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Oh, now we're the "fetish" police? I like the whole package but just a slightly different focus. Nobody says, "That's a fetish" when someone requests more anal shots. It's a fetish when you're into high heels and dirty socks stuff.

Catherine really nailed it on her latest dynamic duo "Claohu". Thank you for throwing us poor foot boys a bone, even if it was unintentional. Judging by the tags, I'm not alone.
And I'll take all of those cropped out foot shots from the virtual editing room floor. If you want to put them on a different site I'll subscribe!

In the hothouse of Catherine a new flower has blossomed.
Welcome to Samara.
A presentation of great elegance and charm.
Photo flawless in every point of view.
10 + x 2.
It would be very strange if the photos of Catherine, in my estimation, fall below 10.
Come back soon Samara. You're a gorgeous girl.


you are right. great boobs. good shot perfect lighting.

Once again, and I know I am being redundant, you show your technical superiority, and attention to the finer details of subtle ethereal feminine magical beauty like nobody else on this site.

Samera, gifted one, your purportions are high lighted by your smile and pleasent eyes! I am sure there is much said about you with envy. Much to the viewer's delight........ pray tell, we will view you more? You seem to be one to desire the pleasure of giving pleasure. Let us hope it is so...
Until later, dear woman...

Wow, Catherine, another change up and I totally like it. Samera is absolutely beautiful and those breasts melt me away.

Pretty little feet that we get to see all too little of. And when we do, they have hair and lint on them. Yes, we notice these things, especially those of us who find a fine arch, pink little button toes, properly proffered, to be as sensual as any other part of the female anatomy. Please stop cropping them out!

That's a "fetish"... Wrong site.

Samera by Catherine
Samera is a gorgeous young lady. I love her body; I love the way she undresses to reveal her beauty. Her poses are great. I love her cleanly shaved body, no unnecessary hair. I love smooth body like silk.
One technical comment I noted before is the light reflections on the model’s body causing white patches on girl’s body. Might be that the use of polarizing filter might reduce the glare produced by spot lights and enhance the richness of colors. See photos 41, 76, 79 and 80.

You apparently missed the hair around and above her anus... Unsightly if you ask me....so don't.

there is no closeups of her anus. please refer to a photo

Another awesome work by Catherine! Samera is beautiful, and as always I love Catherine's ability to capture every detail with her perfect use of light and focus.

All my life, I've been attracted to short women, and Samera is a good illustration of why. Adorable things come in small packages.

Very pretty girl. Sexy little dress with no panties. Would be much sexier if she was wearing a pair of white high heels.

Different strokes for different blokes. I am am greatly anti-heel. They always look awkward, uncomfortable and are highly impractical. I am always happy to note their absence in a given photo set.

Oh there's no doubt they are impractical. Focusing on that is missing the point. ( :

It's rare to see a girl with boobs that "point in" towards each other...! - Picture 74... Kind of neat..!?

  • 1 year ago:

The thing I like most about breasts is there's so many wonderful variations on the form. Each pair is a delight, with their own individual charms. Samera's are particularly delightful.

Very nice, Catherine is on a blonde roll at the moment, Samera is very cute and what lovely tits she has, a fine accompaniment to her sweet, pretty face and very nice shaven cunt. A real treat.

Samera with that angel pretty face and amazing body is going to do great in MetArt.Welcome and looking forward to see more.

Catherine shares another lovely new blonde with us. Samera seems confident and at ease in front of the camera and not shy at all about sharing her assets with us.
She is quite beautiful and I hope I am the first old fart to nominate her to the PP Club. ( :

I believe she belongs to the PP club. Would have been nice is she had spread enough that we could get a good look though.

Motion seconded!

Catherine doesn't often do closeups, though I agree, hip, just one of her petite PP would have been nice. Still a nice set.

Motion is carried! Welcome to the PP Club, Samera, with all the honors and privileges so attending. ( :

Lovely new model. Welcome, Samera.

Samera. Such a pretty name for a beautiful young woman. Catherine, you found another beautiful new model for us. Samera has such beautiful brown eyes and a calm, confident smile. At only 5'2" and 106 lbs, Samera is a beautiful and precious little porcelain doll, with a perfectly shaped womany figure. Very nice. I look forward to seeing many more sets featuring this gorgeous little angel.

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