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Oh how I wish we could see the lovely Ruzanna again...

I do, do, DO hope we see her again. EXquisite!

please come back i miss you

please come back

Very fine art !

What a summer for awesome new talent on this wonderful site. Ruzanna is gorgeous. Her breasts are mesmerizing. Stunning!

I absolutely love this model especially her freckles. She's be even better unshaven. Please...

one thing:


no, there is something else to add:


The costuming adds to the appeal a bit, but the focus could be sharper at times. Her pouty asshole needs my tongue!

Pussy site or not? Definitely! It is nice that some models have pussy hair and some don't. Some are freckled redheads with skin that begs for exploration. Cinnamon redhead pussy flavor, mmmmm.

I subscribe to this site to look at pretty young girls' bodies, up close and personal, all holes exposed and open. There are other sites to look at for fingering, insertions and penetrations. Just an open ass and pussy from below or behind is what I want to see! One of the best positions is when a girl is on her back with legs spread way up high and it's all right there! A droplet of pussy cum runs down onto her anus and glimmers in the light, so inviting!

pretty girl, funky outfit, crap photto shoot

Wow what a lovely set and a beautiful woman love it

I disagree with the statements that this is a pussy site. Seeing the entire model and all her assets is why i pay for this and come here when I want to see it. There is not a bad part of Ruzanna. Absolutely perfect breasts, ass, and very hot pussy and her asshole is exquisite. I would be very happy getting a chance to fuck Ruzanna !

It's not at all surprising that a set such as this would create the buzz that it has... It's the kind of set that you either love or hate...no in-between. Personally, I'm happy to see the lovers far outnumber the haters... I see this set as being at the root of what MetArt is intended to be all about. I'd like to see what Rylsky could do in this 'style'.

Rylsky is over-rated and formulaic. Cannot imagine why you'd want to see yet another over processed, over hyped set.

This set is wonderful though, classic beauty without hours spent on adolescent legs spread pics.

Split personality??

LOL My bad!! Please ignore...


So don't just sit there smiling...dress up a doll and get creative! ;o)

Thanks for advice, but I really have nothing but smile when I see comments like this.

Ohhhhh.... Wait just a minute... "Paromov"???

wonderful,congratulations. yes, you did it. both of you. model and man behind the camera. i want to see her once again. PLEASE.

Very clever. I loved it. Brilliant setting, costume, and even fog! Metart is a great escape, and sets like this can take us away to a bygone age. As I view these, I'm imagining myself as one of the great Impressionists, drinking absinthe, with my charming model, all at a time before the world changed, quite violently and horribly. Some of us still appreciate hard work done beautifully.

Well put... The sentiment is right on!


Another Great potential to be something beautiful. But lacking a good camera. How come there is such grainy photos??? Hope to see more of her with hopefully better focus and less blurriness..A missed opportunity...

Not a great set. This is a pussy site, not a fancy dress catalogue. Photos should concentrate on those parts of a woman that you are not allowed to see as she walks down the street.

It is best to use a proper camera, with a sharp lens, not a camera phone. If your model has such bad skin that you need to use soft focus, change the model. Focus on the subject, not the background. We are interested in the model, not the decor.

Make sure the lighting enhances the view of the girl, rather than interfering with it. Natural light is great, but a little fill-in flash is often beneficial.

If using shallow depth of field, make sure that the important bits are in focus. For the avoidance of doubt, the important bits are pussy/ass, followed by face/tits/legs.

Some photographers appear to think that moody lighting plus shallow depth of field = art. They are wrong. Totally wrong. Art (in this case) is what satisfies the paying public. And the paying public prefers pussy. It's called the Rule of the Four Ps.

It's sad that you, and also tranzen, above, are missing the "whole picture"...:o( Your narrow "technical" vision blinds you to the "artistry".
It's never ALWAYS about "pussy"...;o)

Wow -- this woman is spectacular!

Wow--you already said that!.....lol ;o)

Wow -- this woman is spectacular!

loove this set one of the most beautiful woman iv ever seen,want to see much more of her in every way,love those rear poses

Too many props, too much costume, too much clutter. Never enough Ruzanna.

You nailed that one.

I agree, very distracting. Beautiful woman though...

I loved it!! Very refreshing! And a great looking model! The entire 'work of art' is just...stunning! The misty, murky surroundings highlight the beauty of this girl. How anyone can call her a "prop" in this work is beyond my understanding. Anyone who hungers for variety on the site could not be disappointed with this offering. This is a true "erotic work of art"...Kudos!!

