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GREAT poses!

I think Ryanel is great, she definitely knows how to play pool. However,with the exception of Rylsky and Erik Latika, I think my friend Selene A,from the old days is right, female photographers like Catherine, or Flora, or Natasha Schon are better.I almost forgot Nancy Murrian, who was a model here before she became a photographer, she totally knocks it out of the park.you can see both her modeling, "True Love "or "Red Nancy "or " Wife and Muse "all by Richard murrain in the archives, and you will also see her photography. She discovered Nella,taught jer how to model, and di her first sets,an my keyboar just messe up.

I must admit rachsback, Ryanel is so hot that my first reaction was be careful dear or they will have to refelt the whole table!

Now THAT'S a great table light.

The ass shots almost gave me a heart attack. DAMN!

Pussy tracks on the felt!? Couldn't be made by a sweeter pussy! The set for me was not very imaginative (bordering on cliche), but well shot.

Gorgeous girl, glorious spreads, Ryanel looks great here, I always love a pool table set.

Excuse me, my comment was for the discussion concerning Milena .. I posted it here by error ...

I often have a look to the pictures in the archive (e.g. 2005, 2006) and I feel that "the bush" generally enhances the erotic Flair of a girl. I like the baby cametoe but ...

Ryanel welcome back.
Naked you are the happiness of the eyes.
A different set for ambience and lights, very nice.
In my opinion, Leonardo gives his best in indoor environments.

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