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I keep coming back to see this set of Rosemary. she is like the girl next door but jaw dropping in the nude. Beautiful breasts and a pussy to ponder. She is worth seeing again and again.

Rylsky, I'm surprised we have not seen any further photo sets featuring Rosemary. She seems just your type.
Beautiful face and hair: #4
Gorgeous breasts: #8, and many many more! (thank-you!)
Long slender body: #14
Lovely bush: #108
Gorgeous pussy: #40
Fabulous ass: #79
Confident, wide open poses: #35
I'd love to see more of Rosemary, PLEASE!

Cute gal, but not enough photos of her butt.

Bio says 'Shaved'. Did you mean 'Shaggy'?

Succulent,totally edible cunny!Thanhs Met

Hair returns!


The seller

Rosemary is quite pretty, and for those who like voluptuous, buxom, curvaceous, full figured woman, Rosemary is most definitely a very fine example:-)

Rylsky, I think you did a fantastic job with this set. You captured everything that makes Rosemary such a pleasant sight to see.

While I prefer smaller, thinner, petite women, Rosemary is my favorite set of the day.

Great debut! I hope to see much more from you Rosemary:-)

Another flower in the garden, it is spring and time for them to start appearing. I so look forward to May flowers after April rain showers. Such supreme lovely example upon first emergance...

Really like what you did with the natural window lighting at the very beginning of the set Mr. Rylsky. Works very well with her facial features (among others.)

Muff diving don't get any better than that!!! (Grammatically incorrect for effect)

Rosemary, you have been blessed by the gods. What a gorgeous knock-out beauty you are and your buns are absolutely beautiful.....along with every other part of you!

Wispy whiskers under Wiskas. The very nice trim helps our artist frequently highlight the curvature of a fantastic mons with notable success.

Though not always a fan of our artist's panty pulls, 27 and 28 are peeks that please aplenty.

Whether due to model or artist, we have a rare treat of mammaries seeming both large and sleek.

At least, it looks like "wiskas".

Yesssss..!! A beautiful woman in her "natural" state....more of her please..!

Yes Rosemary is a goddess. Lovely face and gorgeous breasts! I love her unshaven, and I wish more shots displayed her hairy erotic arm pits and bush. If a model has hair, show it!

❤ to be Rosemary's baby!

When do we get to see her friends Parsley, Sage and Thyme?


Gentlemen, having viewed the evidence, with strong confidence of confirmation, I propose Rosemary's immediate induction into the PP club.
Marvelous set!



Wonderful !!! Beautiful face, marvelous breasts, and wonderful nipples !!!!!!! And what a beautiful sex !!!!!! Please offer us again all your beauty in a lot of new sets :o)

Gorgeous Rosemary, I love your red hair, your blue eyes, your pail skin, your coy smile, your great legs, your great boobs and your lovely little fur patch. Yummy from head to toe.

What a beautiful new goddess. Rosemary is simply gorgeous, with a stunning womanly figure. Such a lovely face and luxurious brunette hair. She is a wonderful new model for MetArt. Excellent! Welcome Rosemary. You are gorgeous.

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