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REALLY REALLY creative set unlike many others in this site.

You have got to be f*%×!^@ kidding me!

I stopped complaining about the gaudy plastic jewelry that some of the less talented photographers here use to make up for creative talent. But seriously...

It is a shame that the most beautiful women in the world get mangled by utterly incompetent half wits like Paromov...

This set is simply the worst set. Period. And I don't just mean the worst set this 'photographer' has done, or even the worst set on this website.

It is, quite simply, the worst body of work in the history of erotica...


The fact that some of the viewers out there saw any merit in this set is DEEPLY DISTURBING.


Love the girl; hate the set / costumery.

I agree 100%. Sabrina is beautiful....this set is perhaps the worst I've ever seen on Met Art. Terrible....just terrible:((

Sabrina beautiful beyond words.
Divinely beautiful.

Paramov forgive those who do not appreciate your refinements.
The next time dish out potatoes and sausages, not everyone can appreciate caviar and champagne.

I really liked this set. I would like to have that bird in my cage!

Paromov has done a lot of nice work in the past. This, however, is junk. Not a single shot is in focus. This isn't art. It's just blurry. Looks like a ten year old shot it with a brownie. I cannot believe anyone paid anything for this set.

Is that candle wax on her dress or the photographer's approval???

Love Sabrina incredibly beautiful and sexy. This set is a little weird but I like it, more Sabrina!

It's certainly different --

But I'm with Sailor -- I like it !

Looking forward to a lot more from this stunning beauty, these latest sets from Paramov have been a little too far towards the pretentious but Sabrina's beauty overwhelms that, she is absolutely gorgeous!.

I really hate these contrived art neuvo type sets. The model is beautiful but the artists rendering is aweful. The dress is ugly, does not fit well and has as little sex appeal as a pair of sweats. the backdrop as usual for this artist is drab, depressing, and boring. The hair style is gross and detracts from the models otherwise lovely face. The only thing interesting is the model AFTER she looses the dress. Art for the sake of art is a waste of resources. This model has great possibilities but this set sucks.

Sorry guys but them's my 2 cents worth

hipshot, don't be sorry for being honest. For what it's worth, I see it the same way that you do, on every point.

Not to mention the whole thing creeps me out. It smacks of the Moulin Rouge the movie. Depressing!

more sets like this please!

I am so tired of those boring ass-and-pussy meat displays.

That's strange. Here I was thinking people (myself included) subscribed to this kind of site JUST for the ass-and-pussy meat displays. I guess some people need wigs and trapezes and candles and whatnot with their ass and pussy. :/

If I wanted meat displays only: there are cheaper sites just deliviering that. Even on the metart network. Maybe you should subscribe to ALS. No clothes. nothing to distract you from a girls vagina, held open by a speculum or toy so you can see her cervix until you are going blind.

I subscribed to met art because I thought about all those 'artsy' sets that always fascinated me - and which are put aside to turn metart into another bland meat-display site.


Glad it's to your liking. I see nothing boring about meat displays myself.

really? one batch after another of pink meat? always the same? no variance?

And that is not boring? So your favorite hobby is watching paint dry in a dark room?

Sabrina has more than delivered on the promise of her (very different) debut set in September. She's astonishing here, the most delicious kewpie doll ever photographed. First of all, to pull this off, a woman has to be drop-dead gorgeous. Check. She has to inhabit the character she's playing, even if it's only in still photos. Check. Every body part she exposes—breasts, feet, tush (perfect), pussy (yum!)—must maintain the level of beauty. Check, big time. Damn near every picture in this set is a 10—and the last four pages are dazzling. I REALLY want to know this young woman in every sense, biblical and otherwise. Great beauty really has met art here. 10s all around.

OK! Sailor.
For Sabrina, we should invent new words, new numbers.
Let us be content to say 11/10.

I agree... Playful and imaginative set... Pretty "plummage" ;o)

You and I commenting in daylight is weird. On this one we are going to disagree unless I am wrong the theme of this set is a caged bird. This reminds me of the sequence from the film Story of O where she is presented at the party with the bird masks. Thus the set for me gives a "bondage" feel. It is IMO so obvious the sequence is "directed" and her "master" is telling her what to do. This may sound weird but her expressions, or more exactly lack of expression in most shots are that of a "submissive". I will admit she is stunning, and she presents herself from he neck down very well but I see zero enjoyment in her face. That fact is what kills it for me. Sailor where am I wrong?

