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73 comments. Why do the negative people bother to subscribe? There must be a perfect site for them somewhere. As a member for many years I have enjoyed the fantastic and skipped quickly through the mediocre. Please be kind to the models and save the criticism for the photographer. I sure miss Rylskys responses.

Let me know when you want a real ring, outstanding.

Ooh, I have a new favourite :-)

Could I have the address of the shoemaker?

The shoemaker??? Can I please have Sandra's address?

pure porn.

And sometimes that is not a bad thing.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Agreed. But I was hoping for more (or should I say less :-) here.

Usually I like the sets a bit less... agressive. Agressively shoving the pussy in my face that is. Usually I am a fan of costumes, cuteness and all that stuff.

But today was so fucked up in every regard (made one stupid mistake after another at work. Almost killed somebody AND myself driving, only crap in the mail box AND bad family news) - I needed some good old 'here look at my pussy. LOOK!' porn.

And Rylsky delivered. So I won't complain. This will never be one of my favorite sets, but it is good enough for tonight.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

At least you're calling it what it is.
In my eyes :-)

Obviously I have other axes to grind here. This one just set me off :-)

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

"Its all about my gross pussy."
Sandra and Rylsky, you ought to be ashamed.
59 -- eeeks!
65 -- not recommended for this model.
68 -- the face of a hooker.
70 -- run!
75 -- some should keep their mouth closed :-)
95 -- nice plucked chicken!
106 -- ick! But at least she's apparently getting married! :-)

I committed the ultimate sin and flipped through this set in low rez. Let me know if I missed anything! :-)

Doug, why don't you do yourself a favor and stop looking at the girls on this site? It's clear that the vast majority of women on MetArt are just not your cup of tea. You like hairy down there and almost all the girls here are shaved. No matter what multiple meanings you meant when you said "gross pussy", you were offensive and inappropriate, not only to Sandra, but to the vast majority of viewers who voted- how often do you see 9.04? That means a LOT of people voted 9 or 10 on this set.

You are in the wrong place, spend your time elsewhere. And keep your negativity to yourself, please.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

The ratings mean nothing to me, Red, except to not put much stock in them.
That's right. I am intentionally offensive here. Just to offer another side I just had to tell.
Don't take it personally.
And I certainly plan on spending my time elsewhere :-)
Inappropriate? Blasphemous? I guess so, in a church of mindless praise.

mindless praise... I think that fits well.

Some have verbal orgasms no matter what girl and what settings. No matter how boring, always the same crap is delivered. No matter how bad the nails, unkempt and badly shaven the girl is (please, either do it right or not at all. Please). Some athletes food? No problem for these guys.

Other praise every set, as long as there are at least 20 pussy closeups.

That is not what I want or need (usually).

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

It sure does seem that way to me.
I'm struck by how undiscriminating so many commentators seem to be. They say the same thing about every girl, even as I see huge differences.
And the superlatives fly! If everything is great, nothing is, right?
Anyhow, let's just air it out! :-)

You are spitting into the wind my friend. You are NOT going to have any influence being obnoxious and/or offensive. What you call "mindless praise" happens to be the sincere opinion of the vast majority of viewers. It has been said before, but is worth repeating- if you have constructive suggestions to make the shoots better, then do so in a conscientious way. My point is that if you are so turned off that you have to be nasty, then you are simply in the wrong place. This is not rocket science, grow up and be a decent man.

WELL SAID, I concur 100%

We come here for beauty not vitriol, We don't need trolls especially when you start making negative comments about the models. These are real women with real feelings and they don't deserve to be treated like gutter trash. One snide comment can do more damage than a hundred compliments and it last a hundred times longer.

hipshot, finally today you jumped in, I wasn't up for getting the continued arguments he uses to try and justify his boorish behavior.

Doug, It is not because we are not discriminating. On the contrary most of us are discriminating but we have more or less agreed that it is best to simply defer when we don't like a model. We all have or preferences and there is no doubt that what one likes another won't. I only comment on models that I like so naturally it might appear that I always say nice things about every girl I comment on. You will find on some nights I don't comment at all. That in it's self is a comment. Like you there are certain things I want to see in these sets but that is the responsibility of the photographer and I do criticize them but I try to keep the comments specific so that they know why I am commenting. It is obvious that you take pleasure in being harsh and disruptive. On most forums you would have been booted long ago. I think that the staff here is way to forgiving.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

I tell my version of the truth, hipshot, when I can.
I'm sorry if it's too much for you; you ought to consider why.
I can't believe it's all about the girls, since you yourself have said some potentially hurtful things about them.
But that's the way it goes in an open forum that each of us are paying to participate in.

