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Hello image 67. Isn't that a dream come true

I agree 1,000%.

No other model does the "deer in the headlights" look quite like Sandra does...lol She's so very sexy, I'd love to see some hardcore with her! This set is ok, but seems a bit tame...

I'd love to see some hardcore with her!
and you post this comment on MA?

use your imagination.

Hi Mr. Rylsky I have to totally agree

You have to totally wipe that brown smudge off your nose too! lol ;o)

Hi, Mr. 5seadog!
Then take a seat, cheers

Just because I post it here, doesn't mean I hope to see it here... My "imagination" is stuck in "re-runs" ;o)

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THIS SET: smoldering heat from someone so incredibly cute; tons of wonderful poses bathed in wonderful light; those EYES ...

THINGS I MIGHT PREFER; Even more shots of that adorable behind (as in 107, 108).

I have decided that Rylsky's models really don't care about my cardiovascular system, and neither does K. I mean today the incredibly beautiful Sandra Lauver and yesterday Haleen. The incomparable Jeff Milton has a set up as well on RA. I ask you what caring person would blow my mind not once but three times. Only Rylsky's models. Of course,being fabulous beauties like Sandra Lauver, they don't have to care. And K is dead set on making me look, for as everybody knows I have a will of steel except where temptation is involved.I had to give Saundra Louver and Rylsky both a 10++++

She is a living, breathing definition of "doe eyes."

...and Sandra completes today's Hungary, Latvia, Ukraine, Hungary Superfecta of beauty.

paint, makeup, spray tan never seen pussy and ass holes like most of Met Art pics. The most beautiful models, look fake and no need for that look.

Supremely beautiful Sandra Lauver in a very elegant location. Perfect. Sandra is so very beautiful and so very seductive. Tall and slender, with intoxicating dark eyes, Sandra is excellent.

Sandra, You are a true vision of Loveliness!
You beautiful brown eyes entice and mesmerize...
Too much of you is never enough!


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