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So sexy! Her face, body and poses are smoldering!

  • Yigs
  • 7 months ago:

Beautiful tattoo. I would like to see the whole thing.

Lovely model and great photo set. Cannot understand the negatives.

Saju is a incredible beauty. and I hope she stays with us, many young models don't, for the reasons I gave above

Also Saju is SO hot she is a total stunner. I know women like to be appreciated for their brain and talent, but Saju is so hot in the t and a
department,specially with those cute little nipples setting of her perfect breasts, that struggling past those is almost impossible.

I think that's the first tat I've seen on MetArt. Thank god.

I'm somewhat meh on Saju, but I loved the photography! Definitely has a retro MA feel and I like it. My only complaint was the low resolution. 6MP? Are we really back in '05?

It's really, really a lovely model.

BUT this presentation is horrible. This photographer has done a mix-up of styles (B/W, color, different lightsituations) and it seems more like a best of different shootings over a long period!

It's definitely NOT a consistent set. Hair sometimes wet, next photo dry, then open, then a pony tail, , editing is visible (vignette!). A storyline (from A to B) is completely missing.

With such a model someone can do better and hopefully will do!

loved the photography

Horrible photos of a beautiful girl.

Some of the "experimental" shots worked and several didn't do it for me. Saju is incredibly beautiful and I would love to see more of her.

This set was incredibly boring. The girl is cute but the photographer does not understand the model or the audience. Poses are boring and unflattering. The quality is mediocre at best. If the photographer is to get top billing it is time they earned that right.

the 'suds' or foam added a nice note.

Some people only want to see blank skin.

some people don't know the difference between 'bland' and 'excititing'.

Now this is Art, MetArt!

Beautiful girl. Please get her a photographer and try again. And NOT in a bathtub...please. And lets see more of her tats!

Let's not bother!!

She is beautiful! I hope you have much more of her. Please with nice clear hi res images and no effects.

A stunning beauty. You could feature her once a week and I'd be happy!

Perfect, were it not for the awful, awful vignettes. Saju is magnificent and the lighting, setting, AND suds make for a gorgeous sight.

But tone down the Photoshop, please.

Puts the Erotic and the Art back into MetArt, just like the old days.

Don't care for this model. The tattoo is a major turn-off. Boney ass and skinny chest. Don't care for black and white photos. Don't care for the bad lighting.

Yes indeed; god i hate tattoos!!

  • Yigs
  • 7 months ago:

Her tattoo is done really well. Not all tattoos look good, but hers looks sexy on her.

Sensational model!
Next sets without experiments would be fine!

Totally gorgeous! The photographer's quality could stand some improvement.

This is one of the most erotic sets I've seen on MetArt, Saju is gorgeous and her simulated orgasmic pics are so realistic it was easy to slip into the fantasy of taking her to heaven as my tongue explores her quivering pussy...

The first model I've seen where the black and white photos look very sultry and erotic. More of her and some closeup of her lovely pussy would be most welcome.

I will have to wait until the next set for this model and for the photographer before I can score a ratings number for either as this set was so poor.

Arty,erotic inspite of dreaded soap suds.
Saju is a stunner, Wow !!

Sensational. More please but no suds.

Ah, suds... just imagine the silky smooth feeling of your hands running over a body like this, well lubricated with soap... maybe not so bad?

Agree - gorgeous body but the suds are worse than sand covering her body.

Someone else who hates sand; at last. If I want to see sand I go to the beach.

Gorgeous newcomer, some great shots here but after this I would love to see her in a less experimental set.

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