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Could we have had just one shot of her bottom in the body suit, apart from that great work.

As promised (threatened), some random thoughts about this wonderful collaboration between Sally and deltagamma74.

I must be going through an "appreciation of lovely legs" phase. The second of Sally's many physical attributes to really catch my attention are her shapely, muscular calves. I also appreciate her eyebrows which naturally draw me to gaze upon and admire her unique, two or three toned eyes (I don't remember seeing such unique eyes before).

Sally's toned torso looks as though a quarter would bounce if dropped anywhere on it, and a glimpse of ribs always appeals to me. The arms stretched up to grasp above the bricks heightens those glimpses.

Sally's butt cheeks are superb, especially when they are almost entirely pale in comparison to her lightly tanned body. Ditto her shapely breasts. # 81 is a very appealing view of that beautiful bum.

Sally's pubes are very nice of course, and it's good that they are tastefully groomed and do not obscure her lovely labia.

I hope Sally reads the member's comments, notes how very well received this gallery is, and factors that into when she returns to Europe for her next tour ~ and equally I hope she and deltagamma74 can schedule some more photo sessions.

Many thanks to Sally for your grooming choice and for posing for us. Equal thanks to deltagamma74 for staging, directing, and capturing these relaxed and friendly scenes on a sunny late afternoon in Rome.

Hi Baggy, it was worth waiting for your analysis.. The way you described Sally's physical attributes is totally agreable, and I am very satisfied about the way I had the chance to highlight them. I wrote a message to Sally to let her know about the great appreciation by all of you, I will send them the nicest ones and yours will be surely included. The idea of collaborating with Sally again is surely possible, Sally loves travelling and she enjoyed it in Europe so let's just wait till the next time. For now I can just say that I was really glad to share with you that lovely afternoon with Sally.

Right on Baggy, that is why I'm back to view Sally again. You mention her muscular calves which indeed are very toned but what really drives me crazy are her thighs. #4, 6, 7, 8 & 9 (especially 7 & 8) show that high curve of her thigh, that's what I'm talking about. As for her beautiful bum, I could kiss that forever and a day! The rest of the time, her luscious lips as I gaze into her gorgeous eyes. Just thought I'd share that with everyone...can't help myself, Sally has a spell on me.

Hear, hear, Baggy! I hope Sally reads these comments and gets to see how much we all appreciate her work. She is absolutely magnificent. (I actually had to restrain myself from typing that in all caps... )

I'm back,again. Just can't get enough of this ravishing redhead. In all fairness I guess I should view the other ladies published today...maybe later.

Pace yourself, C6. She'll be back again. A lot of good viewing today, and you won't want to miss Arkisi's newcomer.

Beautiful bush.

DG, I am more surprised that I like this set than I am that it came from you. I am amazed that a set with so many things I usually find unappealing actually worked very well and left me quite impressed at the end. B/W's are usually not my thing but these have a special feel that made them not only work but actually made them blend in to the set like a planned feature. I really like the un-contrasted shots that left just a hint of the hair color. Sally surprised me too. I usually find a sultry non smiling style to be a turn off and I was thinking during the set that it's too bad she doesn't know how to smile but in the artistic segment the sulky look becomes part of the art effect and makes for a classic look that really works. A lesser model would not have had this impression on me but Sally and her magnificent red hair made it "feel" seductive rather than solemn and pouty. I am usually not into the artsy side of Metart but the simple somewhat stark background and lack of distraction made this work for me. Congratulations for opening my mind a bit and making me see a bit more of the art side of things. It was a bold move but done very well and I am not surprised at all that K liked it. My one caution is to not push the envelope too much. Your previous work has been great and variety is nice but push the envelope to often and it may come back to bite you.

Hipshot, the only way I disagree with your summation is your closing caution to DG not to push the envelope. I believe that he has quite thoroughly proved ~ right here today ~ that he knows exactly what he is doing ~ I certainly trust his artistic ~ and erotic ~ judgment and would not want to rein in his creative ideas in any way.

I totally agree with you on Sally's expressions during this shoot. Like you, I prefer models to smile rather than to try to appear sultry ~ but it occurred to me looking at this set that her sultry look is entirely natural looking, not contrived looking, and that a smiley look just would not have been right for this particular set. IMO, she played it just exactly right.

