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The best first shoot of a lovely model I have seen. Really showcased the lovely features of a gorgeous model to perfection.

Strange that no one noticed that Sanita appears to have a significant vulval problem. The red scaly lesions under the pubic hair are not a sign of good health. I would be concerned that she has Chlamydia, which could make her sterile and is easily transmitted to a male partner. It could just be vaginitis, but I hope she got is checked out and treated.

Sanita is very beautiful and so very innocent in her white undies.I think Ron Offlin has done a great job in discovering her and coaxing her into posing.She does look a little scared, but so did Sofi A in presenting Sofi.Sofi looked like she wanted to grab her dress and run screaming from the studio.The big point is that she did pose and she is very beautiful. Now it's up to us. I gave her a 10+ and mr Offlin a 10++++.

What a beautiful smile.

A delightful new addition to MET. Welcome!

SANITA is a precious novelty nowadays. She is not only gorgeous, but has also a natural, fresh beauty, out of the pattern-cut so common today. She looks at lease, confidence in front of the camera, ready to please her man. I would highlight her perfect pussy, I favour normally bald, shaved coohies, but Sanita's is just perfect, lightly hairy, neat....and wet!!!!.Please bring back her soon!!!

Choose any girl passing by,get her naked and point-and-shoot your Kodak
instamatic.Voilá! A brand new photographer is born and she becomes a model.

The seller

Please pardon me for pointing out that Offlin has been published on MA since 2009. He's hardly "a brand new photographer" ! And not that it matters to you, I'm sure, but he's one of my favorites. ( :

Please, my friend,consider my comment in a metaphorical way.Of course I know Ron Offlin and I like his work,and of course it matters to me not to offend you with a nagative remark.Don´t want to be harsh on anyone,that´s why I resort to Rethorics.Ron got the
job done,but in a rather careless way this time,in my opinión.(The ghosts took my first comment away.I don´t know if this second matches correctly).

The Seller

Thanks for your explanation, it sounds much less harsh than the original comment. ( : Nobody is on their A game every day they go into work, myself included.

Please,my friend,consider my comment in a metaphoric way.Of course
I know Ron Offlin and I like his work,and of course it matters to me not to offend you by a negative remark about this set.Don´t mean to be harsh on anyone,that´s because I resort to rethorics.Ron got
the job done,but in a rather careless way this time,in my opinion.

The Seller

You want it (your remarks) considered as a metaphor? Metaphor for what? As for "...resort(ing) to rethorics [sic}." I take it to mean then that your comments are to be regarded as lacking in sincerity or any sort of meaningful content. If that's true, then they certainly ARE considered as rhetoric. If they're posted rhetorically, then they certainly DO make a statement or do produce a knee-jerk effect.

Consider this in a metaphoric way: you are an idiot and this chick is sexy and this set is awesome.

Be polite,"gentleman".Avoid insults.A badmouth invariably gets
ignored or banned.There´re many ways to reply politely,even if you believe I´m plain stupid.

The Seller

Now, THAT is a sexy girl... Sensual, and open... Below, wet, and with a bit of pubic hair...!

Excellent: model & photos!

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