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Ihre schönen Beine machen mich geil, mein Spatz wird immer ganz steif...

almost all the models here have great bodies, but sandra's face is simply a pleasure to see! just beautiful.

Sandra is quite stunning. The beautiful face, those amazing dark eyes and her superb angular frame...

Awesome woman

Sandra is quite stunning. The beautiful face, big dark eyes, angular frame - to say nothing of her awesome dark assets..

Awesome babe

This beach cabin is getting over-worked. This is the third or fourth time this same set has been used for different models that I'm aware of. It's the second time in the past several days.

Lovely girl however.

need spend some free time?
I think you can find here some beds that was used 1000 times

In the end, how much time do you really spend looking at the set vs. time spent looking at the girl? I hope your answer favors the girl by a long shot!

"This is how it should be done! This style is identical to none!" (Goggle that)! Another masterpiece by the Maestro! Sandra is exquisite!

I can't find my goggles...

Lovely Lanky Sandra Lauver...

When you're finished playing in the sand,

please join me in the shower...;o)

Beach beach beach... I love this beach...house...

Sandra Lauver is just perfect all over. I just wish she would smile a little more, she has a beautiful smile as well as a beautiful figure.

A beautiful woman,though a little on the lean side of my preference. Loved #92 and #93.

I hope she's maintaining a healthy weight. She looks like she could afford another 5-10 pounds.

Those long legs culminating in a perfect pussy awesome

Tall, leggy and with brown eyes, Sandra has the figure I could watch all day if she were at the beach. I wish her top bunched around her waist would have gone away at some point before the middle of the set. Rylsky has a tendency to do that sometimes but it is not of much consequence. This set's not scoring very high this morning for some reason. It's a good set IMO, maybe not her best, but worthy of more credit than it is getting so far.

Sandra and Jeff gracing the beach set? That must have been an AMAZING photo session.

I admire Rylsky for showing better professionalism than I would. I'd be too busy proposing marriage to take photos. :)

Evita Lima visited this beach house too. I wonder if they were all there together. That would have been epic.

LMAO! I hear that!!

Sandra at her best. She enjoys to show us her perfect body, to look sexy and to seduce us. It's impossible to resist her, she is just perfect. I will never get enough of her. And Rylsky is able to catch that spirit and her beauty. Congratulation. Your the best of the best.

Sandra loves to show everything! Perfect! keep showing evrything, Sandra. You are the kind of girl you love to meat nude!

Sandra is so beautiful slipping out her dress showing her exquisite body.

The very beautiful and supremely sensual Sandra Lauver gets to visit Rylsky's beach house. Very nice. Time to bring out my old Beach Boys records. Cuz I'm picking up good vibrations.

Picking up good vibrations??

It may be your phone ringing in your front pocket...?? LOL ;o)

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