Hi hipshot, I will be quick because in few minutes Italy and England are playing their debut match at the World Cup..
I was curious to know what you thought about this set and the B&W at the end in particular, and your "surprise" surprises me in a way, but on the other hand I was expecting that you would find something worth to be appreciated despite the fact that it was not what you usually find appealing. And this is twice surprising and gratifying too. Your analysis of Sally's are all true and agreable. I am also particularly glad you got to like the artistic side of Met for once. I know I mustn't push to much, I am aware this was an exception, but thank you for reminding me.
The match started.. sorry! ;)

and the match just ended: Italy-England 2-1, a very good day today!

A winning set and a winning match too? Was the weather good too? ;)))

Actually not, cloudy and stormy.. So I had to stay home shooting with Vanessa Angel... Not so bad ;)

I promise to feel sorry for you, DG, once all the rest of my "to-do" list is finished. Really.
I even promise to make it very convincing.
( :

hahaha.. it will have to be VERY convincing fer_realz...;)

A wonderful, truthful redhead girl.
The terrace of a villa in the countryside.
The warm light of the sunset (or sunrise?).
The a naked girl showing herself without shyness.
A set very, very pleasant.
The only thing, in my opinion misplaced, are the shoes for a brothel.

gaetano, I agree with your summation except your characterization of Sally's shoes. I found them very sexy. ( :
Besides, had she taken her shoes off, she would have gotten gravel on her pretty feet. That's painful, not something a beautiful woman should have to endure!

fer_realz your comments are always pleasantly soft.
I have pointed out 'in my opinion' I did not want to generalize.
For me, those shoes are more suited to a nightclub than to go for a walk.

To be fair, you did call it an opinion, indeed... I hope you were not offended. ( :

fer_realz your comments are always pleasantly soft.
I have pointed out 'in my opinion' I did not want to generalize.
For me, those shoes are more suited to a nightclub than to go for a walk.

Hi gaetano maria,
redheads are special and this one is really special
the terrace was in town but there is a park next to the building
it was sunset and it was warm (sometimes HOT)
Sally wasn't shy at all in those moments
The shoes are the ones Sally uses for pole dance
I am very glad you find the set pleasant!

This would have been completely different without the shoes. The complete contrast with the roof would have been lost, the way she stood and carried herself would have been different. I am sure that chimney will miss the shoes forever.

I totally agree Magwich, the shoes play an important role in this set.


Is it that of artist has an affinity for distinctiveness when choosing models, or do we see the result of talent for unconcealing the unique in any subject?

The time of day and angle of the sun was ideal.

The combination of colors seemed not always flattering, being too close to hair and skin. The tan line in 73, was enough to turn that around completely. Tan lines could be far more appreciated and worked with, as air artist shows here. [now, see, how did "our" get changed to "air"?]

Debris on the wall and where wall meets roof detracted from the lines of our model. If this roof is regularly available, which I hope, a weed pull and sweep would help.

"Made in Italy" is inspired. Regular appearance is called for. It works best when some distance from our model, and not at all when overlapping.

A few greats were turned into goods with loss of shoulder, elbow, or toe.

Why (!) are there here only 4 works with this model?

If I were model or artist I would frame 170. I expect that everything I see today will resonate a bit differently due to the vision of our artist shown by the ending images of the series.

Thanks, Met, for not letting this pass by.

Nice clothes without rearpose.

Magwich, several interesting notes by you. I won't try to answer the first question.. but your second sentence is probably also part of a possible answer. Conditions were ideal: time of the day, therefore lighting, and the mood/inspiration following. The imperfections are mainly due to the fact that the set was unplanned (it wasn't supposed to be a set, we just went on the rooftop to take some inspired photos, then everything went with the flow and we didn't try to control anything). Also the "made in Italy" was something unplanned, I saw the tile next to one of the chimneys and picked it up, then moved it where we took some static poses in the second part of the shoot. But I admit that sweeping the rooftop didn't cross my mind... I will ask the cleaning lady to prepare it next time I have a model here, you never know we may shoot there again ;)
I will do my part to have some more sets with with Sally published, I also agree she should appear more often here, she is a rare gem.
It's really great that almost everyone commenting today appreciated the artistic gallery at the end of the set, I can say that I reached my goal, it couldn't be any better.


Fabulous, stunning, exquisite, a major success in erotic art! I particularly like the last few shots in sepia tone. Awesome photography. Sally is an awesome model in every way. More please!

Hi Gary, another very welcome comment enriches my collection today. Your words of great appreciation of my work with Sally is something really good to hear, I will try to bring more of this.

