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10 for Sandra, and 10 for Mr Rylsky. Beautiful lighting and great contrast. It is great when the photographer brings out the best in the woman. Great work!

Sandra, my dear, lasagna or a cheeseburger every now and then won't kill you.

Yes, but I think before the advice it must be the request for advice. From her. In other words, she is smart enough and will ask advice if she want it.

Fantastic set! I love Sandra and her fantastic long legs and brown eyes. This is definitely a set for a leg man, #26,27 are particularly pleasing. Thank you, Rylsky for your usual best.

Ry, when you introduced us, here, to Sandra we all begged for more! Todays set is a great follow up. I do have a question, not just about this set but in general. Now that you have your own site how do you decide with any one model where you are going to use a particular set. Do you decide before hand or after a set is shot. From what you have said before the "when an maybe if" they get posted here is out of your control. My guess is you don't really care, do the girls? You have been responsible for many getting "Top Model" status here, thus getting your sets of them here boosts their chances here. Do your girls actually care or is the fact they are working enough for them. I don't think this question violates your "Don't Ask" rule.

swplf2, here's my take on this.

There are certain models who are popular and tend to keep existing memberships active and new memberships joining.

Photographers present sets they take of current models and also sets from new models they shoot.
Met Art looks at these sets and chooses which ones they want (based upon which ones they feel will be popular among their members).
Met Art then decides when they will publish these sets (it could be immediately, a month later, a year later, etc....this is why some sets are several years old and the sequence of sets seem out of order).

Some of the models remain popular for a long period of time and Met Art may ask for more photos/sets of these models from the photographer (the photographer may have sets they didn't submit earlier to Met Art, or they may attempt to photograph the "popular" model again if she is available).

If Met Art publishes a set of a model and it isn't very popular, then Met Art informs the photographer they no longer want any photos/sets from this model (I assume a few photographers may turn to other web sites with these sets that are rejected by Met Art....which might be why some end up on lesser known, lower quality, sites).

deltagamma74 explained how certain sets fit into Met Art's policies/restrictions and other sets are published in Sex Art and similar sites.

I probably think too much....and I may be completely wrong about all of this.


I cannot speak for Rylsky, his arrangement with Met Art is his business.
He explained quite clearly how his "system" works.
He allows the model to make the choice if she chooses to do so.

I don't think Rylsky gives a damn about a rating system....what does it really prove anyway?
Vote total's can, and probably are, skewed by members who vote for their favorite...but vote "down" anyone who might be a competitor.

Two things. Thanks for commenting, you are one of the few who are more long winded than I am.

Number two. You may have noticed before my rants about the Top Models and my believe that we need a Hall of Fame, so those who have been and actually drew us here drop out, totally, i.e Suzi Carina, as an example. Your suggestion of intentional "negative" voting might be one of the reasons. I try not to knock the newbies and will still give them a high mark if I feel they deserve it. But continued excellence should, IMO, be a factor. I however don't, yet, have enough info to suggest how a HOF would/could/should work. Any ideas.

one more point to your idea:
the rank is working when we have amount of 10s, not 1000s.
As good example, let take a look at sports. you will go crazy if you will see any league with 1000 teams, but you will see it all the time of your life and you will see how this changes if you see league or World Cup (my favs are NHL and FIFA cup).
Thats why idea of make a good rank is not working when you see some team played for 100 years and you see new teams daily. you will go crazy

NHL have hall of fame, each NHL club have own legends and number stays forever by his name (my fav is NY Islanders of NHL and we will never see any new player who could get numbers: 5,9,19,22,23,31).
FIFA changed cup to new cup when some team won it 3 times. And cup goes to this team forever. BRAZIL selecao as example

So your idea proven with most popular sports, we will never make ratings here with any logical describing when we talk about 100 new girls a year and we already have 1000s. Amount of sets, number of raters is also HUGELY variable
...so hall of fame is a good idea and models can be added yearly to special page of MetArt. I am finally at your side (if we need any ratings as fair competition for years)

Ry, Thanks again, your educating me. I said I don't know enough to even propose it yet. This helps. I had thought of removing them from the regular rating list, already. They are either in or not, NO ratings of HOF memebers. The would be alphabetically listed and maybe also by the year they are inducted. The scope of the numbers involved over the last 11 years is mind boggling. How the selection would be done. Formal rules may be impossible and thus kill the idea. The viewer will always bitch if their fav doesn't make it in. Thus can a consensus ever happen, NO. I know the artist should have input. I know the membership should at least be heard. The powers to be will always have the last word. Do the girls even care, would it mean anything to them. Again maybe sexist, but FIFA and NHL point to maleness on your part. My PHD daughter is more knowledgeable about the sports she follows than her father. (American Football, College and Pro, and ironically Hockey. She turns to me about F1, and other motor sports.) I'll keep working on a HOF until Met tells me to stop. Thanks again.

I meant the ranks and standings are simple, logical and fair when it is sports. It doesn't work for me when we talk about beauty, because nobody never will measure this. Sports have rules vs. beauty. You care abOut fair ranks? YOU NEED TO SEE SPORTS, no matter female or male you are. No sexism, or just see the stats and sales WNBA vs. NBA.

