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Herrlicher Anblick, ganz nackig steht sie da, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

  • JANN
  • 12 months ago:

perfect some great shoot's pussy/ass spread from the back/eye contact
with the camera professinal !!! more please.

On display with apprehension, exciting......

THINGS I LOVED: Lovely, lean, long legs that go on forever, delicious lighting and skin textures, delightful smile, plenty of creative quim closeups,

THINGS I'D PREFER: More ... :)

Photos taken sunrise or sunset? The hue of colore match the skin tone and possible lens filters the photographer used to inhance the extreme beauty of Sandra. My bet is sunrise, natural light is from the left, or east. Every thing to me says morning light, awakening to an aroused female becomes exciting!!!
The angle of light, shadow, tone of the woman's skin texture, all added to the most colosal conspirito, the reason to wake-up, and contribute the best I can; as to why it is time to get up....
Woman, Sandra, must have a warning tag, "Dangerous to operate, unless instructed". She is Supreme!
More again, please

Morning sun:
more rose(pink-)-ish tones in colors, someties colder color temperatures... colder air and water temperature

Sunset (evening sun):
more yellow in sun color, warmer air and water.

it was sunset. no filters.

thank you for so romantic comment. you'll see much more Sandra here and on RylskyArt (including videos only on RA)

i only wish Sandra would gain 5 more kilograms.
excellent set

Pictures outdoors taken that I can say, "beautiful."
I do not like the photos outdoors taken because, outdoors, the light is often unmanageable, because outdoors it is very difficult to set up lighting effect with more lights.

I like these photos because Rylsky chose the "quiet light" of the sunset and played the colors between the golden light of sunset and the colder background made ​​of clear placid waters.
Perfect between these calm lights the bright blue of the silky cloth.

Photographic technique and artistic sensibility!

In my opinion, are most beautiful the photos taken outdoor in this way, that the photos taken, indoor, in the hotels rococo style.

Everything is beautiful when you are in love. Simplest chair in cheapest cafe with your beloved... + photos on worst phone camera will boil your blood with fantasies and rememberings years ago - much more that newest superstar porn magazine TopModel, because cheapest cafe's photo contains smile that was for only because (and for) you.

thank you

Sandra needs to put on 5-10 lbs.

She is a tall & slender build. No ribs are showing.

I agree kilroy, I used to think what Astragalus said until I took a closer look at Sandra's face. If she were unhealthily thin, she wouldn't have a round face, her eyes would be sunken and her face would be gaunt. But her face is healthily round, so I think she has a healthy weight, it's just that she looks thin because she is so tall.

Sandra is a doll! Need more please.

Sandra Lauver is a perfect Hungarian beauty,and has perked me up no end with her smile. She is a perfect example of what I keep saying from time to time,the model's persona is a vital part of erotic modeling. The fact that the model is interested in what she's doing, and trying to do it well is what makes a great model.I have to give Sandra a 10++++ and Rylsky too.

I think the models attitude is at least as important as her looks. A beautiful woman can be a turn off if she is looking down at you while a lesser beauty can be very erotic if she is happy and engaging her audience. This is the key to many of the popular girls here. The girls that I choose all have this trait.

Sandra definitely engages me. I'm glad Rylsky brings her to us so that we can 'see' that personality.

Sandra Lauver. The tall and slender beautiful woman woman who is supremely seductive and sensual. It is always a treat to visit with her. I think Rylsky has brought us to this location many times before, with many of his best models. Very beautiful model and a lovely location. Excellent.

love the bend over poses

Judging from the goose pimples and the erect nipples. Looks to me like Sandra troopered through this set but was pretty cold. Long lean and very cute. Sandra is always a treat. Nice setting and I realize that it was shot either very early or late in the day to catch the sun low on the horizon and hence the goosebumps.

+25С & not windy

Get in the long, long line to warm her up :)

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