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I searched high heels and found one f**ing gallery with this babe attired accordingly, and then she takes her shoes off after the first f**king page. More high heeled babes please!

73 comments. Why do the negative people bother to subscribe? There must be a perfect site for them somewhere. As a member for many years I have enjoyed the fantastic and skipped quickly through the mediocre. Please be kind to the models and save the criticism for the photographer. I sure miss Rylskys responses.

Let me know when you want a real ring, outstanding.

Ooh, I have a new favourite :-)

Could I have the address of the shoemaker?

The shoemaker??? Can I please have Sandra's address?

pure porn.

And sometimes that is not a bad thing.

Hard to add anything to what's already been said. I expected complaints that she is too thin, but was wrong. In my book, I could not imagine a more perfect body. And Rylsky has shown what a master he is. The only change I could ask for is when she pulls her cheeks apart on 106 and 107, her luscious lips still stay frustratingly closed. Maybe just as well, had they parted to reveal the beauty inside, I may have had heart failure. ;-)

Sadly I will make that comment for you. She is to skinny for my tastes and the shoes really accentuate it. She would have been better served to have left the shoes at home. I must say though that I think these platform shoes are one of the most terrible trends to hit the market in a long time. IMHO they do not look good on any woman.

No offense Sandra, You are quite lovely I just prefer a more robust legs.

Grab your nitroglycerin tablets and check Sandra out on RylskyArt. She is abundantly generous there. If you have a heart condition, make sure your affairs are in order before you click on her set TORNA.

Just joking about the heart thing, but thank you for the tip. *sigh*, looks like I get to spend more money on my infatuation with naked women!

Rest assured RA is very much worth your $$ and the member participation there is actually a part of the site. Rylsky works with the members and has made lots of positive changes that reflect the members wishes.

And educated us along the way....

Absolutely, positively, hands down, 110 percent, incredible poses by the photographer. In particular, shots 108 through 113. Taps into the primal, carnal fantasy of real 'grab her by the ass', and go to town mouth to flower/lips to pearl, debauchery. Nothing like going down, while really going up, and looking up to see those gorgeous, wanton eyes looking back at you, with a satisfied smile. I could definitely break furniture with this model.

What a pussy!!!! Damn!!


WOW -- !

Long legs, heels, and a dress !!

What a way to start a Monday !

Got my "10" for the day --

Wow! That is one gorgeous building once Sandra finishes decorating it and hanging a few smiles on it.

Powerful, stunning, dynamic photographs in superb setting with Sandra at her peak. Rylsky has given a command performance of his craftmanship. Thanks to both for this beautiful set of pictures.

Could not agree with you more justagigolo even as a female i'm totaly at awe with this stunning tall Hungarian beauty he truelly captured her beauty very well with this series with some striking powerful sexy sensual poses :)

Sandra Lauver,
killer eyes and lips painted by a painter lover.
Wonderful legs without end.
Completely uninhibited shares all her glories of young woman.
Who to applaud?
The model or the photographer.

Both. Encore!

Yes, both.

I would do anything to have those legs wrapped around me...

So would I! Fly around the world, empty my bank account, whatever it takes!

Erotic and sexually intense photographs. Bravo!!

gorgeous girl. beautiful face, tall body, long legs, delicious boobs, and gorgeous hot ass.

Today is to be the birthday of great composer. I enjoy his works & this superb set tonight.

Ludwig van Beethoven and Rylsky, two great artists. Our's is a truly beautiful world.

Dear Mr. Nail, every mediocre artist has his or her own admirer. So, obviously you are Mr. Rylsky's worshipper. That's ok, my dear friend. Anyways, plesse be tolerant to others who don't share your admiration.

Mr Alex, Ludwig van Beethoven is not mediocre. Today is his 313th birthday.

I am very glad to find man of the same interest.

Noise of black line can be seen on 20th frame. MetArt,can you remove that?

hey rlysky...maybe you could show alex iskan how to take photos of a beautiful girl...your photos for today are a far better quality than mr iskan's even though your rig shows less than half pixel power...I know that megapixels are not everything but I could shoot higher quality with my DIY lighting and my d5100

Beautiful long legs, delicious pussy, sexy toes.

Gorgeous, totally revealing poses, lovely stretches and contortions! A wonderful job, sweetheart!

This beautiful Sandra Lauver is supremely erotic, sensual and seductive. Such a remarkably gorgeous young woman. So very comfortable with her exquisite youthful sexuality. She is possessed of a perfectly beautiful tall and slender body and a wonderful face which radiates her amazing feminine charm. Such an amazing young woman.

Actually, I do not perfer such thoroughly generous displays of female anatomy. I certainly will not download this set. But I will say that Sandra is particularly willing to do this kind modeling. She is undeniably beautiful and sensual and she certainly pleases many MetArt members. I see no need to be rude or insulting to the model or the photographer. Indeed I believe it is best to be as positive as possible.

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