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It's a shame Sally only has a 6.90 rating although I'm not surprised because her first two MET-ART sessions were nothing to scream about. The Ekati session though should change that because it is exceptional and shows what a great body and what great looks she has, especially those legs. Love the red hair too....as long as she leaves it down.

wow! she is so hot. nice photo shoot.
she is smart......... pubic hair? yea thats im talking about.

She's a gorgeous girl, and I love her muff. Photographer took some risks with poses to show many aspects of this beauty. Most succeeded stunningly, but a few fell flat. Bring her back for more.

Ahh- At last a beautiful young woman who doesn't feel the need to shave her privates bald. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Natural beauty but cannot see vagina or anything? No spread shots but beautiful girl just wanted more.

gltork, it was her first shooting with actual erotic poses, her first two sets were quite soft, so I could not expect too much at first, but in the following sets she started opening more, if I have the chance to publish them you will see more of her ;)

With the gorgeous redhead Sally Deltagamma restricts itself to a series of boring photos from school trip.
Never shows us the back of the sweet Sally.

not bad as school trip ;)

This is one school trip I'd have paid to go on!!


simply the prettiest redhead beauty I have seen. Her eyes are amazing.

The use of the natural lighting enhances the beauty of the model, well done sir. When compared to her previous two sets, this is an improvement in showing the physical qualities of the model. It is understandable why her overall average is low, but this set should improve it. I hope to see more of her in the future.

Sally is very beautiful and quite under rated. She is also the strong silent type, she isn't screaming about the wildlife crawling up her butt in shot 119.(her right cheek, to be exact) I particularly liked her pale skin and red hair. I also like her willingness to experiment with it.

Babe in the woods.

When I saw there was a redhead today I knew who I was viewing first. Sally your unbelievably beautiful, with gorgeous red hair, luscious lips, and very pretty eyes. Sally you're exactly the reason why I love redheads and to top it off, you're from the USA! Your next photo set won't come soon enough. Deltagamma you took some very beautiful closeups of her, IE #50, #120. Also, love all the natural, very at ease looking photos of Sally sitting on the log.

I'm done for the day, my heart is happy...

BTW, if you haven't voted yet for the model/set/photographer please do it, it will help seeing Sally again soon ;)

C6C791, when at least one member is so satisfied with my work I can't be happier. I am really happy to read how much you appreciate Sally, I will write her to let her know how many nice comments she had, especially from the US.
I will try to have the next set published soon, hold on! ;)

Flamin' HOT redhead!

Stunningly lovely model, beautifully presented. Lovely unshaven pussy. Exposed rear end shots would be great. Looking forward to more as promised.

Stunning model. Lovely unshaven pussy. Some revealing rear shots would be great. More of her please.

James, the next set I submit will include some rear shots ;)

I don't often comment in this forum but this young woman is nothing short of spectacular. There is something very rare about her that is both distant fantasy and girl-next-door. To Sally A.: thank you for sharing yourself and please return soon.

Gaugin, I am glad you took advantage of this set to express your opinion in the forum, I will surely submit more work with Sally in order to share her rare beauty with you all soon.

It's nice to wake up and find such rewarding comments on my set! I hope you all spent a great Halloween!
Now my usual background about the set:
I didn't know that Sally had already appeared on Metart when I shot her, but I am glad I didn't so it didn't interfere at all with my choice. I got in touch with Sally during her summer tour of Europe this year, she spent about 3 months in different countries shooting here and there, and while she was in Italy we arranged our shooting a few days before she left to the next country. I was hit by her long and Titian-red hair - making such a strong and stimulating contrast with her pale skin and in such harmony with her red soft lips - and her deep green eyes, not forgetting the fact that she was unshaven and looking so natural. We had a nice chat before starting to shoot, we had agreed to shoot for Metart and also take some art portraits. The weather was great (it was august) and I wanted to use a natural area easily reachable from where I live, with trees sheltering from the sun and producing soft shadows. I used a light disk to reflect the sunlight and enhance the copper tones of her hair. I also used two lenses, a zoom (24-105) and a tele (200 mm, for catching details).
It was our first set, so before starting we took some nice art portraits in the nature in order to get the feeling right for this set. The place was quiet, my wife was there to help me, and the shooting developed smoothly. Sally wasn't used to shoot with sensual poses and legs spread, so I took it easy and when she finally showed herself more confident I started to ask her to show her more. She gradually felt more and more comfortable with the poses and started enjoying them, and we both felt satisfied at the end. As I said before I didn't know that Sally had already appeared here a few years ago, and I was suprised to find out her very low rating, but I see that her score is already increasing and what counts more most of you really seem to like her. It's so nice to have contributed to re-discover this beauty! For those who were wondering, yes I have other 2 or 3 sets with Sally and since you showed appreciation I think I will submit them shortly, for you to enjoy more of her.

