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The next to last shot - She must be scolding me for my impure thoughts.............

What a Beauty , Fell in love..

gorgeous model, perfect body but photos with very low contrast

Sabrina is one of those rare models who HAS IT ALL!
She is a PERFECT 10+, hair, face, body, even nice hands & feet ......but Sabrina's EYES, coupled with her kissable mouth are the features that really captivated me.
More close-ups of eyes, face ....... well, just MORE SABRINA G, please.

Gorgeous girl with a delicious body!!!

she got burned by some horrible washed out photography.

Sabrina welcome we are happy that you are here.
Immediately beautiful among the most beautiful.
Another gem in the safe of MetArt.
Not just a pretty skilled also,
holds the field in front of the camera naturally and fun expressive.
Paromov, usually smart interpreter of feminine charm here is very subdued.
All photos are afflicted by a dusty light.
The contrast is at the limit of legibility of the details.
The colors are slightly saturated lights are overexposed.
The model is forced to keep her beautiful eyes half closed
because dazzled by the reflections of the sand.
And then the sand .... more sand .... more sand.
Sabrina, Paramov we look forward to another set soon.

Very promising debut and those legs are sensational!

Sabrina, you are gorgeous. I love your beautiful hourglass body and those beautiful breasts and nipples, especially in the beginning when you had goose bumps and at the end I wish I was the one squeezing your tits! Although photo quality is poor. Can't wait to see you again Sabrina!

This girl is beautiful. Looking forward to higher quality images of her.

Lovely model, but the set is overexposed and unimaginative. She has hot tits - show them!

What a true, rare beauty! Thanks Paramov for the excellent presentation. PLEASE present more of Sabrina!! I do agree that the image quality could be better, compared to other artists here, like Rylsky for example.

Model is good, quality is not good, but can be in future ...

I have failed to find reasons why some photographers prefer these
over-exposured films. What we, sorry I expect to Met-Art is technique rather than artistic of photographer.

Very cute girl with an exceptional, 10+ body. The photography here isn't terrible, but doesn't present Sabrina at her best. Can't wait to see her indoors, in bed, in sharp photos.

beautiful girl...maybe look into getting a circular polarizer for you lens...the washedout, desaturated nature of this beauty's debut photoset is almost painful to see

Great debut Sabrina. I agree with Myshkin, this is a fun set. Hope to see you back here soon beautiful Sabrina.

Well done in capturing Sabrina's beauty Paromov.

well caputered ? can't remember having seen a worse photoset her in respect to the picture qualtiy ..... great girl !!! YES - bad photos - sorry - those are NOT METART - Standart !

Well, I am not convinced I discussed the quality of the pictures. Did you rearrange the letters in my sentence to read something completely different(??).

My meaning was that the photographer has quite obviously put Sabrina at ease and therefore the pictures show her personality. There is no doubt in my mind that Sabrina is an awesome looking woman with a hot body and if the photographer had not done a good job then I would not be able to say this.

Sure a few of the pictures are blurry and all are a little overexposed for my liking but I didn't discuss this in my original post.

You are entitled to your opinion but so am I, so rather than replying to other peoples posts, have your own opinion rather than reading what you want into mine and then disagreeing.

A really fun set. i love those gorgeous eyes and dark, hard little nipples. You look like you're having a lot of fun, especially those cute breast-squeezy shots at the end. Just lovely!

Sabrina, you are adorable. You remind me of another Sabrina from another generation: Audrey Hepburn. You don't look a thing like her, but you share her slender beauty, physical grace and captivating personality. Fantastic debut.


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