Finally, I didn't think you were ever going to shoot another set of Sally. Now that's it here I'm in awe. The last 20 some photos are very erotic, love it. It was a great choice on someone's part to leave the heels on for the entire shoot. My heart has been racing from the 1st photo on and I'm speechless. Damn, Sally has some killer legs. Love every part of her. What a face, the eyes, luscious lips, beautiful red hair, her sculptured body, sweet ass and oh what a beautiful bush and pussy. It's great having a girl from the USA, that's so beautiful, here on MA. So much to complement you two on, a lot of it already stated, so I'll just say thank you so much Sally and Deltagamma. Love all the poses, great portraits; oh Sally, Sally, Sally, you're killing me, in a good way. Please don't wait so long for the next set!

Hi C6C791, in effect this set was shot the same days of Ekati, I just took some time to decide whether to submit this set or not since I knew it would have not been an ordinary set. I actually shot with Sally again lately and some of you (jkutyna I think) suggested an outfit on that occasion, it was last march if I remember well. I am very glad you liked the set and the last pictures in particular, it's what I was hoping because they were the "artist's choice". The heels stayed on because I guess we didn't plan the set, so we just didn't consider to take them off. All of Sally's physical features are at her best with this lighting and with Sally's mood which made her feel so comfortable and relaxed. I also think that it was about time to have a girl from the USA, variety but also some stronger feeling with most of the viewers who are from the same country. I will pass to Sally all the nice words from these comments (and your.. crush..?), I am sure she will be very happy. I promise I will submit more work in not too long ;)

I must say Sally is growing on me. I liked this set better than her first. To start off, your shoot location is wonderful. Simple rooftop, afternoon sun, spontaneous, natural, effective. You know I often prefer indoor shoots, but then that is primarily because other photogs here fall into the same traps when shooting outside (over exposure/color bleaching, limited poses, squinting eyes, mostly wide-angle shots, sand, etc.). This set is very well done with the natural light and the mix of poses is acceptable for an outdoor shoot. Sally looks great in the afternoon sun. Plenty of full standing poses show off her great figure. It is definitely more erotic than the first shoot, but hey, it's Rome after all! Pretty damn good for an unplanned, minimally directed shoot. I'm not surprised that K chose it.

I would like to see a more intimate side of Sally, so your hinting of an inside set with her is very much welcomed! I am unapologetically an amateur gynecologist, so I am waiting to see a good close up of her vulva, hair and all. I don't find this set so controversial, it is more reminiscent of the earlier days of Met, more of the art and less of the explicit, so in that regard it is different. To those of us that like a little variety, it is a good thing!

Take care.

I also think that this set is better - more special - than my first with her. The location was an intuition: simple and perfect, where the golden sunset hour would have lightened Sally the best possible way, making her red hair appear like a burning fire and her pale skin get a light golden tone. With the softness of those sunbeams and the right aperture I got the right balance of exposure and color tones, then Sally did the rest feeling inspired and widening the range of usual poses you normally see outdoor. I guess, like you noticed, that the atmosphere of Rome and the warm sun made Sally feel more erotic than ever, and I was so lucky to be there to witness the event and share it with you.
I will work on preparing Sally's indoor sets in the next weeks, they will probably not equal this set because they will not have the same chemistry, but I will be glad to show a more intimate side of Sally.
It's good to know that with this set I got closer to the early Metart days, art is sometimes more about the imperfections and this was an artistically imperfect set which was a good break from the explicit perfection of the standard photography, an unexpected blessed exception. Thank you for the very interesting analysis and for appreciating the work!

Darn... if there is a single "imperfect" thing about this set, I am certainly unable to see it... ! ( :

Pleasantly surprised to see another set of this sexy girl. She would have a much, much higher rating if all her sets were done by Deltagamma. Definitely lose the first two sets by Jon Barry!!

Thank you SouthernMaster, one of the greatest compliments is being considered able to take the best out of a model, so I couldn't be happier!

I think I am happy to see her with anyone.

I'd normally agree but I think I understand SouthernMaster's objection to the Barry sets and I pretty much agree with him... ( :

Beautiful hair and face

Sally's shag? FOXY!!!

I love the wear-your-own-hair-as-a-scarf look. Sally is stunning. Nice set!

That "scarf" is certainly unique!

hi Checkers, yes the "scarf" is one of Sally's trademark, I am glad you liked that and the set overall.