I for one am very glad to see photographers like Paromov and Erik Latika add some costume and themes to their work. Modern themes would work well too. It’s a welcome departure from “nude outdoors” and “Lingerie in bed” I’ve seen so very much of.

Fantastic set! Ruzanna is simply refreshing. I love the the props and the photography. Wonderful job!

I loved it, this photographer is putting a little bit of the Art in Met-Art.

I love this set by Paromov it reminds me of the old days of MetArt with both artistical flare nd abit of sensuality to it love the way Paromov use's different props to highlight Ruzanna A's lovely freckled face as per image #26 wearing a welders goggles amongst other headwear the use of her long frock added to the flavour to hide her hidden treasures until Ruzanna A slowly peels it off slowly revealing her thighs,vagina and lovely breasts and nipples as per image #58,#59 love the way Paromov uses the lighting shining thru the warehouse window love his work with Ruzanna A using different colors and contrasts to highligh Ruzanna's body specialy using the mirror to show off her face as for the negative comments about her wearing goggles it's no big deal really seen some funny outfits and props now one can only be seen in the Archives but as some ommeneted on diversity is a nice word to describe this set.
Nice Debut Ruzanna A and Thank You Paromov for this lovely set :)

Image 26 is hypnotic.

I like the elaborate location and props of this set. Kind of a cool fantasy element that I haven't seen before, at least not on the sites I visit. (Maybe I need to get out more?) Anyway, nice vision Paromov. Fun set.

Oh, and Ruzanna? She is absolutely spectacular!

Poor positioning of the model in most of the pictures. In nearly all of the pictures the model is too far away resulting in the model being a mere speck and side-show against lots of distracting background. Moreover there were very few pictures which were clear and sharp, and no pictures whatsoever better than I could have done with my basic photographic equipment. Altogether a poor set which I have scored less than the average score of 5.

  • 2 years ago:

Wow. I love this! Love it. The costume, the setting, the lighting and certainly the young lady--exquisite! It's like someone crawled into my head and transposed her here. The freckles, the eyes, tits and right down to the dark nail polish.

Thank you, Paromov and Ruzanna! Looking forward to your future collaborations.

Spectacular set! Ruzanna A is gorgeous with captivating eyes and a truly seductive body. Paramov does a wonderful job of setting and capturing an alluring scene with the costume, the lighting and his focus and composition. The images with Ruzanna's reflection in the mirror are amazing. Welcome Ruzanna and great work you two, let's see more like this set.

Can't understand some of the negative comments. Not only in case of this set but also in case of many others. Why the negativism? Because of props, or as often seen elsewhere, because the girl is "too" dressed at the beginning and it takes half of the photo set till she becomes naked?
This site is not a bloody cheap porn-site, it tries to do things a different way from the beginning on - adding a bit of art into nude photography.

Diversity is what enriches the experience. If all the sets would show only girls completely naked from the beginning, completely shaved, completely blonde, just lying on a bed, the site would get pretty soon quite boring. And - if steam punk / costumes / hairy / dark haired / red haired or whatever girls are not your cup of tea - there are plenty other photosets here to look at ;-)

Thanks for every attempt to create something unique, different. Thanks that we can also see girls in panties from time to time or in theatrical costumes or in smoke. Thanks to Paramov and all the others for keeping this site interesting.

This set is just great. Hope to see more of Ruzanna soon - maybe nextime in a different setting - remember diversity is the key.

You summed it up pretty good Mr Anonymous... And lots of others agree also I see...;o) Some of these comments reminded me that minds are like parachutes...

Thanks, rockhard. Not sure why my name is missing on the previous comment, making me really anonymous :-)
I'm glad to see, that the majority here seems to be a bit more tolerant than e.g. Glazar a few comments lower.

I totally agree, diversity of style and perspectives (along with the quality and quantity) is what makes Metart unsurpassed among erotic websites. It's unavoidable to have someone who can't see beyond his personal taste and reckon at least the inherent, objective beauty of the model, the skills of the photographer, his choices and the concept behind the set. That's diversity (of opinions and beliefs) too, but there is a lack of objectivity sometimes. I guess there is nothing you can do about it, but hope that the majority of the viewers express their opinion/vote in order to bring everything closer to the true value of the works. I personally like very much what Paromov has created here, I love the atmosphere and the development of the set, and I find Ruzanna a rare beauty perfectly matching the style of the set. Great work overall.