Sport is business. Are NHL and FIFA successful projects? SURE. Ask EA sports about their sales on these 2 superhit games. Ask bwin (or betfair, etc) about what ppl betting on most.
That's why I used it as examples, because it is very good biz, not cause I am a man. Part of what makes pro-sport more money is their legends, their hall of fame...

Is Metart a biz? of course yes. Successful? It is elephant in scale vs. rabbits and mouses (any erotic web network)... I think it's really good idea to create this Hall.

But it will be never logical and fair voted top models list. Or we all (members) need to vote each and every model anв we must be honest and have NO favs.
As refereees of sports

but huge and nearly bad difference is that many models want no "fame"... the more you popular - the less your life is private

A Third point. With the artist taking part in the comments, Ry, Delta, Catherine, etc. I learn something new, almost every day about the site. I have been a member for at least 8 years and have learned and understood more in the last ~6 to 9 months than I had up until the comments started.

swplf2, thank you.
I worry when I state my opinion that I might offend someone....or worse, wrongfully speak on the behalf of someone.

It's my hope that anyone who reads my comments understands that I am only stating my opinion and I'm not trying to influence or "preach" to anyone.

I mentioned in a post a few days ago about certain members who make this forum a civil and pleasant place to offer our opinions, I failed to mention you by name, but you most certainly are in this group.

Rylsky, deltagamma74, and Catherine have taught me something also, people are the same all around the world.
I have a lot of respect for each of these photographers more for the person they are, than the quality of their work (although their work is excellent too).

I've gotten to know Catherine quite well and she is special to me. She is a good friend and a great person.
It bothers me when anyone is rude to her because she tries so hard to please everyone (and I have no use for any man who doesn't respect woman, but even more so for a woman like Catherine).

There I go again.....long winded:)

Thanks again swplf2.

my little questions based on your comment about photographer:

1. Will you love me better if you'll know that "Rylsky" is a woman?
2. Will you be in same love if you will know that "Catherine" is a man?
3. How did you know that we are so good people outside comments sections? Hittler was great speaker.

Toche, except for a couple of points. Most to do with you and a couple from me. My main profession is being an attorney, normally that would have no bearing but I was a deputy prosecutor for several years. I dealt with expert deceivers, it was my job to see through deception, find truth, and to in a sense "judge" people. Not just criminals but also my police officers. I also spent years working with a psychologist dealing with deceptive people. Is it possible for you to deceive me, because as you say I only know you by what you "share" here, of course you could. But I doubt it. What would your "motive" be. Ultimately I only care about your art! I have no right to judge anything else. It is my problem that I "like" to know more about the person behind the art. But that really has nothing to do with my opinion about your product. However to answer your questions. Your, Catherine's, or fillin blank Artist's, gender, or for that matter sexual oriantation, is immaterial to the product. If I was profiling you based on my limited knowledge I would say, male, straight, probably approaching if not already middle aged, egotistical, driven, educated, caring, and always professional. Why. In your part of the world being gay may have precluded your ability to win your awards and work like have, the awards you disclosed indicate you are not a youngster, your ability to have created a profitable web site indicates education outside of photograph, the driven, egotistical, and professional are obvious, the caring part because you could not "keep" the young ladies if you were an asshole. Again you would be able to lie here but doing it consistently would be difficult. You are far to consistent in what you post. I would do the same about Catherine but I am pretty sure she is a she. If you were just messing with me, accept my apology for taking it seriously and wasting your time with this, another long winded post.

Thanks for your response swplf2....nice observation:)

Rylsky's O.K., he's just messing with us:) He has a very good sense of humor.

it was 3 Q's to Browning
thanks for interesting answer.

no messing, nothing offensive to both you and Browning.
thank you for detailed described psycho-type of "Rylsky"-The-Commenter" constructed in your mind.
It was very interesting, and it was written clearly experienced person. However, we still do not know who is writing and whether (s)he has take a part in any photosessions.

Maybe Rylsky have 10 different nicknames here as photographer or commenter or both?
Maybe "Rylsky" (or somebody) in comments is assistant or makeup artist of Rylsky? You worked in real world. Your experience for real world is great!
Here we have "pfffff...." air and fairytale that could be blown with a wind.
Another good reason to laugh after top ratings

Great points, Rylsky.
My single comment on why it MIGHT matter to SOME members whether the photog is male or female is simply that we are human, and as such, illogical and sentimental.
Perhaps (some of) us would like to think that a woman could make it big in erotic photography because she shares some of our tastes... ( :
But will we ever know for sure?
Probably not, and that's fine with me. I am an agnostic, so I'm quite comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty.

Yep, nevermind who is woman and who is not.

It was my first step when I asked why we think we must be more or less gentlemen in discussions here. I just have asked if I start my way here with "woman" name and "woman's" way of "sweet-n-smile thankyous" comments - does it really make commenters think differently?

From psychology's point of view it's always very interesting situation and many articles are online about it when we are choosing to be transsexual online-offline. NOTHING PERSONAL and BIG THANKS to Browning for words that starts very interesting "thread".


