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She is so swet and sexy !!!The perfekt girl !!!!!! Yesss she is !!!!!! And super Hot Pics :) And she makes me smyle the swet girl :)!!! Yes she do :)

I love the backside shots. This babe has one the best bubble butts in the business. I love her ass.

Nice set! Rosett looks so pretty everywhere! Would like more of her, please and thanks.

This is an awesome set. At first (6, 8) Rosett may be a bit shy, but at the same time she reveals her pussy with so much grace, I just love it.
But then at 15, she seems so relaxed and this takes you by surprise.
Then we see her taking her shoes off. Oddly enough I was really fascinated by this and when you get that first close-up of her free feet (24), it felt really liberating.
Next comes the build-up to her full nudity (I really love to see her wide hips on 45 and 46)
After that It's like she got an orgasm by just taking her clothes off on 52.
Then there are these great shots starting from 57 where Rosett is teasing the audience with her legs and pussy.
There is this truly great expression on her face in 65 ('You wanna see more, huh?')
And - to summarize - there is just pic after pic filled with extremely sensual female nudity. I love her attitude and the way she was photographed. The only thing I could wish for, is just to get to see more of this girl's anus.

I'm curious if anyone will read this comment 'till the end. I post it almost three days after it was published.

Some members like me go back through the comments from time to time, Victor... yours is a considered and detailed one, very nicely written.

hi VictorDj!
I read your comment
I like your subtle observations
thank you !

Thanks for giving comments on my comment. (This counts for _fer_realz_ as well.)

Something about her face reminds me of a young Dana Delaney. Beautiful from her head to her pretty toes. Looking forward to seeing more of Rosett.

I really liked this. Some like women's feet, some don't. I think it adds another dimension to the set, and I would like to see more like this. Rosett is beautiful and was presented wonderfully, in my opinion.

Stunning besuty. More anal shots please.

A little shy and such a confined space to work in but she did well and I like the natural look. She is pretty in a very girl next door sort of style. I think nice describes her quite well. Not overdone and no pretext, Just an attractive woman in a "first time" situation. I look forward to seeing how she progresses as she gets a bit more comfortable. I have a feeling that we will be very pleasantly surprised as she becomes more comfortable.

Perhaps it's just me, but it seems like a whole foot has more appeal than most of a foot.

Ah, you're not going to be satisfied with the "half a loaf is better than none" argument, are you?
( ;

With #4, #7, #55 I would like to have seen all her hair, but there you go.

#16 - Ow! Hey don't kick me in the face, I was just peeking!

Why do they include rubbish like this ? Maybe someone will like it ?

I add my praise for the model and compliments to the photographer. Rosett has an elegant, simple, pure beauty. A perfect body and awesome eyes. More please!

Rosett is my "Met-Art Rookie of the Year"!

Thank you for the decent feet photos,pussy shots are sooo boring after three or four shots,good glamour is never boring.

Hooray for bottomless-ness!

Three cheers, even!

Rosett is very welcome, what a delight, some fine flashing of a lovely pussy from this lovely new girl. Another fine debutante courtesy of Albert Varin, where does he keep finding them?

A really cute newcomer!

Unfortunately there are too much uninspired poor photoshots in this set.
Varin can do it better as I know.

Hi Uuusssee!
it was our first shooting with Rosette
It is a wonderful sweet girl with white skin, bright eyes and beautiful legs and feet. She told me about his book, about themselves, about what she wants something new.
Yes, you're right, it's a little shy, but she is undressed and posed for you.
I think next time we will do a more dynamic picture.

Thank you very much for posting your comment, Albert!

Looking forward to it, Albert!

Extra thanks to Varin and Rosett for the leisurely, luxurious upskirt shots that begin the set. And what a pleasant surprise is the reveal of Rosett's beautiful curvy bountiful bottom! Pure bonus. ( :

Another stunning debut! She is just so naturally beautiful! Welcome Rosset. Come back soon.

Another stunning addition to Met. I hope to see more Rosett here in the near future.

I LOVE her beautiful face! It has a classical element to it. Like a gorgeous painting from the Renaissance. SO Lovely and enchanting.

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