It is not what you say as much as how you say it. At one time I was guilty of making comments that could have been hurtful until I became friends with Rylsky and became aware of the error of my ways. I am now acquainted with several models and a few photographers and realize what careless words can do. This is why I actively try to help keep things civil and why I commented on what you said and the careless way you said it. As Browning said I am sure that everyone who reads the comments is very much aware of your lust for hair. That is why I think it is unnecessary for you to hit on it in every single post you make. As the others said today. It will change nothing so why bother?

We could debate this till the cows come home and nothing will change. It's like politic and religion. We choose to believe what we want and no amount of argument will change our minds.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Got news for ya -- my words weren't careless, they were quite deliberate.
And how would you know what comments will change what?
I don't believe I mention hair in every post, but if you think I do, be sure to avoid them. You're free to :-)

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Uh-oh, here come da cop!

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Apply that to yourself as well, Red :-)

I'm not really sure where to insert my comment in this discussion.

Doug, I'm not sure what set you off today but something got under your skin.

There are a few who praise each and every girl and set, but if that's what they want to do (or how they actually feel), who I am to say they shouldn't?

I would imagine most of "us" don't sweat the details of a photo shoot the way you (and a couple others) probably do.
I don't care about pubic hair (whether the model has it or not). I don't look at finger nails, toes, dirty feet, how well pubic hair is (or isn't) trimmed, background/setting, etc.....and I venture to guess most others don't either.

Another possibility is that you only see praise from the vast majority of "commenters" because some (like myself) try to stay positive and don't post at all if they dislike a certain set, photographer, and/or model.
Sometimes it's what you don't say that shows how you feel.

The vast majority of the regular crowd gets along very well. They realize that many of the models read these comments and try to take this into account when they start a topic or post a response.
I believe this is why many regulars (including myself) don't like it much when a model is personally attacked.
Most of these girls are in their early to mid twenties, they're very young, and it just doesn't seem right to be critical of any young woman's appearance.

On the topic of pubic hair....I'm afraid you're never going to be happy with the majority of the models on Met Art.
I don't know why the trend is to be clean shaven, it really doesn't matter anyway because it will continue until there's a cultural change.
I believe it's just a cycle and it will eventually return to the days when woman let their pubic hair grow.

I am not trying to be rude with anything I wrote....I try to be a realist.
I very much doubt there's anything you can say that's going to change the fact that 90% of the women on Met Art have a clean shaven (or very limited hair) mons pubis and vulva.

I hope you understand my point and don't take this as an attack on you.

Browning, Thank You, I think you properly stated exactly what I have been espousing as the proper philosophy for a constructive comment section. I personally expected the repeated attempt to bait us and blame us for being upset. I just wasn't in the mood, today. But you were and did, brilliantly. If we want a minimum of moderation, which I believe most do, a certain level of restraint is necessary. Our missing Ry opened my eyes to the effect we could have on our models. Quite ironically today over on Sex on a day old posting the model I had suggested should be the model of the year for Sex, Lorena B fired back at such comments as we are talking about by posting under her name alone a very long rebuttal/explanation of what the artist, editors, etc and models face. She raised n issue I had not thought about. That what we do here and even moreso on Sex is relatively new. We, Met, in general are attracting new "blood" not worn out porn people. They to are learning as we go. I doubt there are any classes which teach erotic movie making, yet. Thus they do need our feedback. But not abuse. To the hyper critics, If you don't appreciate it, don't watch. Once again thank you Browning. You get it...

Hopefully no one else will respond between this post and swplf2's and Doug's posts because I want to thank the two of you.

Thank you swplf2
Thank you Doug

swplf2, I'm sure you are aware that I have a lot of respect for you. You have always been a gentleman.

I don't want to get into listing names of all the "regulars" who help make this forum a civil and enjoyable place to "hang out" for fear that I'll miss naming a person or two....I think we all know who one another is anyway.

Doug, I was a little surprised by your anger today. You are usually very nice when stating your opinion. I'll just write it off as you had a bad day.....and we're all entitled to this on occasion.
I doubt anyone who frequents this forum isn't fully aware of your preference for pubic hair.
You definitely notice details that I wouldn't see in a million years....not that noticing details is wrong, because it surely is not.
I prefer some pubic hair myself. I prefer a trimmed look that would normally be hidden under panties or a bikini.
The difference I guess is that the most important thing to me is whether I think the model is beautiful TO ME (I'm not overly concerned what others think about my preferences)....and in doing so, the amount (or lack) of pubic hair is not a deciding factor.
Whatever the model chooses is completely fine with me.

There are many sites that advertise as "hirsute" or "hairy" websites, the problem I've noticed (very limited sample) is that these sites do not have anywhere near the quality of models and/or photographers that Met Art and it's network of sites does.

