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Too bad Sabrisse had her debut set done by Helios. In true Helios fashion he can't even focus on a beautiful woman's pussy even when the pussy is front and center.

Can't believe I missed this exquisite beauty the first time around on Met-Art. It must be the hair color. I know her from another glamour site as Aaliyah where she had a light brown hair color. She might be a little self conscious about her teeth not being perfect but she should be proud of her perfect body and face.

Met-Art please give us more sets of this angel.

Awesome debut set.See you soon Sabrisse!

I agree that there were some shots where she showed that she could be alive and vibrant like #27 & 28 and that is why I said that I would wait for her next set but to me the overall effect was too subdued. Especially the first few shots which are the critical ones because they set the tone for the rest of the set. I felt that the artist didn't do her justice starting the set this way. I didn't like leaving the top partially on because I felt it detracted from the natural beauty of her breasts and what woman is going to run around with her top like that? For me the panties were a bad choice because they did nothing to hint at the beauty that lay below. A plainer set that conformed more to that lovely mound would be much sexier. Lingerie to me always seems to over the top and contrived and lets face it, lace is not comfortable for the girl nor does it feel good to the touch. Lycra, spandex or cotton are much sexier.

Wow... This perfectly illustrates how differently we all see these sets. And how vastly different our tastes are also in the "details"... For my taste, there's nothing sexier than lace...lol

Agreed! If we all liked the same things it would be boring

Yummy lady oh to get my tongue dep into that sweet pussy hole.

A little coarsely put but I am sure most of us share that desire. :)

Nicely defended hipshot, but doesn't it go without saying? ;o)
Or have I finally lost my enthusiasm for the game...?

I have to agree that with a sweet morsel like that it really doesn't need to be said. The guys need to be more gentlemanly with their comments. This is a classy site and many of the models read the comments. I am sure that graphic comments of this nature are not well received by the girls.

Well...not received well by "most" of the girls anyway...LOL
And as a wise Vulcan once observed..."It's far easier for a civilized man to behave like a barbarian, than for a barbarian to behave like a civilized man"... ;o)

So true...
It is to be hoped we can demonstrate some civility and infect others with it... ( :
Even as we admire pictures of nude women. ( :

Nicely put gary. Very eloquent.


Nice to see a beautiful Czech girl again. Very sweet too. Hope to see lots more of her...maybe out of the kitchen next time...(?)

beautiful face and those eyes... her lovely legs... nice. The setting? I am a sucker for kitchens...

but... if you do close up crotch shots - why put them completely out of focus?

I believe the intent there is "to look past the sexual aspect of the model to the inner glow in the face or eyes"... ????? maybe. Maybe some day one of them will explain. But I won't hold my breath ;o) I don't mind as long as they follow-up with a focused one, and they usually do.

This is one of my pet peeves. The purpose of closeups is to show detail. It is pretty much accepted that guys are fascinated with this part of a woman and this woman has a great one! It should be celebrated, not obscured. Look at the sets by Rylsky and Arkisi. Those guys know how to do closeups!

Best be careful with generalizations hipshot.. I could show you sets where BOTH of those mentioned have been just as guilty, and I think you would agree... I've personally blasted them both for the very same thing. But I would agree that they do it less often than most.

i fully agree. the most precious part of this girl's body needs more attention and a better focus.

Met Art Support please make sure to inform photographers to produce sharper images

and there I disagree. I can live with sets without any pussy shots at all. Especially 'presenting' sets.

But if you decide to do a pussy close-up - do it right.

Welcome to MetArt Sabrisse A with your gorgeous tanned vell toned body - face lovely hazel eyes long slender legs beautiful breasts and perky nipples long brown hair cute firm round ass :)I found her total confident in front of the camera for the 1st time with both some very sensual images of Sabrisse like images #26-#27 sitting upon the kitchen table with her legs spread wide open wearing her sexy white lingerie givng us all a sneak preview of her lovely vagina labia lips perky breast within her see-thru panties as they slowly ride up the cleft of her ass ~ Slowly revealing her small breasts as she slowly lift her top up in a lovely image#27~ I just her images #51-53 in lovely shots of her long slender legs- firm round ass breasts showing under Sabrisse's raised top standing at the table one leg raised against the kitchen table in a slow sensual,sexy strip tease until totaly naked ~ I also loved Sabrisse's diferent sexy naked poses uopn the kitchen table with her slender legs wide open within different poses ;) Sabrisse A's Bio may not have her measurements but as a female she has the same sexy body as Dainna G has but not as tall my hat off to Luca Helios for finding a new lovely talented model in a wonderfull debute series - I can't wait until her next series a 10 from me :) :)

Another delightful debut to end the magical month on Met Art that was November. So many fine new additions to the Met model family.

Welcome Sabrisse. I hope you stay with us for a long time. That way you will relax into things, and hopefully give us more sweet smiles! Thank you for sharing your beauty with us.

She has one of the most beautiful and inviting pussies one could ask for and the rest of the body is good but the eyes lacked life even in some of the shots where she was smiling. Maybe next set?

I thought her eyes were amazing... incredibly sexy girl. cant wait to see her again!

Dear hipshot Sabrisse A does have life within her hazel eyes when she's smiling you just have to look at images #107-#108 they have a certain glint within them :)

I agree, rags, I had the opposite reaction from hipshot as well... I felt like she showed her personality and vivacity throughout the set.

Hi fer_realz Glad we concured with each other about the life and glint in her sexy hazel eyes she showed her personality within her own ways just as other lovely models within MetArt wether it be within their photoshoots and movies-I think they well know the good shots of them as well as the bad ones Cheers :)

Hi fer_realz Glad we concured with each other about the life and glint in her sexy hazel eyes she showed her personality within her own ways just as other lovely models within MetArt wether it be within their photoshoots and movies-I think they well know the good shots of them as well as the bad ones Cheers :)

She is like an angel. lovely girl. MORE PLEASE


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