I don't think controversial is necessarily called for. Expanded and different yes, out of what is now the norm in part but some stunning shots towards the end. Between 2007 and 2012 we had a Ukrainian model named Natalia, a red head ironically that had several sets by Voronin and Leonardo, back when he was creative, which almost mirror what we see today. Some even on a roof top. IMO and for me it is about 3/4 of the way through when this set goes from a good set to a great set. The "artisic" shots are first of all great technical work and erotic as it can get here on Met. With those included was it a "safe" set? Hell no! Look at the number of pics, 171. This is the second time, at least, the Delta has done this. Give us the stock 120-130 normal type shots, then adding what he wants to give us, creative - exceptional stuff, displaying his talent beyond or normal. Gutsey move. Sally worked well with him on this early on it seemed undirected just letting her do as she pleased. For me when they transitioned for the last ~50 she did too. Her true beuty came out in DG classic portraiture shoots and then the artisit stuff where even her expression jumped out at us. The "shadow" ones are flat out stunning as are the saturated ones. I commend K for "allowing" this experimentation. Yes Delta can be polarizing but at least he is trying to show us it all doesn't have to be vanilla. My friend, I am impressed!!!

F, I am the one who is impressed.. I could never expect so many great comments and yours is no exception of course. Your analysis is probably deeper than the one I made after checking the photos... the good vibes were enough for me, but there were a few reasons and you caught the most important ones and also a few I probably hadn't thought about. Making a set with many pics was a risk too, I was afraid it could result boring, but the variety of poses and the slight differences were significant enough to justify a large set, with plenty of outtakes transformed in more artistic erotic images under a different light, more "photographic". It's funny how you guessed I haven't really been directing Sally before reading my background information, I have no secrets for you by now.. ;)
Thank you for the great, unparalleled support my friend!

F, I am the one who is impressed.. I could never expect so many great comments and yours is no exception of course. Your analysis is probably deeper than the one I made after checking the photos... the good vibes were enough for me, but there were a few reasons and you caught the most important ones and also a few I probably hadn't thought about. Making a set with many pics was a risk too, I was afraid it could result boring, but the variety of poses and the slight differences were significant enough to justify a large set, with plenty of outtakes transformed in more artistic erotic images under a different light, more "photographic". It's funny how you guessed I haven't really been directing Sally before reading my background information, I have no secrets for you by now.. ;)
Thank you for the great, unparalleled support my friend!

Thanks for checking in, F. Your comments are usually always enlightening in some fashion, or at least historical. One of the benefits of being an old fart. Speaking of which, any luck with finding Sailor yet?

Our mutual friend is once again showing his creative side. It has been a good week for DG.

Definitely a great week kilroy, it could be a milestone for me, surely a week to remember with Sally, Csilla and Sunshine on Met, Paula Shy on Sex, Tess on TLE and Mia on Errotica, but today's comments are the cherry on top

This is the sort of comment that challenges me to open my mind. While I could appreciate a few aspects before, I now see more. I admire more more than like, but I like that.

that's so good to hear this Magwich, widening one's mind is always a blessing, it's like traveling, crossing borders

wow swplf2, let me take some time to enjoy this comment... I will not reply right now because it would distract me too much from the ongoing shooting with Vanessa but I will write later, I promise.. All I can say now is thank you so much...

Hate spell check

I wish I kept a log of my weirdest checker changes. LOL.

I also hate it... THANK YOU!

Absolutely brilliant set. Great legs, hair and unshaven is so nice. There is a freshness to the poses and the photography, so week done both of you.

hi ziggyzaq, I am always glad to hear new voices here in the comments and I am glad twice when I hear such nice words of appreciation like in this case. The freshness and spontaneity of Sally are the real added value in this set, you really caught what I was hoping would be noticed. Definitely week done :) Now I can go back shooting with Vanessa Angel who is with me right now for some hopefully great sets for Met and Sex. I am open to hints ;)

Hot and sweaty, in and out of sportswear would be nice, a partner would be an excellent addition for Vanessa on SexArt, but if it's solo some good finger fucking would be good, so long as there's still some good unobstructed pussy shots.

that's a good idea bobblehat, her freshness and her girl-next door look would really work in sportswear for Metart.

You already know my preferences... but I'll repeat them for your consideration (I hope you won't consider this nagging on my part) upskirt and her own panties. ( :
Well, her own lingerie, actually, a realistic "everyday wear" bra is also hot. ( :

One of the best photoshoots ever here at MetArt!

A real extraordinary masterpiece!

I hope to see much more of this model and of DG too!

