my book.

This young lady is of obvious high quality female.As photographers , sometimes we lose sight of the art and observe our subjects as just that, subjects. Miss Rinna, is exquisite.Her big beautiful eyes show a definite softness ,and a smooth quality to her sensual look.Her nice breast, the wonderful mouthful along with her perfect size nipples lingers like vintage wine.Lastly ,this young woman has arguably one of the most inticing,inviting kitty's, that can be found on the net or anywhere.There aren't many pussies out there in which a man could see and immediately say, "yes", not caring of price. If gorgeous beauty and depth of femininity is your delight, this amazing female should definately be considered.

I don't think Alex has ever shot a 'bad' set. The only thing I have against this set is, unless taken from a distance to keep the entire image in focus, pussy shots should be just that. Sharp and focused.

But as I crop and enlarge to my hearts content, Thank you Rinna for your generosity, and Alex for keeping your work honest!!:-)

Image 20 is breathtaking. Great set.

Much, much better Alex. Your shots are all honest and accurate. You allow the camera and the lens to show Rinna's real beauty.

I'd love to see you do this with Tamara F. Thanks much.

Those lips! Those nipples!

I wouldn't know what to kiss first.

Love picture 1759

Rinna is just gorgeous!!! I luv her perky nipples and beautiful creamy pussy!!! Great posing and photo quality in this set!!!

Magnificent woman, a real goddess.
Rinna, thank you for sharing your beauty with us.

Awesome set of this spectacular beauty, the opening images are a bottomless fans delight, great stuff!.

This girl is magnificent. The set is pretty damn good too. All I can say to gorgeous Rinna is "oh baby, you KNOW what I like!!..." All that's missing is the lace...;o) Most redheads look great in any pastel color..maybe silk next time though huh? Atta boy...

Would that be -- "Chantilly Lace"? :-D

You are correct sir! ;o)

"Makes the world go 'round --"

Lovely set and spectacular nipples!

I like the model, sexy body and sweet face. The background is a bit of a distraction, but just my take. Nice poses and in focus.

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