Thank you for understanding my point Doug, and I am glad I did not offend you.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

You're right, I was pretty angry this morning. It had to do with yesterday, what was said in related forums -- the story goes back much further, and could be pretty well read in comments of mine.
You're absolutely right -- if a girl has beauty, all is forgiven!
And maybe even Sandra does -- I just don't see it, though actually there are some near-redeeming shots in this set that I skipped by to make my points.
IOW, Rylsky hasn't lost his art. But he's going for something with Sandra that I don't like. It stands in stark contrast with what I do.

Thanks Doug.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Thanks for the diplomacy, Browning :-)

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

No problem Browning, you put it very nicely.
I'm guilty of using Sandra L as a sacrificial lamb for a seeming type of woman I see too much of on this and related sites. She's a queenly, even aggressive example of this type, and very popular -- a big easy target for me to hit.
I'm not here to be nice, or popular. I joined in large part because I had something to say, and I've been saying it.

You may note that I do like shaven girls here, even though I would prefer them to be unshaven, and let them (or whoever) know that.

You obviously missed it all. It could be argued that Sandra's womanhood is not the best we've seen on MA, but "...gross..."? C'mon man! Might not be your preference but it looks great to me (and prob many others)

Sandra, ignore the neg comments. You are gorgeous and thank you for being so generous sharing your beauty with us. I'll take the liberty and say that the vast majority of us appreciate you greatly.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Look up "gross" and you'll see how it could fit.
Though I must admit I intend more than one meaning.
Think if she didn't shave it I'd find it more palatable.
Fat chance of that happening!

There are many models on met who in my opinion have gross pussies that should not be shown up close but this is not even close! I fact spreading it makes it even more lushes looking.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

There's no arguing taste!
At least in this sort of thing.

Back to hair for a moment. It adds so much variety and difference to a pussy. It dresses a vulva up.

Anyway, I'm not gonna change any minds here. I'm not trying to. I'm just expressing things I have to express. And I have the means to, thanks to Comments.

But the feature can be dangerous :-)

I bet both Sandra and Rylsky are tuff enuf to take it. Look, you can't please everybody all the time. Tomorrow's another day -- opinions will be expressed. They're just opinions. What someone makes of them is what's really important.

To be perfectly honest with you Doug, I don't understand any of your criticisms???

BTW, if she is Orthodox Christian, they usually wear an engagement ring on the right "ring" finger. There's a very good chance she's not wearing an engagement ring.

I apologize, I could very well be wrong about her ring. Sandra is from Hungary so the ring could be an engagement ring. If so Sandra, I hope the man you are engaged to treats you like a queen.

IMO, there's not a square inch of Sandra that any changing. She's beautiful just as she is.

BROWNING Never apologies! YOU always come back with a correction if you realize you weren't dead on.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

That's cool, Browning!

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

What don't you understand?
Oh, and I'm sorry to hear she's probably not yet getting married!

Let me explain. This model has grossed me out for awhile, and I finally had enough and flipped my lid.
Just to counter some of the endless gushing praise.

Sorry, but some things just have to be done.

Now, go back to enjoying her. To each his or her own.

Hard to add anything to what's already been said. I expected complaints that she is too thin, but was wrong. In my book, I could not imagine a more perfect body. And Rylsky has shown what a master he is. The only change I could ask for is when she pulls her cheeks apart on 106 and 107, her luscious lips still stay frustratingly closed. Maybe just as well, had they parted to reveal the beauty inside, I may have had heart failure. ;-)

Sadly I will make that comment for you. She is to skinny for my tastes and the shoes really accentuate it. She would have been better served to have left the shoes at home. I must say though that I think these platform shoes are one of the most terrible trends to hit the market in a long time. IMHO they do not look good on any woman.

No offense Sandra, You are quite lovely I just prefer a more robust legs.

  • Neil
  • 9 months ago:

Grab your nitroglycerin tablets and check Sandra out on RylskyArt. She is abundantly generous there. If you have a heart condition, make sure your affairs are in order before you click on her set TORNA.

Just joking about the heart thing, but thank you for the tip. *sigh*, looks like I get to spend more money on my infatuation with naked women!

Rest assured RA is very much worth your $$ and the member participation there is actually a part of the site. Rylsky works with the members and has made lots of positive changes that reflect the members wishes.

And educated us along the way....

Absolutely, positively, hands down, 110 percent, incredible poses by the photographer. In particular, shots 108 through 113. Taps into the primal, carnal fantasy of real 'grab her by the ass', and go to town mouth to flower/lips to pearl, debauchery. Nothing like going down, while really going up, and looking up to see those gorgeous, wanton eyes looking back at you, with a satisfied smile. I could definitely break furniture with this model.

What a pussy!!!! Damn!!


WOW -- !

Long legs, heels, and a dress !!

What a way to start a Monday !

Got my "10" for the day --

Wow! That is one gorgeous building once Sandra finishes decorating it and hanging a few smiles on it.

