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Gorgeous! Great resemblance to Jane Seymour.

So desirable! Her powers of sexual magnetism are so strong, it's almost overwhelming. (Almost--but not quite--absolutely mesmerizing beauty!)

  • Yigs
  • 7 months ago:


I may be wrong, but this set smacks of Rylsky!! No surprise that he came to the defense of her previous set...lol

  • 1 year ago:

Hi Rachsback,

This set is 100% not shot by Rylsky (or anyone close to him). ArtofDan is fairly new to shooting with MetArt. I am asking Rylsky if he has ever shot with this model but I am almost certain the answer is no.

Spectacular; worth the price of admission alone.
Love the lighting and flat depth of field; my only minor criticism is I'd like to see a bit more variety in the poses.
The model; absolute perfection.

Lovely. More please.

Lovely. More please.

Wonderful Saju sophisticated and exotic beauty.
His face remember the face of the female sculptures of classical Greece
Her perfect body is very seductive.

And of this, Artofdan, gives us many plastic poses and erotic

There are several interesting things about this set. 1st. This is only the 2nd time we have seen this beautiful model. 2nd. This is I believe only the 3rd set by this artist. Two sets of Saju and one of Mango. 3rd On this artist's set of Mango Ry did jump in and defend the set. 4th Thus today we have a very new model with a very new artist. IMO both are very "acceptable" solrage has commented on both of Artofdan's previous efforts so I was expecting one today about this set to draw a comparison. solrage is very good at detail. For my part I invite Artofdan to join us here and gives us his story about the model and how he was trying to portray her here.

I agree, swplf... it would be very interesting to hear Artofdan's perspective... I hope he comes and joins the community like Rylsky, Catherine, Flora and Deltagamma have!

I think he IS Rylsky!!

And for what it's worth, I really liked this set. I see that I didn't particularly like his first set of her, so I think I see definite improvement.

This is one hot model...she needs to get in the hands of Rylsky!!

I believe she IS "in the hands of Rylsky"!

I have been waiting for more of this girl. This set was ruined just as the first was by the soft lighting and that effect that blurs the images. I want to see her in clear focus with good lighting. There is no excuse for grainy images in 2013. If I wanted art and effects I would go to an art show. I joined Met for high quality images of high quality women.

To add to my above comment, some of the photos and incredibly beautiful and perfect in every way, like numbers 7, 15 and 33. These are at the top of the heap on this entire web site, so in fairness to Artofdan he really can be great. Build on these types of shots I'd say.

Saju is a beautiful girl and I really love the ambiance. But...this set feels really claustrophobic. There were so few shots of Saju where she's not cropped (e.g. missing her feet, part of an arm, etc) or crouched into a strange position. See #75 or #76 for a good example of where you see all of Saju but she's shot so tight she has to bend backward to fit into the frame. Then see #18-#36 where every shot is cropped so she's missing half of her body.

Artofdan, Saju deserves better. The background is so interesting (urban decay) and the girl is _SO_ beautiful. Yet every shot I felt I couldn't see either.

I noticed that almost all of the metadata is stripped from the photo so I can't tell what focal length was used. But whatever it was, please take 10 steps back or zoom out 25mm so we can see the whole scene every now and then.

Gorgeous model with a great attitude. Agree the photography is lacking. Better lighting to accentuate her features would help.

Saju is incredibly beautiful, the photography not so much. To begin, the photog having her use the curtain so much to cover her left forearm tattoo winds up making a problem. Its just as distracting as the tattoo itself, and all she needs to do is keep the outside of her arm turned towards the camera.Also the black and white photos dispersed through out the set are a pain. Not that a Good black and white set would not be good, it would be, as Saju has the bone structure for it. However, her warm skin tones are such a great part of her beauty that you can't remove them without replacing them. Photography 101 will continue on her next set.

perfectly beautiful girl...but the photo work destroys her skin tone and subtle details that draw one into the photo. I have taken better photos with my lower mid range camera and improvised lighting...seriously, if I had the chance to work with girls like this in some of the astounding locations these photographers have access to I could get much better results than this (grainy pics are a pet peeve of mine)...I will admit that a 6 MP camera is almost a two thirds lower res than my own rig, but it cost less than $800 bucks...and it's not my source of income

Deliciously beautiful woman. Photo #33 is a great portrait shot. I feel she needs to gain some weight for erotic modeling but the clothes designers would love her. She has a classic beauty that is very hard to ignore and the hair is awesome. Lots of promise here.

The photography side leaves lots of room for improvement. I room is downright depressing, The white balance is way off in many of the shots and many photos are grainy overexposed and lack color. If you were going for the fashion magazine look you got it but for erotic photos they missed the mark for me.

A real beauty.

10/10 for Saju.
9/10 for the photographer.

Gorgeous Lady, hope it's not another six months before her next set.

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