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Love the over the shoulder shots, 107-111.

Awesome set! What an angel! Sabrisse looks so sweet and mouth-watery!

Dave and Sabrisse,
This photoset is absolutely gorgeous! Dave you have captured Sabrisse in one her very best photosets yet! I think there is an obvious display of professional collaboration here between you guys, as photographer and model.

I want to point out a few things in particular that made me love this set:
- An excellent choice in location. Not only is it appealing in its own right, but it also compliments Sabrisse’s hair, eyes and skin tone amazingly well
- I love the attention given to Sabrisse’s bodysuit; particularly in shots that are non-explicit, (all 28 of them)! These shots represent a relatable Sabrisse, and give meaning to the explicit shots that follow. For the same reason I also loved the wealth of full-body and medium shots, that offset the few treasured close-ups presented
- I love Sabrisse’s natural beauty: her smile, her freckles, her skin blemishes, etc. They are what make her the individual, and the angel that she is! It’s so nice to see that represented din this photoset.

Thank you Dave and Sabrisse. I am really grateful for such a gorgeous photoset :)

We've had so many beauties from Russia and Ukraine lately, that I've lost sight of how gorgeous the Czech girls are! Very nice set from Dave, and not one single head chopped off!! I KNEW it could be done!! GREAT JOB Dave!! Sabrisse looks amazing here. She's gorgeous!! 10/10/10!

Sabrisse A has a very sexy butt, and this set did not show it off well. A few back side and side ways shots of her in the full standing position (totally nude) would have been great.

The peach-colored bodysuit fits in well with the background and Sabrisse's dark hair and eyes. Nice set!

This sweet cutie is really the newcomer of the century! :)

Beyound all ratings!

More photo sets of Sabrisse shot by Dave Lee would be fine!

A very nice model,one of my favourites.The set is somehow dull in my opinion

The seller

Compared to your comments gswkJu, this set is a Shuttle Launch!!

The observer.

1) Sabrisse does not seem to show a great emotional/expressive range in this set... that having been said, the expression she does show is warm and inviting.
2) I would like to have seen more detail of the bodysuit, especially shots from behind, without distortion of the fabric or it being pulled up into her crotch. It would have been nice to see how it naturally fit her body before being pulled and distorted and unsnapped.

I agree with fer realz.

Why does the photographer insist when the girls are in a bodysuit or panties that she give's herself Wedgy, one or two good shots of her Arse in the panties/bodysuit then move on to the all important wedgy shots if you feel you really have to.

A beautiful girl walks past you at the beach in a bikini, as she passes most men will try and turn and watch her walk away, they check out her arse in the bikini bottoms, they watch her bottom as moves in the bikini, ....they don't think oh I hope she pulls it up her crutch as high as it will go.

Rant over ... beautiful girl and some great shots!

"I wish they all could be California girls..."

Summer break -- Redondo Beach -- a sunny day in July.

Aaahh -- takes me back to the "Good Old Days".

Rant appreciated and heartily agreed with, LBL... thanks for the backup (No pun intended... LOL)! ( :

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, Sabrisse could have a set featured daily and it wouldn't be enough, beautiful girl!.

Sabrisse always have pretty face and inviting body to show for.

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