Powerful, stunning, dynamic photographs in superb setting with Sandra at her peak. Rylsky has given a command performance of his craftmanship. Thanks to both for this beautiful set of pictures.

Could not agree with you more justagigolo even as a female i'm totaly at awe with this stunning tall Hungarian beauty he truelly captured her beauty very well with this series with some striking powerful sexy sensual poses :)

Sandra Lauver,
killer eyes and lips painted by a painter lover.
Wonderful legs without end.
Completely uninhibited shares all her glories of young woman.
Who to applaud?
The model or the photographer.

Both. Encore!

Yes, both.

I would do anything to have those legs wrapped around me...

So would I! Fly around the world, empty my bank account, whatever it takes!

Erotic and sexually intense photographs. Bravo!!

gorgeous girl. beautiful face, tall body, long legs, delicious boobs, and gorgeous hot ass.

Today is to be the birthday of great composer. I enjoy his works & this superb set tonight.

  • Neil
  • 9 months ago:

Ludwig van Beethoven and Rylsky, two great artists. Our's is a truly beautiful world.

  • Alex
  • 9 months ago:

Dear Mr. Nail, every mediocre artist has his or her own admirer. So, obviously you are Mr. Rylsky's worshipper. That's ok, my dear friend. Anyways, plesse be tolerant to others who don't share your admiration.

  • Neil
  • 9 months ago:

Mr Alex, Ludwig van Beethoven is not mediocre. Today is his 313th birthday.

I am very glad to find man of the same interest.

Noise of black line can be seen on 20th frame. MetArt,can you remove that?

hey rlysky...maybe you could show alex iskan how to take photos of a beautiful girl...your photos for today are a far better quality than mr iskan's even though your rig shows less than half pixel power...I know that megapixels are not everything but I could shoot higher quality with my DIY lighting and my d5100

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Iskan's biggest sin is his painting over of shaved skin, in my book. He's not the only MetArt "artist" who can't resist shaving a shaved girl with Photoshop, but he is a dependable example. I sure wouldn't trust my face or body to these butchers!

You're right about the megapixel myth. A lot of these guys use 20, even 30+ meg cams and unintentionally get shots softer than I get with my 7oz S100. It's because they don't know how to use their rigs. And also because MetArt never complains.

Some of the best IQ on this site is shot with full-frame 12 megapixel cams. By photogs who understand this stuff.

it is about jitter and vibration. If you go beyond 20mp on a full frame sensor the moving of the mirror is enough to blurr the pic.

I would like to know what gear the artists are using? Full frame? APS-C? Give us some exif data! Pleeaaaaaasseeee..

A medium format can handle 40mp just fine... it just bankrupts you trying to buy one...

That said - I own a compact samsung click&shoot 12mp and a pentax k-30. And the k30 is able to provide details... even with the 'I can't get a sharp pic with this crap' kit objective...

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

It's also about poor focus, limited depth of field, and lenses that aren't up to the job.
Alex Sironi uses I believe a Nikon D3 or D700 for his shots of Kristel. 12MP. It seems to me with prime lenses. Whatever else you may say about them, the image quality is generally fine, excellent for this site.
No Exif data of course. Gotta do detective work to tell...

even with a beginners DSLR and good lenses you can take fine shots.
but even with a highend DSLR and cheapo lenses all the stuff you get is a blurfest.

Bokeh is a good thing. As long as there is something actually in focus.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Could be. It's kinda like a good guitar player doesn't need a great guitar to sound good.
Or the pool player who blames the cue :-)
All else being equal it would be nice to use the best equipment. But when is all else equal :-?
Indeed, what is the "best" equipment? Everything's a trade-off.
I would just ask that someone use theirs competently, if not mindfully.
It ain't easy to deliberately get good pictures. I sense a lot of rush in the sets here of late.
Could be good news for a skilled photog lookin' for work :-)

Beautiful long legs, delicious pussy, sexy toes.

Gorgeous, totally revealing poses, lovely stretches and contortions! A wonderful job, sweetheart!

  • Neil
  • 9 months ago:

This beautiful Sandra Lauver is supremely erotic, sensual and seductive. Such a remarkably gorgeous young woman. So very comfortable with her exquisite youthful sexuality. She is possessed of a perfectly beautiful tall and slender body and a wonderful face which radiates her amazing feminine charm. Such an amazing young woman.

  • Neil
  • 9 months ago:

Actually, I do not perfer such thoroughly generous displays of female anatomy. I certainly will not download this set. But I will say that Sandra is particularly willing to do this kind modeling. She is undeniably beautiful and sensual and she certainly pleases many MetArt members. I see no need to be rude or insulting to the model or the photographer. Indeed I believe it is best to be as positive as possible.

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