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Met-Art presents well photographed, amazingly hot girls, naked ... consistently ... cheaply ... and yet ALL the complaints. Some folks are over-thinking this whole thing WAY too much.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

Some people have different ways of getting their money's worth... :-)

This is what I love about MetArt..very elegant and gorgeous females:)..totally sucks I have to cancel membership due to funds and trying to save cash..but MetArt had long run for me..membership for six years:)

Well for me she's lovely wherever you put her and at whatever temperature; except on sand of course; sand is the devil's work!

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

I bet a nice sandy tropical beach under a warm sun would have suited model and photog fine as they went about their work on this particular day... :-)

Nice Sandra, naked and open to the gazes, uninhibited
Beautiful photos.

Borderline Anorexia if you ask me.. Not attractive
What's with the park bench and an ugly fur blanket.. that's art? I think not.

Her weight is just fine, you must be American used to über-fat. Most of the MetArt girls are pretty slim, you'd no doubt be happier on a site dedicated to tubby girls.

  • Neil
  • 7 months ago:


Thanks for your opinion Red but I can figure out for myself what makes me happy.. and yes.. this girl is anorexic. You must be a snotty European with a better than thou attitude.

Was curious and actually looked up this girl's Body Mass Index..
She is grossly underweight.. Anorexia is a definite possibility
Using a quick BMI calculator she has BMI of 17.1
11 pounds under a healthy body weight!
Feed that girl some food!

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

She's a tuff-lookin' chick, but the goosebumps make me feel sorry for her.
IOW, she's human :-)
Also like the background colors, even though they mean chilly weather.
13 -- honey, it would be great if you would, could soften that expression. You look like you're ready for a fight. You're worse than me! :-)
Maybe the tough stance is why you're here in the cold going through with this shoot.
Still, I'm looking for a moment of ease.
BTW, with fur at least your nether region would be warmer :-)
37-39 -- a little softer and more feminine doesn't hurt!
The thing is, you look defensive, as if you're ready to be attacked for doing this. That may be so, but my favorite models seem to really enjoy the process -- at some point they are anything but defensive. Just the opposite.
A relentless wary, challenging gaze ---- please drop it sometimes!
After all, it's not all about your pussy :-)
Shoots should not be a toughness test.
Next time, bring a heater! :-)
82 -- not sexy, ridiculous.
90 -- you have my sympathy! :-)
101 -- you can be cute! :-)
109 -- interesting study, runny nose and all.
Sandra and Rylsky, a shoot should not be this hard.
119 -- excellent portrait.
120 -- also good.

her feet look horrible... the blue hue.. like they might die off any second....

something was not right that day.

  • Neil
  • 7 months ago:

Rylsky told us on RylskyArt that it was a cold and rainy Autumn day when the video and set was done. Sandra soldiered on and did her job. She is a trooper.

maybe they shouldn't have done an outdoor set - as much as I love them - then.

Sometimes a set really arouses me and this was one of those. I find Sandra to be stunning and very sexy. Nice work.

My comment vanished into thin air again. I'm ready to quit trying.

Was that comment a reply to another, or the first in a new string?

I just don't get this gimmick of leaving clothing - t-shirts, bras, dresses, etc, - scrunched up around a model's waist. It's everywhere and it's annoying, distracting, and defeats the whole point of 'nudity' to me.

I agree, wheelerr. What bothers me more, is when the model has a top on, and then pulls it up over her breasts, and then keeps it there for the rest of the set/vid. Drives me nutz!
How many women, in real life, during sex, would just pull up their top over their breasts and leave it there the rest of the time?
I mean, really!!

for me it keeps the pics from being boring meat inspections.

it is the usual trend for Rylsky. i usually grade him 1/10

Hey, can't you see she's cold? ;)

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

No kidding! Give the girl a break. I'm sure she would rather have tossed her wraps. But then they should have tossed this shoot for a better time.

Those full lips, both top and bottom are something to behold. Wish I could caress them with MY lips!

Sandra is amazingly beautiful and erotic. Rylsky, your lighting is top-notch, and you captured her wonderfully. Bravo!

Incredible... one of the most attractiv models I've ever seen!!

plus the the worst photographer i've ever seen

  • Neil
  • 7 months ago:

If you think Rylsky is that bad, your opinion of any photographer is doubtful. Most of the MetArt photographers respect each other.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

You haven't seen many then.
That said, this shoot was obviously too hard for the photographer as well.

  • Neil
  • 7 months ago:

We just saw the corresponding video to this set on RA, last week. Sandra Lauver is always excellent. Always so very beautiful and so very erotic. Delightfully delicious.

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