I want to thank Rylysky, swplf2, and fer_realz for an interesting (and unusual) "thread":)

I also agree 100%...it is so much better when no "F-bombs" are dropped, and no crude and/or rude comments are directed at anyone.

Discussions like this one are what makes this forum an entertaining place to communicate with people all around the world.
No one was offended and we all enjoyed the exchange:))

Thank you too.
I just wish members use copy&paste when they try to write my name.

With all you said above I agree. But I doubt any "ghost writer" would have the balls to say what you post regularly and I obviously think your post say a lot about you the person, and the style is absolutely consistent makeing it very difficult to fake as a ghost.
This was fun, Thanks.

Rylsky, that is a very good question (believe me I have thought about this).

I understand that people on the internet could be anybody (man or woman).
I also understand why you refuse to give out any information about your models (You have no idea who the person asking for this is. The person asking for information could be a crazy stalker).

I cannot divulge how (or why) I believe Catherine is who she claims to be for privacy reasons. Just like you, I respect the privacy of people.

I guess there are subtle hints as to who a person is. A person can only hide a secret for so long before they are exposed as a fraud.

I'll put it this way, You speak (more correctly write) as a man would. The words you choose, your style, your personality, is like that of a man.

Could I be wrong?....Yes, it is quite possible that I am wrong.
But in the end, what difference would it make???

I will never meet you or your models in person. I will never meet Catherine in person either.
I still admire you for the respect show towards your models and to people in general.
I respect Catherine for the kindness she has shown me.

And, there I go with another long winded response.

Everybody could be wrong, we know it if we are not kids or fools.

"Could I be wrong?....Yes, it is quite possible that I am wrong.
But in the end, what difference would it make???"

My Q was because of this (all quotes are yours):

"I have no use for any man who doesn't respect woman, but even more so for a woman like Catherine"

"What difference"!

Thank you again for privacy care. But it really doesn't matter gender photographer is. And all that came in mind is ritual of Pope coronation - when Pope pretender must show...
you know what I mean

Ha ha! A "drag" pope would be quite amusing, no?
Perhaps when they had 2 popes back during the schism, one was really a woman? ( ;
Which only begs the question... had they mated, would their "child" have been a pope?

ROFL, sir

Rylsky, last week you called me the "detective", this week it is you:)

When I wrote "I have no use for any man who doesn't respect woman, but even more so for a woman like Catherine"....I knew you would question this:)

The difference is this, in my communication with Catherine she has been very kind to me (respecting her privacy I will not go any farther than this). I consider Catherine a friend.

BTW, this set of Sandra Lauver is very good. She is quite beautiful.

At least I promise, I am not detective hunting for you or somebody else here.
I just like to show to people what can be when you see it from the other side, sometimes from extremely different side. And of course I enjoy to talk to wise people with interesting ideas and thoughts instead of "f-words" battle or "thankyous" or "verynices", it means nothing when you want to grow or just to think.

answer is easy: no rules.

Then give me an answer!

"how do you decide with any one model where you are going to use a particular set"
- no rules
"Do you decide before hand or after a set is shot."
- no rules
"My guess is you don't really care, do the girls? "
- if girl will ask to use sets for RA and not for MA - I will agree. for MA and not for RA - I will agree as well. But now we have 2-3 girls asked for be presented on 1 specific site only. And it was RA.

please don't scream on me anymore

I sorry. These were the full answers I wanted. It confirms your interaction with "your" girls and your respect for them. Which is what I had guessed. The more I learn about you, the more I respect you for more than just your excellent work.

Ok, but don't trust any words or promises if you see nothing as provement.

Very good lighting and very erotic poses. Beautiful model.

Wow ..So pretty and so Open I want more.

Sandra will show to you much more on RylskyArt. Check her sets there:
even preview page is enough to understand it, right?

Wow what a stunner! Just one small point - such a pity there are no close ups of that fanastic open pussy. Mouth watering model and Rylsky scores another hit. Thank you Sandra for showing us your fantastic assets.

??? not enough???

Sandra is a beautiful, toned, and fit woman. I love her areolae and nipples. I also appreciate the hands on hips poses that accentuate her small waist, and those from behind that showcase her glorious puffy outer labia! Thanks to Sandra for posing and Rylsky for capturing and presenting this special visit.

Her very special visits are on RylskyArt.com

Beautiful!!! Sing me up for the next 'chair aerobics' class hehehehehe

'sign me up'

Count me in, especially if Sandra is leading the class and dressed as she is here!

Welcome back Sandra!
Your eyes and your lips are never forgotten.
Rylsky offers you with your dream body right away naked in a set 'low key' as it has to be for a jewel.
And you play shy and bold.
Forgive me if I repeat myself:
Sandra 10 + Rylsy 10+

120 amazingly perfect photos of the incredibly gorgeous, supremely sensual and delightfully sexy Sandra Lauver. Excellent! Sandra is about 119 lbs of the world's finest quality, pure female sex appeal. Stunning, heart stopping, breath-taking, beautiful sex appeal. Just plain excellent!

A very elegant set. Beautiful eyes, provocative poses, gorgeous body, beautiful camerawork. Bravo.

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