I agree 100% I hate these these theatrical extravaganzas.

I haven't read The Story of O since the 1960s and never saw the film (the book was torture enough). But you may have a point. The possible influences I saw here didn't quite fit: the bird in a gilded cage (no gilt) Evelyn Nesbitt (no red velvet swing). Still, I don't necessarily see a bondage theme here. The cage door is open; there are no implements of confinement other than the cage. Moreover, any staged set like this would be directed off-camera; that does not necessarily imply sexual domination. Finally, the set isn't totally mirthless. Sabrina allows herself a few smiles, and I saw the unsmiling pix as the blank-faced "cuteness" of kewpie dolls. So I guess you pays yer money and takes yer cherce. I prefer to think the set is a hoot—besides anyone who harms Sabrina will have Sailor to reckon with.

P.S. In Sabrina's first set, I drew a parallel with Audrey Hepburn, and I saw it again here (think Breakfast at Tiffany's or Funny Face). I didn't mention it, and Audrey was surely unique. But Sabrina surely has some of her beauty, charm and versatility.

OMG !!!!

SAILOR -- !!!

You have earned an entirely new form of "esteem" from me.

Not only do you have fine taste in women -- but YOU KNOW WHO EVELYN NESBITT WAS !!!!

I thought you were merely a connoisseur -- now I find you to be a scholar as well !!

ok, but get your spelling correct...
The film relates the fictionalized story of Evelyn Nesbit. Nesbit was a model and actress who became embroiled in the scandal surrounding the June 1906 murder of her former lover, architect Stanford White, by her husband, rail and coal tycoon Harry Kendall Thaw. Nesbit served as a technical adviser on the film.
very attractive pictures of her to be sure.. and of Sabrina, which as I remember was a movie of Audrey's which was a bit of a classic..
Love Sabrina, perfect 10

Thanks. I never knew Evelyn, of course, but she was well into her 80s when she died. I saw a picture of her taken at the end of her life, and she was still a beauty. Amazingl

Just for the record --

Evelyn was a real "looker" for her day -- I believe there are two verified photos. Makes you wonder how Ol' White could handle her. Unfortunately, she did not have a good life.

As I remember, she was the most notorious beauty of her day. The iconic Gibson Girl picture was apparently her. She was famous enough that E.L. Doctorow included her in his novel Ragtime.

Well now you have my attention sailor.. Ragtime is one of the books that I read from cover to cover without putting down. A facinating tale it was. Years ago... Didn't care to see the movie. I thought it could never measure up... Barely remember Nesbit's character.

Nice erotic set. Her hairstyle is fantastic.

There's a lot of eroticism in this set! Fine!

Bring back the thumbs down,please

The seller

I agree, we need it to show the "other side" of the opinions. Kinds like an election ballot where one side is crossed out.

No more of the follow the leader, lazy, cowardly, anonymous, fart and run piling on fostered and encouraged by the previous use of one mouse click is a good thing; imho!

If a member dislikes a picture, gallery, model, photographer's style etc enough; the ability to input a lucid, polite statement and the reason(s) why still exists.

As a matter of fact, my recommendation to MET (in part) was to eliminate the thumb buttons entirely and rely on written comments only. I now believe MET's change is a better solution.

What is the point of this session ?

A complete waste of a very attractive, sexy, young model.

Please, no more of these !

Ditto, I hate these sideshows!

Subscribe to assteenmouth instead,if it matches your teste more accurately

The seller

Could not agree more!

Not everybody has your taste,definitely.Probably it would be better to subscribe to something less artsy,lets
say Pet Art

The seller

Not everybody has your taste,definitely.Probably it would be better to subscribe to something less artsy,lets
say Pet Art

The seller

Patience Grasshopper!

Mr Paromov and Sbrina G have created a truely sensual photo series. Thank you.

Sabrina is a beautiful, slender young woman. So far, I find Paromov's photography, settings, props etc to be interesting, varied, and to usually generate conversation. Thanks to Sabrina, Paromov and all involved for today's gallery.

Agree, Baggy36. I appreciate the different sensibility Paromov brings to MA. It's obviously not to everyone's taste, but I think it's usually interesting and sexy.

Oh, and Sabrina is gorgeous. Like really, really gorgeous.

Dress is not the issue which is stunning like Sabrina G. There is not much happening in the set . I love the photography though

Fantastic outfit, delicious lady and the most wonderful hair. Wow!


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