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OMG the lovely Sandra Lauver. I can't tell if that's a house or a castle fitted up as a hotel.(I know that was done as my old acquaintances from Met Cams and Met Art, Selene A and Alex B used to stay at one on vacation and show movies when they got back. They left Moscow for the Czech Republic in 2009 to get married.)Sandra is so beautiful. I gave her a 10++++

the teaching skeleton at work looks better fed and healthier than her...

there is 'thin' and then there are piles of bone hold together with skin.

So go back to work and entertain yourself.

Was für ein schöner Nackedei, beim Anblick ihrer schönen Beine steht mein Spatz sofort steif hoch...

Was für ein schöner Nackedei, was für schöne, schlanke Beine, mein Spatz steht sofort steif hoch...

Sandra, I love you on that cold floor with goose bumps! You have such beautiful thick lips.

Sandra is better when she ratchets down her intensity and excitement, that crazy gleam, stops trying so hard and relaxes. Then she can be nearly pretty. I think as well -- no surprise here :-) -- she would be well served by some body fur, to fill out and counterpoint that skinniness. That hair, including under your arms, is not there just to get rid of. It can be intentionally used decoratively, which is one of the reasons it's there. You don't have to grow it all out, tho that would be nice -- but yanking it all makes for a reptilian/plucked-bird look.
Which I might well find interesting enough if I had you as a furry mammal as well... ☺

Again, u don't shave/wax your scalp or eyebrows -- you leave the fuzz on your forearms. Why? because the hair looks good. Same is exactly true with the heavily-haired parts you do denude -- has anyone ever stopped to ask why THEY must always be denuded?
I've come up with a few fairly lame answers :-)

Let's see these girls both ways. Being able to see them both ways is, would be, quite a rare treat :-)

"Why? because the hair looks good"..... LMFAO!! THAT'S HIGHLARIOUS!!

Life's funny, isn't it, Rock :-?

MA -- for nature-haters everywhere :-))

Fortunately they aren't in the majority even here :-)

Sandra is a very beautiful girl, and has a fantastic ass. In this set we got about 12 rear views (standing) and in every one her legs are chopped off above the knee. Aagggghh !
In the Arajin set Mr Rylski slipped up and gave us a few arse-to toe shots.

skeleton yikes

Unhealthy thin.

She probably has the most beautiful eyes on MET. Absolutely hypnotizing.

The long, lean Sandra Lauver... to me the extraordinary thing about Sandra is her face. Usually with a woman who is this tall and lean, her face tends to be long and lean also. But anyone can clearly see that Sandra's face is anything but long, and in fact has quite a pleasingly round shape. A very fascinating combination...

Unbelievable good photoset! A real masterpiece!

10/10 for both the model & the photographer!

I believe 10/10 = 1.

Miss Sandra Lauver. Beautiful, tall, slender, lean and supremely sensual. This beautiful lady poses with such poise and confidence. She seems totally comfortable with her sexuality and is perfectly willing to share it with us. Very appealing.

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