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Sandras völlige Nacktheit, ihre Schamlosigkeit, ihre knabenhafte Schönheit und ihre schönen Beine machen mich geil, mein Spatz steht immer steif hoch, wenn ich sie ganz nackig sehe...

This girl would look so perfect with hair under her perfect arms.

Was für ein schöner Nackedei, mein Spatz steht sofort steif hoch...

Was für ein schöner Nackedei, mein Spatz steht sofort steif hoch...

Gorgeous girl.
Excellent photos.

Sandra Lauver is always so perfect and so lovely, and Rylsky does a perfect photoset. what can I say? 10++++ for Rylsky and Sandra both

Very wonderful model. Really enjoy her work. And this set very well done.

I assume this isn't the correct place to note this, but didn't know where else to post. If I'm the only one so be it, if not maybe others can like/comment. The recent changes with all the imbedded ad hot-links, active running scripts, and other html changes has caused your site to pretty much shut me down. I run Windows 7, latest Java and Adobe Scripts with 16GB RAM, but my machine just cannot handle the flood across your site in the last few days. I used to be able simultaneously download four zip files while still looking at photos and moving through the site pages. It's now one file at a time with no ability to even change the page. Please look into this if it's appropriate.
Thank You

From the neck down, Sandra and Katherine are twin sisters! And I adore them both!!

Rylsky, you and your beautiful women are on a roll today. Both here and on your site! Nikia and Sandra all in one day. I need to check if my heart is still beating.

Thank you!
And we will present new and very special series on RA tomorrow.

Beautiful set.

Rylsky, please it's time for a video of this perfect beauty. If she is really engaged now, we have to hurry up before we loose her to that lucky guy.


Gorgeous and delicious!

While Sandra has a sweet face and smile, I can't help seeing more behind those eyes than mere sweetness... she definitely looks intelligent and a bit mischievous... I bet she's a fun person to know in real life.

your bet won the jackpot.

Rylsky did a great job capturing Sandra's sultry looks at the camera. Well done and thanks!

Her body makes me hungry.

Elegant setting, Lovely model, and nice poses make for a very pleasant set. Sandy is lovely and it looks like she is now spoken for judging from the engagement ring. My congratulations to Sandy and the lucky guy. This is a very solid enjoyable set. Deserving of 10's all around.


Maybe she is engaged, but she wears that and other rings in many of her shoots. Maybe it is just ornamentation. We can hope anyway.

122 wonderful photos of a supremely beautiful and seductive woman, in an elegantly regal bedroom setting. Perfect.

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