10/10 for DG & Sally for today's absolut highlight!


Wow uuusssee, I am honored! it's really rewarding to read such signs of appreciation, I am very glad I have decided to give this set a try although I knew it would be a risk, bust as long as there are viewers who can see beyond the standards and the mainstream Metart will keep on widening its unique range of styles in erotic photography. I have one more reason to keep pushing the borders now ;)

#121: Always nice to see a girl having a good time, tasty.

And those legs and that lilly white arse, beautiful!.

I see you have noticed some interesting details... ;)

Bless you deltagamma74, thank you K!

In depth analysis to follow.

  • 1 year ago:

Hi Baggy!

You are very welcome :) I am glad that so many enjoyed this gallery with Sally. She is a true redhead and also being unshaven, I could not deny this to be published. I honestly believe the first 2 galleries that were published on MA with her did not do her justice. When Deltagamma first submitted her to me some time ago, I didn't even recognize her. I am sure she is happy to see so many positive comments. Enjoy your weekend! :)

Looking forward to reading your analysis B36P, for now I'll just take your blessing and thank again K for letting me publish this set.

Ginger bush... It does not get a lot better...!

sweet ginger..

This is a stunning and beautiful set. More of these please.

hi ergo, such nice comments are one good reason to make more sets like this :)

Sally's sexy body in high heels makes this set very enjoyable.DG my rooftop is available if needed.

hahaha H WU, I will take your rooftop in serious consideration...

Sally graduates to full-on pinup model status with this set. She is magnificent, gorgeous, alluring, enticing... my grasp of superlatives fails me...
I really like her hair braided, it adds a touch of sophistication and allure. Shooting her in the (afternoon?) natural sunlight is a good choice particularly given her beautiful pale complexion.
The little plaque was a nice touch, BTW. ( : You are going to have to plant it in every one of your sets from here on out, DG...
Even though the extra shots you include at the end of your sets usually don't do a lot for me, these are different. There is something just intangibly powerful about Sally that makes them just as enticing as the shots in the rest of the set.

Hi fer_realz, superlatives are always welcome and having succeeded in having you using them for Sally really makes me satisfied about the work. You can't always have that magical chemistry between photographer and model, especially when you don't know each other well like in this case, a model who is not even from my continent but still an unexpected spark made the fire light..
The warm late afternoon light of a Roman summer was a good choice, we couldn't help going out shooting.
I was hoping someone noticed the plaque.. I saw it by chance near the chimney and I thought it would ad an original touch to the set. It is actually a bit heavy to take it with me when I fly to other countries.. but for the home shootings it could be a nice signature :) Thanks for the hint ;)
The fact that you appreciate these extra shots is something particularly rewarding, since I know you don't always care too much about this kind of shots. So, double satisfaction for me :)

All my objections to outdoor sets went right out the window. This set is seriously amazing.
I'm glad you like the suggestion about the plaque ~ it kinda made me think of the "trademarks" you already have, i.e. the heirloom silver mirror and hairbrush. ( :

I would say that your objections jumped off from the rooftop ;)
Again, it's twice rewarding when you say you somehow overcame a sort of prejudice like in this case for the outdoors.
Yes the trademarks are a very good idea, I like it, so thanks for making me realize it :) About the silver mirror, today I am going to shoot a Sexart set with Vanessa Angel ;)

Very nice, Vanessa is drop-dead gorgeous. I very much look forward to seeing this set! (I hope you manage to take a set to submit to MA too... perhaps as a "warm-up" exercise?)

Don't worry fer_realz, of course I have planned a few MA sets with Vanessa... You'll see ;)

Ahhhh... that is wonderful news indeed, you have made my day (every bit as much as your set with the lovely Lauren Crist today). I look forward to those sets with eager anticipation!

What an special set featuring an extraordinarily beautiful woman. You got to love Sally's gorgeous red hair and her perfectly magnificent body. Absolutely perfect!

Hi Neil, Sally will be happy to hear such appreciation words, I know that she is back in the States now after a few months travelling across Europe and Asia. It will feel like a warm welcome!

