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truely beautiful woman love her

Salvia your beauty is breathtaking. Beautiful photo set, nice work Albert.
What's a guy to do, now I have to visit Finland.

A woman of true renown, her feminine feature is supreme; her smile is a carnival of fantasy, wish I may wish as I might, enjoy the delight...

Who is the imbecile that puts "cunt" on each lady's tag window?

"Cunt" is a hard and vulgar word. The problem is the English language. Words like "fanny" or "pussy" are too metaphorical to be aroused by, while "vagina" sounds too medical.
In a tag-window that's about an entire set of nude pictures, it's kinda stupid to put the word "cunt" in there because... a)it seems to imply the respective girl is a very mean, dumb, cruel bitch...
and b)sets that have no women spreading their legs in them are the exception. In that perspective the word "cunt" can never work as a filter.

In Dutch - my native language - "cunt" can be translated as "kut" or "kutje". These words are not metaphorical. The first one is very vulgar, while the second is rather cute

Someone that craves attention....don't give it to him.

Probably the same "dork" that thinks EVERYTHING is "lickable".

More of her please...

Salivating over Salvia's ass!

WOW!! Another Varin "Gold Star" discovery!! What a beautiful girl this Salvia is! Finland is obviously hiding some very beautiful and desireable women up there! From her gorgeous grey eyes to her gorgeous bottom, Salvia is absolutely delicious!! Straight into 'my' PPC she goes!! If her next set is next week, it won't be soon enough!
"You are so very welcome to MetArt Salvia... You are very beautiful and I promise to love you until poverty "do us part"...XOXO My morning has become so much more beautiful with your presence. Thank you! ;o)"
And bless you Albert! Another Gold Star for you!! ;o)

Yes, she is pretty and she is beautiful and has a wonderful body, but that oh so slightly shy smile is irresistible. ( :
A very strong debut from Salvia ~ I hope she returns frequently!

''slightly shy smile''? I think you were way too kind, that's a 100% fake smile, but still the girl is gorgeous just not her smiling.

"Fake" ?
How do you know?

Seriously, can't you tell? C'mon, is more than obvious!

Nah, I think you are just over-sensitive.

Such a wonderful debut of a beautiful new model. This young lady now known to us as Salvia has a great feminine figure and a very pretty face. I am sure we will see much more of her.

"now", ? Still gets a thumbs up.

Great debut beautiful Salvia.

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