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Splendor feminae.

Examplar, is Lady Ryanel, on a deserted beach, pray tell what mischief would happen if one sights this siren, at that partictular time of day, expecting to be secluded, no thoughts as to being in sight of others, only self indulgence. Enjoyment of the exercise. Release of self to nature, sand and surf. Can you feel the triune? What is one to do? Intrude, lay back and spy the indulgence of one nature's child? Or, walk right up and introduce self and spoil the whole measure of the day for Ryanel!
Her expression in this set, at chosen location is supreme. But, my mischief, if I were to intrude, can not be brougth to the account at this time...........

My, my, my, our "Sand People" (people who complain endlessly about sand as if it were the worst thing they'd ever seen) are back again. Will we never be rid of them?

Where's Obi Wan when you need him? He knew how to deal with Sand People.

Until the photogs stop posting pics of girls with sand on their soft bits, some of us will continue complaining... ( :
Of course, I'm a little more moderate in that I can admit that in many of these sets/vids the girls genuinely seem to enjoy playing in the sand. I did too, when I was a boy, so I can't begrudge them their fun.

I don't think the sand actually detracts from the set, she sure as hell gets rid of it at the end, and she seems like she's completely enjoying herself as usual. Perhaps the point is that Ryanel is one of the best on MetArt and this is technically the best outdoor set we've seen in a long time.

Ryanel, exotic beauty from the look mysterious.
Ryanel, wonderful mermaid naked, what is the storm that slammed you on the sand?
Lights and colors of this set are very beautiful.
But, because on the sand?
Goncharov I think you know how to make a fine and elegant eroticism.
But, because on the sand?

Pardon my mistake.
I mean why? not because

How unsexy, gritty gritty sand.

This set is perfect. A beach setting may be one of the most used, but Ryanel's beauty makes it feel fresh and new. Great day at MetArt!

Ryanel is a beautiful model. and Goncharov has done a great seashore set of her. I don't think a little sand on her vagine will make her curl up and die,and Goncharov has picked a perfect background to bring out her coloring of skin and hair. Both Ryanel and Goncharov get a 10

If the sand enters the vagina can cause serious inflammation to the model.
Why in the on sand?

either my monitor is really off, or you need to pay more attention to your white balance.

More rocks and sand -- how interesting!

(lol) (yawn)

Sand in all the wrong places. Otherwise a lovely set with a gorgeous ass model. We appreciate you sharing yourself and your beautiful labia.

Ryanel has the widest-set, most beautiful eyes. The rest of her is lovely—especially that delicious bottom—but her eyes … well, they stop me cold. I love this set, even if she does get sand in her pussy. 10+

The funny thing about Ryanel.... those eyes make her seem somehow faerie, otherworldly... yet, at the same time, the rest of her is decidedly earthy, worldly.
Just another example of the paradox that is femininity.



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