Not the standard Metart set, I know. This set with Sally was not even supposed to be shot for Metart, I just wanted to take a few shots with her on the rooftop of the block of flats where I live at the golden hour, before sunset. But after taking a look at the photos, and Sally’s attitude towards poses which resulted much more erotic than expected and also more erotic than the ones in our previous set (Ekati) I decided to give it a try and submit it. K almost surprised me when she accepted to publish this set, but a US unshaven green-eyed redhead is a jewel that can’t be hidden, so… here she is.
The set was not planned, so we just went on the rooftop with Sally wearing one of the outfits she uses for pole dance and she started to move as she felt like, without specific directions. She was in a very relaxed mood, more then the other set, almost sexually aroused I would say, so after stripping she started spreading legs without I even asked her to do so. I was surprised and it felt so good, it was an unusual feeling, being surprised by the model’s erotic attitude. It’s even more surprising when I think that also the shooting with Sally herself was not planned, since she got in touch with me during her travels across Europe and we agreed to shoot a couple of days in Rome while enjoying the town.
Since it was already an unusual set, an artistically conceived one at the beginning, I picked up several shots of the most erotic poses which inspired me for some black & white and desaturated pictures, including some shots which being included in the set would have been a repetition but taking them out and turning them to artistic shots gave new meaning to them.
I expect this set to be quite controversial, with several people not liking it or finding it boring, but I am quite sure that those who are going to like are going to appreciate its originality.

One of the most beautiful sets I've seen on M-A for months. This set has everything. The timing of the shoot is perfect. Sally is so confident and free, spiritually and emotionally. Your decision to let Sally loose and not destroy her mood with direction proved to be a great one.
It is pretty obvious that Sally has complete trust in you to enable her to pose as erotically and naturally as she has.
A stupendous set:) Congratulations on the result, and Thankyou both for sharing.
But I now have a problem - where am I going to locate the rest of her work?:)

"a US unshaven green-eyed redhead is a jewel that can’t be hidden" A very rare jewel indeed. I am pretty much speechless about how this set is being raved about by all the different factions. No petty bullshit today, just an appreciation for a beautiful model and a talented photographer!

No BS, just thank you for another very welcomed sign of appreciation!

"I expect this set to be quite controversial, with several people not liking it or finding it boring"

Surprise! The pitchfork and torch bearers seem to be after a werewolf. Or perhaps today we simply have seen the best in us.

my expectation brought good luck it seems... it's great to see so many people catch exactly what I wanted to express with this set, I wasn't the only one to have good vibes from these pictures and it's a great feeling

Spontaneous and very hot! You are an artist. I am delighted that MA is posting so much of your work lately! Bravo!

Grazie JinNJ! I am also happy to share more of my work with you all, it's a great opportunity to exchange some interesting, challenging and rewarding comments and getting more inspiration and ideas for the next works.

The best art is the result of spontaneity, IMO. I suspect this is going to be a very popular set.

I suspect Michelangelo would disagree with first, and agree with the second.

Funny you say that, Magwich, and I don't even totally disagree, at least as regards things like painting and sculpture, that in their very nature require a fair amount of planning and forethought.

I think I was thinking more of things like poetry and even some kinds of music... consider improvisational jazz, for example (though I must admit that is far from my favorite kind of music, LOL).

I think this set is a perfect example why spontaneity in photography CAN result in the very best of photographic art.

That's a different era Magwich, probably for some type of photography art is closer to spontaneity, it's the way reality is caught without influencing it, but the norm is to direct reality in order to reach perfection

Controversial indeed, Sally is just too stunning!.

Great spreads, hoping for a lot more from this gorgeous beauty.

Fantastic, Sally is absolutely gorgeous and it's a complete delight to see her return in such a magnificent set, DG really captured this beautiful girl in all her intimate glory, breathtaking stuff.

It's great to see Sally once again, I really hope she gets some more sets featured as she's simply stunning.

Hi bobblehat, it's great to hear such an enthusiastic appreciation of Sally and our work together in this unusual set, as you can read in my background info I couldn't help submitting this set after taking a look at the pictures, it also had a breathtaking effect on me. I will submit more work with her, I think I have 2 or 3 more indoor and 1 outdoor, it depends on how many members want to see her again I guess.

Hope to see those very soon!.

I hope you'll keep your promises!

I will, uuu'll sssee.. ;)

This extraordinary woman with an absolutely delightful bush would hve done better indoors,but even outdoors I find her extremely sexy.10+

The seller

Extraordinary as an indoor set might be, I fear something was missed.

Hi The seller, as I just wrote in my background information this set wasn't planned but I wanted to give it a try. That day we actually shot a few sets indoor, they would be Sally's first sets with an indoor setting since all of her 4 published sets are outdoors for some strange reason (maybe the color of her hair with natural light appears better). If K likes the idea I will submit those sets so you can see her indoor too.

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