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Oh! My god never seen such perfect sexy, beauty . She is killer. Perfectly placed pussy, nice , wer with succulent vulva. Legs perfect 10. Face , neck , nose , perfect boobs. Tight Bumps ... Excellent figure, superb curves. Mouth watering.... Please Please we need more of her. For me she is No1.

Forgot to mention, it is the eyebrows, lovely Sabrisse

Most lovely woman is Sabrisse, she must have training in theater make-up, good for the stage, poor for nature of up close photography. Dear one, please, natural is more exciting, when you wear your birthday suit in front of the lens, and display what your charm is. Exciting are you!

Sabrisse is totally lovely, and perfectly shot in perfect taste. Mr. Helios seems to prefer Czech models, although he has used a few others like Indiana(AKA Belle )who is Russian or Lenora B (AKA Lenora Garcia) who is Spanish. I Gave buth Sabrisse and Mr. Helios a 10+++

Gorgeous model!! Nice pool set.

Careful, your slipping. That sounded almost like a complement. LOL

Well aren't you the clever one... YOU'RE also slipping. LOL And I have no problem with giving a COMPLIMENT when it's warranted.

Her eyes are mesmerizing! Her body is mouthwatering.... amazing beauty.

gorgeous model be more careful with her safety precarious perches on the fence and narrow ledge . Otherwise fantastic job of photography. beautiful girl with breasts to die for and pussy and asshole that should take to the top she seems comfortable with her nudity marvelous !!

Damn, this woman is perfection from stem to stern, and everything in between... and she has such powerfully arresting eyes.
She is the modern gorgon, turning men into stone with a single glance... ( :

Not exactly stone but as close as I can get now days! ;)

Sabrisse the swimsuit edition, love it!

Lovely! Love the swim suit, the color and fit are spectacular on her long lean lovely body. Every scrumptious inch of her. From head to toe this lady is top drawer. Lovely face, nice smile and a body that leaves nothing left to desire. Each little part is sculptured perfectly. Lovely long legs, tight butt, luscious vulva and excellent breasts. I don't speak for the rest of you but for me this is pretty close to perfection.

Nice set. Luca did a great job both with the site and the mastery of the outdoor lighting. Nice capture of all the angles for a very complete picture of all her charms both from and lovely rear too. She did and excellent job of using all the space and giving us a very nice selection of poses that held nothing back.

Got my 10+++

I missed this angel's first appearance, and I can't imagine why. She's wonderful, scrumptious from head to toe with a smile that breaks your heart. I've simply got to get back to Prague!

You just KNOW they're wondering where the hell you've been, Sailor!

I think its important to relieve their anxiety. :)

Your public awaits! ( ;

#74 does it for me -- from perfect nose to perfect toes! What amazing beauty!


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