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Ryanal looks so fine in this set, I would love to lick her anywhere (her choice).

nice creative introduction! pic #217 kp is cool & warm. nice sexy bra & panty. she is so hot. good job!

This woman and Helen H. would be a IDEAL MATCH-UP for a Girl-Girl shoot! She is simply RAVISHING, WELL ENDOWED, & Ass like a YYYEEEAAAAYAAAHHH!

I would love to have this girl stripping in the doorway to my bedroom like this. The progression of this set was very exciting. Starting with a strip tease in the doorway with the bed in the background, and then finally moving to the bed really built up the anticipation. Then Ryanel treats us to all of her beauty with some very erotic and sexual poses. It was like i was in the room putting her in all the positions i would like to "enjoy" her in.

My praises to the photographer for shooting her so sexually. You really allowed the mind to wander and fantasize about what a night with this beautiful girl would be like. This was a very arousing set. Sets like these are why i enjoy Met-art, and why i'm a member.

Butt? No, dat is da BOMB.
Ryanel is just crazy sexy.

Ryanel is beautiful; with her lovely hair, and one of the nicest derrieres these old eyes have ever seen. Nice visit, thanks Ryanel and Karl.

Ryanel has a beauty that is all her own. Her cheekbones are amazing, and her big expressive eyes mesmerize me. She seems so sweet, so warm and inviting. I am always glad to see her.

A beautiful set from a beautiful woman. Ryanel never disappoints.

You know Sailor that when I was talking with her last she said the same thing about you, more or less. "Dat Sailor's comments never disappoint us Ukrainian girls! He our biggest fan..."

Thanks for keeping us updated, swplf, it's a good thing we have a member who has such good rapport with the models. ( :

What's her phone number?

Incidentally, that simple-minded comment was written last night in near-total exhaustion. It's what convinced me to go to bed and try again in the morning. One needs one's mental acuity; there are only so many ways of saying that a woman has a nice ass.

If a woman doesn't drive a man to exhaustion, she isn't really trying... ( ;

With me they never have to try.

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