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This guy takes really boring pictures.


One of the best asses on the web!

gorgeous girl. beautiful all over

  • 2 years ago:


Ah, Ha! Now; Sutura is español for seam or another Spanish word; grieta...crack! I don't think that Leonardo was naming this photoset for any of the grout seams or very small cracks in the tiles around the border of the pool, do you! I think he's got a wry sense of humor! And a great eye for photographic composition, camera postions and the best views of some the most beautiful models. Thank you, Leonardo for photographing her so well by the pool! Y por ti, bonita señorita, una ramito de bonita rosa rosas! Eso es algunos muy bonita rosa usted está mostrando al lado de la piscina en el luz dorada del sol! Me justo encanta a ver el sol brilla sobre ti y adentro tu abierta flor! Señorita, usted tiene muy encantador avellano ojos y algunos muy hermosa rosada! ¡Gracias!

Now this is a fine pool set! The location only serves to enhance Ryanel's extraordinary beauty. Great work!

The more I look at this set the more I fall in love with Ryanel. #103 WOW. nd the reflecting light in the water, amazing work by Leonardo!

Wow! In the sunlight Ryanel's eyes even more incredible.

Gorgeous, gorgeous woman!

I love how the gorgeous Ryanel isn't shy about showing her totally hot body!!! Great set!!!

Nothing artistic or creative about this set. Please send her back to Arkisi. She's too beautiful to be wasted like this.

Disagree.... :-)

This is actually why many people, including me, join this site. High resolution, high quality images of attractive women. This set is a fine example of why I join Metart.

Totally agree with kanobione!


Welcome back, Ryanel. You're as lovely as ever.

She inspires me to go to the swimming pool more often.

Congrats Leonardo on what i can say is a lovely sexy series of Ryanel A even as a female member i simply adore the way she sits along the poolside in very sexy poses with her long brown hair and those sexy green eyes highlighted well with the natural light in sensual,sexy poses ;)i have to simply adore image 26 as she slowly pulls her see-thru knickers in a wonderfull camel toe the sheer fabric just highlighting her labia lips images 27-28 as she slowly peels them to one side revealing her gorgeous pink labia lips in lovely wonderfull close ups love the way she fully stretches her firm toned body along the edge of the pool in both sensual poses's as well as legs spread wide open showing her taut body and breasts's,erect nipples basking in the sunshine there are some lovely close ups of of her gorgeous face as in image 66 Leonardo captured her very in different sensual views and explicite close ups of her creamy inner thighs and her lovely curcy ass in various images specialy image #108 Thank you Leonardo and Raynel A on a great set :) :)

Goodonya Rags, I agree there are some great poses here and one of the better Leonardo sets. You have to admire not only Ryanel's stunning beauty but also Leonardo's handling of the light - not easy. I also appreciate that the poses with costume are repeated without, pleasing both those who like a model with clothing, and those such as myself who find a set really only starts when the model is gloriously naked. To my eye a fine woman like Ryanel needs no adornment - clothing, jewellery or ink - just that "firm toned...taut body and breasts's,erect nipples....and her gorgeous pink labia lips".

Niza rosa! Usted viene abrir hermosamente, miel! ¡Gracias!

Hi Cabblo i can't speak spanish but i want to thank you for understanding and like my long comment in Kalena's movie and i'm glad that you both found a liked Model Keri A's movie "Terax" told you it was a nice movie Gracias Caballo

Señorita Rags25, Gracias. Muchas gracias a vosotros! Me gustaba oír lo que usted dicho sobre de Keri y la video. Ella es caliente! Pero al escuchar tus descripciones y tus sentimientos son tan muy caliente! Es tan muy agradable de escuchar los pensamientos y sentimientos de una dama sobre el erotismo de MA! Thank you ;)

Bravo Leo! Mashala! Ashkolsun! Evala!

TangenT i have no idea what you just said but i gather you like this set very much as i do too :) Cheers from Australia

Thanks, brother! I`m from Greece, but I know some Turkish words, and all they mean "Bravo". LOL - They have a dozen ways to say Bravo. :)

Ooops! Thanks ... sister ..? I didn`t know there are female members here... Or it`s only you?

I think (so far) rags is the only one who admits being female.
( :

Hehe ... Thanks fer_realz! :)

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