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Nibbles are erect, surrounding flesh is in effect. Woman is in high esteem.

Such a classic beauty!

Sandra is very cute, she has a lovely smile.

This is GREAT!. Although I do wish she had crossed her eyes and blackened a couple of teeth when she stuck out her tongue. Maybe her mom told her she could get stuck like that. Mine did. If we had a few more models that would play and make fun of themselves, the site would be even better,I think. Many models get too serious,when we need more shoots like Luca Helios's " Xempra "with Ariel N (Ariel Piper Fawn) At one point she is too busy sticking her left big toe in the video camera lens to pose.I have to give10++++ all around,with an extra + to Sandra,she really brightened up my day.

The rocks, the beads. Useful for throwing. Right out of this scene.
Shape, color, texture. Contrast well added.
Still a bit harsh -for this room (and those knees)

Please try again with more simple ambition, just pillows, pebbles, and knee prohibition. Give our model no bruises. Please.
Stay away from quarries and tall big piles, I wish not to see rocks going for miles.

Burning candles, chandeliers
One flame alone or with
many good peers
-but more subdued background, a little less bright.

Red paper loves Lauver, when printed with gold. I'm sold.

Head of an angel, haloed for heav'n
Framing success (for me), i.e. 34,36,57,58
With model standing, near misses
So close -106
A bit far for 40. In many like this, the beads would work better for me without white disks.

Though beads suit me poor, I like twenty-four.
107, 108, 109: hint of a theme to consider, if not too overt.

My opinion I say: Color that baseboard, or take it away.

Best images here are all very leggy. mmm.

Many speak of halls of fame, keeping my own is my little game.
Now adding: 94. (If my gaze lasts too long, that floating glass ball brings me back to the real with a chuckle.)

This post is to long, I'm blaming the artist.
So many ideas -Not enough for one opus;
But three.

It's only "too long" if it's boring.


Du rien.
( :

Sandra is beautiful and so very sensual. She definitely is one of my favorites, but I would love to see her add some weight to her tall frame. Sandra stands 5ft 10in and weighs only 119. She could easily add fifteen pounds to round out her figure.

I think she's just fine at this weight. By American standards, yes she's too thin. But as someone who's been "off the charts" my whole life (skinny genes in my family) I can tell you I'm quite happy to not carry around excess blubber. Sandra is healthy as can be, my suggestion is to concentrate on her eroticism.

"By American standards, yes she's too thin". So you've been to Mississippi.

Wear a shield when you tell her to eat a cheeseburger.

So who likes "round" figures!?? ;o)

I do. I round 8.5's to 9's.

I do.

She really is beautiful, I've always admired how Rylsky presents the girls he shoots, they always seem so comfortable and relaxed, not only displaying their full feminine beauty, but openly and confidently thrust toward the camera and thus the vicarious viewer, very enjoyable.

Pretty sure that he liquors them up...;o)

The Divine Ms Lauver... You are a vision of Loveliness!
I always look forward to your return to this site.
You grace these pages with striking beauty and luscious style.
Thank you and please return soon!


All I have to see is Rylsky's name as the photographer and I know it will be a good set with a gorgeous woman.

Long legs, sweet ass and a pretty face.....I'm in lust again.

Great girl, great set, ruined by the color. Just show paintings, about the same.

Nemo and noman, my screen must be broken.

Great girl, great set, ruined by the color. Just show paintings, about the same.

Again, still the same.

Great girl, great set, ruined by the color. Just show paintings, about the same.

four hours later, still broken

Sandra, Those dark brown eyes are so intense and challenging. Her breasts are fine and her butt is awesome but I would really like to see a bit more meat on those lovely bones. Shot # 17 and 118 would make great screensavers if cropped for just a wide screen head shot. Lots of good shots of both front and rear as well as closeups of that exquisite feminine flower. Sandra never disappoints. Shots 8 through 11 are fantastic! Interesting set though I am not sure what the message was.

She would look obviously better with some pubic hairs around her pussy!


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Scroll, scroll, scroll.

You are obviously mistaken...;o)

Shaved is best!

Pebbles indoor. Are you trying to recreate a beach inside maestro ??

color, texture, ambiance, art....

I see it! I see it!

(All together now)

One whole lotta gorgeous here! Nice set and great posing from the always sexy Sandra... She always leaves me hungery for more of her delicious body and beautiful smiling face! ;o) XOXO Not bad Rylsky! ;o)

Ry, Another very pleasing set of Sandra, but I do have a question. You have done great sets of her on your site and they are well edited sets of 50 - 60 photo's. Yet here you always have 120 or so. Is that a "standard" you MUST meet for posting on Met? And how do YOU feel about that? On the last shot much better tongue out but up than Miley Cyrus with the tongue down....

When buying some groceries, get you a tabloid. An island from out there, this is. We'll loiter, not litter.

"In general, we accept sets of up to 120 photos."

Yes it is standard of MetArt

"Miley Cyrus"!? That kind of "language" is not appropriate here!

Let her name be stricken from the record!!


Something we can ALL agree on !!

Your moniker,Dreadnought, does it intell "the great white fleet",? Discernment is my intell. Those battleships where in fact, Dreadnoughts. Must be a navy man. Taxi drivers for Marines. Sir, I only wish to enlist correspondance.

LOL Exactly...

There are a lot of words for Miley and none of them are in any way flattering!

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