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I just love the pussy thrust towards the camera, cries out to be devoured!.

Great set of the gorgeous Sabrisse, lots more please!.

Since its debut Sabrisse is, immediately, a star of MetArt.
Eyes of cat sweet and sensual.

Yum!- and what a great smile...................

Sabrisse is a gorgeous babe! Need a lot more thanks.

Decent set (for outdoors) of an absolutely breathtaking model!!

Aha! A shoot from the mighty jungles of the Czech Republic! This is better by far than the update by Candace B on EA.(rem Candace is Felicity on EA)In that update her make-up was way off, far too dark, and the sun light wiped out the model in places. Mr Helios has avoided both these faults. I really like the way Mr. Helios does outdoor shoots. I like them better than his indoor shoots as a rule.

I forgot,I gave them both a 10+++

I think the hammock maker should get a deal with Sabrisse... with her as their model, they could make a million overnight!

(Posing in a bathing suit, of course!)

I actually prefer her without one:).....might help with sales of the hammocks too!

I think most guys would be fine with the nude posing... I think a lot of women would have problems! ( :

Portable snack bar. Whatta pussy!

Beautiful girl. Monotonous poses. Too much spreading.

As the saying goes, "if you got it, flaunt it"...and this girl has got it!

In my book that is one PP if ever I saw one! Others might disagree but for me that is the vision of perfection! I got to #16 and Bam! I spent several minutes just pouring over those next 4 shots then I gave it a 10++++ and downloaded the set! By the time I got to #51 I was blown away by this dark haired beauty. Beautiful face, Nice hair and a body that knows no limits!

Great set, nice scenery, and an awesome woman. 10+++ all around for this lovely set. Luca is really on fire lately. Please don't stop, I'm lovin it!

Too bad Helios can't get that beautiful pussy in focus. Too bad we can't rate the photographer.

I'd say #16, 18 and 19 are about as clear as I can stand! Right down to her creamy reward!


You can do that, click on any photographer's name and up comes a ton of thumbs of everything they have shot; and below that a chance to rate the photographer.

You have to click on the photographer's name in the gray tab above the yellow "add favorite/remove favorite" button.

PP Club nomination, seconded! ( :

Motion carried! I think #16 is in the running for closeup of the year!

and thirded

and thirded

Pic 18 is absolutely spectacular!!

Sabrisse and Luca,

Awesome photoset! Luca, as always you bring a vibrant, diverse set of photographs set in a very beautiful location :) Sabrisse, you are a wonderful model! I love that you can convey such a broad range of expressions through your face and body. Sexy, innocent, cheeky and flirty, and everything in between. I really enjoy your work and think it's fantastic :)

Thank you to all.

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