Phenomenally beautiful girl, her beauty was readily apparent in her earlier sets but Deltagamma really encapsulates her stunning face and body magnificently here, it's a pleasure to see her in more intimate poses and I hope we can look forward to a lot more from this collaborative pairing in the future.

bobblehat, reading this from you is really gratifying, I really hoped to depict Sally the best possible way in order for you all to enjoy her hidden treasures. I can tell you that after this first set she felt more and more confident and opened more, so I am also looking forward to show more of our work to you all.

I can't wait, her beauty has been unappreciated here for too long, nice to see her being presented so well.

I'll be honest with you deltagamma, I didn't know this girl until today, but the cover and your name caught my eyes, so I've downloaded the zip file. And it was a good decision, because Sally is a wonderful natural beauty. Redheads are my biggest favourites and her hair is one of the nicest on this site and everything else is perfect on her. She's got a very pretty face, beautiful shapes and the best part is that amazing miniature jungle. I LOVE hairy pussies, for me it's always refreshing to see a fantastic bush, especially in today's world, so huge thank you to Sally for not shaving her pubic hair off. There are lots of great photos in this set, my favourites are #50; 98; 113 and 118, she looks awesome on these pictures. Overall this is another very fine collection, congratulations to Sally and you, I'm very happy I could download this great artwork. All I can say is please bring back this young angel often, she last appeared on MA in 2010 and she deserves a regular spot here, because she's breathtaking. Keep up the good job deltagamma, I really enjoy your girls and photos. :)

Arthur II, such comments are rewarding twice, because it means that you not only liked the model but you also really appreciated the way I depicted Sally. Thank you for trusting my work!
I agree with the fact that her beauty is really natural, and although I knew that not all members would have appreciated this set - because the model has several particularities (redhead, very long hair, unshaven, probably not the standard Metart beauty) - it's great to read she met some selected members' tastes, like yours.
I hope I will have the chance to publish also the other sets I shot with Sally for you all to enjoy more of her natural beauty!

I can't wait to see her again deltagamma, I'm really looking forward to your next sets with Sally. Redheads are always welcome, even if not everybody likes them.

yes Arthur, not everybody likes redheads but models like Sally (or Mia Sollis) deserve to take the risk to get lower scores.

Mia Sollis is her own category, IMO... absolutely breathtaking woman. ( :

I must admit Sally also passed me by and I also was captured by the cover shot. I also love a beautiful redhead and was glad to find this jewel here today. I will be keeping an eye out for Sally in the future.

monkeryma, I am glad to hear that Sally caught your eye and hope to bring you more of her soon!

Let's see: I love that beautiful face, I love the green eyes, I love that glorious mop of red hair, I love that tasty pussy, I'd probably love her ass if I could see it somewhere. Sally, darlin', you pass with flying colors—and you're American! I sure hope you live in my neighborhood. xoxoxo

Sailor, I hope you get to meet Sally if she passes by in your neighborhood, you would surely notice her ;) In the other sets you would also appreciate her from other perspectives (and appreciate her ass) ;)

I look forward to the pleasure DG.

Thanks for bringing Sally back, DG... I'm glad she opened up some with you. She is so lovely.
Make my day and tell me there are more sets of her in the pipeline? ( :

fer_realz, I am so glad you liked this set with Sally, I think she was a little treasure that deserved to be discovered a second time! As I have written above there is more in the pipeline, also indoor ;)

That is nothing but good news, DG! ( : I can't wait to see the indoor sets especially!
You are right, she definitely deserves to be discovered a second time!

Los coños peludos están ganando la partida!

El vendedor

Me alegro de tu aprecio!

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