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I love the whole lingerie catalogue feel that this set has; any of the first 8 shots is an advertisement for that bra. These days all the best parts are photoshopped out of advertising and this set creates a sense of being there for the shoot, before the post-production. We get to see exactly how revealing that bra really is, which to me is very alluring.

It is a real pleasure to see the beautiful Sabrina in an extended series of bra & panty shots - she looks quite stunning.

Sabrina is a real beauty with gorgeous eyes, superb breasts and the most sensational nipples imaginable - love this girl..

A very nice set, the model is extremely beautiful and the high key lighting is excellent. Congratulations for a job well done!

Wasn't distracted by the white background. What was distracting were those big beautiful eyes and pretty lips on Sabrina's gorgeous face. The sexy black bra and panties were almost too much for my heart to handle, but then she just had to take them off revealing one of the most beautiful bodies on Met Art. When I saw photo 80 I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. This photo set and the previous one of Adriana just made my day. Sabrina gets my vote for the most beautiful blonde and Adriana for the most beautiful brunette on Met Art. Thanks ladies.

Leonardo certainly has his place here in MetArt but he has photographed Sabrina at least 40 times. It's time for Sabrina to move on to another photographer and for Leonardo to move on to newer models and try experimenting more. He certainly has the skills for it.

Excellent photography. Love the poses; and the white background. Sabrina is very sexy in this set. Good job.

Love the model and the poses, but not the very boring white background

Sabrina is once again demonstrating why she is a top Met model. I really like the undies,they set off her perfect figure. Now if she would grow her hair longer she'd be totally perfect.

I need her to sit on my lap so I can look deep into these eyes... *sigh*

So when I die and head to the "white light" I expect to find this gorgeous young thing waiting for me! I can't wait to get to heaven, lol.

I can dream I suppose. Nice set, but a touch overdone on the background. It's just too bright. Wear your sunnies!

Picture 79 is corrupted.

Exactly it is correct that image is corrupted with a gray stripe on the bottom of the image... #0079.
I can see that this is not an exception.
In each of the categories so far made ​​available on MA Sabrina D no luck up to 100% correct images always have wrong to hit the set.
Leonardo look better on this problem and try to avoid this again.
Apart from this little problem I have no objections.
Well done :)

Yea it was, but the other 137 made up for it!

Sabrina D is one of the top ten models on this site, always a pleasure to see her perfect body! Very sexy eyes and smile in this set. What a dream girl. Sexy poses, only suggestion would be to have more closeups, looks as if viewer is watching her through a telescope. :)

Not sure where you got your info, but if you click on the "models" link at the very top of the page, you'll discover that Sabrina is not "one of the top ten models.." and that she is actually no.89 on the "top models" list. I don't put a lot of stock in that list however, because MY favorite model is no.82! The list is based on the "models" rating, not the sets, so if you think your favorite is rated too low, be sure you rated her yourself and not just her sets. If the only people that rate the "model" don't like her, her rating WILL be low. Thats my story and I'm stickin to it! ;o)

HIS top ten, rocky... ease up.

Generally I prefer lean over a full figure, but Sabrina has always been an exception, and the eyes are definitely one her class assets. Applause to Leonardo for breaking the mould and doing a fine studio set, and finding new aspects of the model's personality in the process. The stark white won't appeal to everyone, but I think it works in this instance.

A light blue or green fading background would have worked better but I am never going to fuss about getting another set with Sabrina D in it. lovely model.

Another backlit glary over exposed set. When will these guys learn that we come to see beautiful girls in nice surroundings not washed out colorless photos on a featureless background. With a light skinned model the solid white background would be bad enough but to over expose the photos like this is just plain unforgivable.

100% Spot on!

Too many people are ignoring the "Art" in MetArt, and expecting the models to be photographed in "traditional" settings, in a "conventional" manner. That's not what I understand this site to be about. It's about "creativity", and producing photosets with beautiful models photographed in "artful" settings, in a "creative and artful manner". This will, by it's very nature, produce many different types and styles of sets, some very elegant and some more toward the bizarre side. In some respects, we are strolling through an "art gallery" and should see each set as just that...a "work of art". If any one "piece" doesn't appeal to you, move on to the next as you would in an actual "gallery". We all should keep this in mind before giving our "critique" on the "art" we see here. If you paid for "porn" you may have joined the wrong site. If you paid for "beautiful nudes, in artful and creative settings", you're in the right place. Enjoy.

For a couple of years I'm waiting for the gallerie: „White mouse in snow.“
Again nothing... :-(

Okay, i just have to ask... WTF?

I don't understand stenographic notes...

Yikes!! Where's my shades!? Great posing by deelicious Sabrina, and nice contrast with the stark white background and her beautiful body color. I'm not big on solid-color-backdrops, but with shades on, this is very appealing to my senses... Nice set.

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