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Great set! Sandra is sooo cute, need a lot more pics like these.

Welcome to Sandra!
Brilliant new star in the firmament of MetArt.
Say no more because all I seem small words which were spoken.

Sandra is absolutely gorgeous. Stunningly beautiful. Exquisitely beautiful face, see the penultimate photo (# 119). Beautiful and highly erotic set, beautifully executed by both photographer and model.

Gorgeous girl; the engagement ring is a nice touch!

Ry. From what I see Sandra may be new to us and a hit already, but you had before you brought her here used her on several sets on your site. You realize that you are all but forcing me to join your site. You dog! I'll be over on yours as soon as the budget allows. Your comment about, I believe it was Kia, having a "blog" already had me making my plans but this girl locks it. Expect to see my comments when I get there. Once again great job with her. Where do you find such wonderful models? That last is rhetorical not a fish for info.

KIA is a car. KEI A is a model of Rylsky:)

Rylsky neither Dog nor God.

These models are always around, the difference just in the way you or me asked them to be erotic models. Maybe I use more comfortable chair, more tasteful coffee or tea, or maybe my perfume is made of secret chemical elements? I don't know


Or maybe you are "silver tongued devil"...? ;o)

It will be good to hear from you on RylskyArt. You only get part of his work on MetArt.
PS: Kei is the RA blogger.

Sandra is just fantastic. I love tall, leggy women and Rylsky gets her to show those gorgeous pins at their very best.Please let us see her again very soon.

i can promise only RA updates, but MA updates in not my question, I hope Sandra will be here soon as well.

I love jazz!

Gorgeous, super-hot girl!!! Great photo set!!!

Sandra Lauver, now that's a gorgeous woman in my opinion. She has a fantastic body, fabulous legs, and a beautiful face.
I love her facial expressions, pretty brown eyes, and lovely smile.
She appears to have fun and is comfortable in front of a camera, very nice Rylsky. I hope to see much of Sandra.

I meant to say....I hope to see much more from Sandra. My apologies.

Sandra is divine! Rylsky, you rock!

Oh man!! There's a whole lotta delicious right here!! Makes me hungary...
Great debut! Great looking model! Fine camera work!

If you have such senses with her MetArt's debut... check your seatbelt, keep breathing slowly and try not to eat your monitor when you check her previous sets on RylskyArt... especially "TORNA".
bon appetit, Rockhard

Ditto. to Rockhard's and Ry you found another winner...Good job...

HungAry? Maybe it was just a MAGYA in heR eyes?

Just a little play on words "Ry"(?) lol And I have no knowledge of "Magya"..please to explain? I'll have to look her other sets up when I can afford to come back to RA.

it is just an answer to your play:

6 hours ago:
Makes me hungary...

"Magyar" - "Hungarian" on Hungary's lang.

Too much vodka...

Great debut. She is a welcome addition.

What an awesome debut. I can't get enough of those long legs and perfect pussy.

I have enjoyed Sandra's sensual form on Rylsky.
So nice of her to share her amazing talent on Met.
Absolutely Gorgeous!

Amazing, artistic masterpiece! One of the best shoots ever on Met! Incomparable by the Maestro! Sandra has all of the qualities of a supermodel. And we are getting it uninhibited! Perfect 10!


I believe hotte was legitimately complimenting Sandra and your work Rylsky.

I am highly confused, but really 2good2b tru and not sarcasmic

Yes...you are highly confused..confusing "sarcastic" with "orgasmic"...lol

Sandra is gorgeous in every way and has a great attitude. Good job Rylsky. Particularly the last 20 photos.

Whoa! Sandra appears very relaxed, comfortable, and rather uninhibited.....verrry nice, and arousing debut!

Welcome debut to this pretty cutie.Hopefully to see more of her in future sets.

Sandra is beautiful, tall & slender. I love her amazing long legs. The background worked well for her and we have a nice variety of poses. Very enjoyable set, shot well as usual by Rylsky, one I will keep.

Very nice debut. #45 = photographers CAN if they WANT give us in focus faces and genitalia in the same picture. Thank you Sandra, thank you Rylsky.

to gave all in focus at once we will lose many poses and perspectives. it is optics and rules that couldn't be changed. but at least we tried.

Well done. Choice of colors worked nicely.

A fantastic debut set for this incredibly beautiful young woman. Sandra is 100% solid gold, pure sex appeal. Tall and slender, with beautiful brown hair and wonderful brown eyes, she is an amazing force of nature.

a great debut from this tall slender beauty :)

I agree! Hope to see more of this girl soon.

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