A writer remarked that he didn't ask his readers what they want, since if he did they'd just ask for ice cream. Fortunately that's not true for everyone here.

The photographers I like best tend to start with their models, rather than having a script, or a set of design ideas, that the model is made to fit into like an interchangeable part. This set is an excellent example. It comes across as an extension of Ruzanna's personality, not just her look, and it's hard to imagine it working with anyone else. You probably wouldn't think of it at all, in fact, unless you'd gotten to know her and learned her tastes as a designer. As things are, Ruzanna herself gets to be a collaborator, in the way she ought to be. I find that very appealing.

It's very seductive watching this beautiful women getting slowly undressed from one photo to the next. Although not a fan of this particular costume, I do applaud the photograhper's attempt and would love to see more 'costumes' ... oh and definitely more Ruzanna please!!!!

Apparently met art discovered steam punk. Let us never speak of this again.

Right. I can't stand these ridiculous costumes.

Way to theatrical. The musty old abandoned building, the folk costume the random junk scattered about plus whats up with the smoke? All of it was a distraction from the model. This is about showing off beautiful women not filming a turn of the century war flick.

After all of the ridiculous clothes and those hideous goggles came off the model is quite pretty but all that smoke and the soft focused grainy photos did nothing to enhance her beauty. She appears to be a quite lovely girl but I will have to withhold judgment until she is photographed in a better setting where she is the subject and not just another prop.

I feel sorry for this pretty young thing. To be presented in such a dreary photo set.

Funny, I wasn't distracted at all from noticing Ruzanna's wonderfully freckled face and delicious body. Even if you are so seriously bothered by the style - it's only one set of images in 14 years. And she's fully naked by about the halfway point and stays that way.

I do agree with you about the graininess. It makes absolutely no sense to use a high ISO setting when working in an artificially lit studio. I'm beginning to believe it's sometimes done so the photographer can be lazy about focus. If you go grainy, nothing's going to be very sharp so you don't have to work at getting the model in focus.

Wow man, cannot agree with your comment. Goggles probably afflict to steampunk fashion. This set is absolutely incredible. I would have to say Paromov blew the other photographers out of the water this month. Seems like every set on Met is always over bright and very monotonous, this set finally changed things up. Hopefully Paromov continues in this direction. At least one photographer needs to do something more creative, instead of just playing with photoshop settings.

Wow man, cannot agree with your comment. There must be five or six thousand new free and very artistic websites devoted to all things steam punk that pop up daily online. Can't say for certain just how many because I HAVE NO INTEREST IN IT WHATSOEVER. I sure as hell don't want to have to pay to look at it. There's a place for everything and this is where one comes to view spectacular nudes. Not props. Nor sets, or anything else that distracts for the reason this site exists. Period.

Excellent Noinwest. Mirrors, costumes, picture frames and unsharp; The photographer only needed to add sand and sun glasses and he have a full set.

Wow, this is art. There is no disappointment that I can see in the set. I love the garments and outfit/costume. Perfect setting. The lighting with the room looks really good. Not trying to damper the mood of the awesome set, but the only thing I thought was funny was the picture frame and mirror, sort of reminded me of amateur photography work in college that some might see. It seems that Paromov puts the props in a talented use though. Would definitely like to see more sets that sort of tell a story or a fantastical.

Ruzanna is beautiful that's for sure and she has an awesome body, what a pair of tits, amazing.

What a gorgeous beauty, so very pretty with such a fantastic body, those fantastic pert boobs and that exquisite shaven cunt are a particular treat!. Great set and I'd very much look forward to seeing a lot more of this cute debutante.

Pretty girl, even if that dress did make her seem like she stepped out of a Ken Russell costume drama. Hope to see more of her.

P.S. after a night's sleep: I was wrong. Ruzanna is way beyond pretty. She's glorious—beautiful face, REALLY beautiful breasts, beautiful pussy, beautiful bottom, beautiful feet and on and on. I was wavering between a 9 and a 10 for this set, but her freckles put her over the top. Come back soon, honey.

That peasant top hides a glorious set of breasts. The kind of ethereal look of the whole set only seems to add to this young woman's kind of coy expression. Site needs more shoots like this.

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