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Those legs are unbelievable.

gorgeous, beauty, great smile.

Helios' lack of skills in using depth of field is lazy, unsexy and amateurish.
I can assure you ALL YOUR MEMBERS prefer everything in focus.
10 points for the girl, 0 for helios....

The epitome of the tasteful display of stunningly sensual, beautiful and nubile women and models. To sate every mans desire to see the intoxicating female body in all its natural beauty; to satisfy mans curiosity to see every femine form; from the "Girl next door, the amateur to the ultimate Glamor model in the most professional display; indoors and out; from ALL around the world.
Shot by Pros; in video and print; that take pride in their work to portray that what every man dreams about. METart is PROUD to fulfill that dream to show beautiful women at their best.

Wheere's the scar? Now that I know to look for it I can see how bad and blurry some of the photoshop editing is. I want to see a photo set of this model in altered

She smiles too much

I like the smiles. They suggest she is having fun.

Corps parfait, sourire de rève!
Ou l'inverse...
Perfect body, smile dream!
Or the reverse ...

Sapphira! Una asombroso hermoso mujer! Tal una Hermosa cara! Hermosos ojos, tan dulces! Sonrisa maravillosa! Impresionante cuerpo! Tetas perfectas! Niza, lisa, larga piernas! Entonces cuando usted se quita tus bragas y usted sonríe, hermoso! Luego usted extiende abrir tus hermosas piernas y puedo ver todo de tu coño! Gracias sweet dama, eso es justo tan hermoso! Usted son tan hermosamente rosada en ahí, dulce miel, quiero a ser dentro ti, ahora! Y entonces, puedo ver tus rosa coño es empezando a abrir, es tan rosada, suave y lisa dentro usted, mi dios, usted son acaba la más increíblemente hermoso señorita!! Gracias! Gracias! Gracias, mis hermoso, dulce, joven señorita!

BEAUTIFUL! When are we going to see a video of Sapphira?

Finally, 8-4! Thank you! Amazing!

This set is flawless. So many awesome poses... I was all revved up before she ever got naked. That's the sign of a great model AND an awesome photographer.

Luca Helios, could you please photoshop and blur and airbrush and retouch your photographs more? This woman doesn't even have pores in her skin. Are you presenting to your audience a mannequin?

Superbe sourire, elle vaut bien le détours et le coup d' oeil, et pas seulement entre ses cuisses.

What a cute outfit! I can hardly believe that even like the shoes. It is rare indeed that I see a pair of shoes now days that I actually like.

Of course Sapphira is absolutely stunning whatever she is or is not wearing! This one rated top ten from day one. There are are some that stand out above the rest and she is one of those. Not only in the looks department but in style and personality. It's pretty damn hard to pick a #1 with all the beauties here at Metart but there is no doubt that she is definitely in the running.

I do have to make 1 criticism. Those pink leopard print panties are gross! All this style and class but when she pull up that skirt and shows those panties it really is a "eew" situation. There is a reason why leopards don't come in pink! They don't even look good on this goddess! I'm sure glad she got rid of them fast! ;)

I seldom if ever agree with 'everything' anybody says here, but you hit the nail on the head with this one... To quoin a phrase thats currently circulating...'spot on!' ;o)

Oops...wrong 'coin'...lol D'OH!

No doubt this is a beautiful model, and the setting is visually pleasing, but the photography is mediocre at best! Way too many shots improperly focused. Somewhat disappointing, but not entirely. Different photographer please...

I have to admit, there ARE some very good shots of the gorgeous Sapphira in here...

Luca Helios has done a perfect set. I think Sapphira's smile is the most beautiful one on Met ,right ahead of Lorean A's who is also a model for Mr. Helios.

Sorry, I meant Lorena B-I'm always mixing them up.

Super feminine beauty.

Thanks for waxing the hair off your forearms, too. Very girly. Very classy.

I need to dress you up and take you out on the town to show you off!

Dress her up? What's wrong with that cute little black number she has here?

I didn't buy it for her.

Sapphira is MetArt history in the making! Breathtaking perfection, can't wait for her video!

I don't think there is a Met-Art model that smiles more than Sapphira, nor has a prettier smile. And, when she gives that seductive look, as in pic# 72....whoa!

I don't think there is a Met-Art model that smiles as much as Sapphira, or, has a prettier smile. And when she does give that seductive look, as in pic# 72, whoa!

Beautiful model, beautiful ass

Sapphira has rapidly become one of my favorites on MetArt.

She is an absolutely gorgeous young lady with an incredible body and one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen.

Can't wait to see her next set.

Sapphira is awesome!!! Drop-dead gorgeous and loves to show off her hot body!!! Great set!!!

God damn she's hot! If she doesn't get you hard nothing will... beautiful brunette sex goddess!

Yes, take off the heels -- AFTER the shoot, please!
There is little as sexy as a true beauty wearing nothing but heels and a smile...

Keep the heels on -- even in bed. Very sexy when one has large, strategically placed mirrors about the room.

Why must always they have hanging the whole Christmas tree decorations at their belly button? - Simply terrible.

Bah humbug!.

Absolutely gorgeous, little wonder she is appearing in MetArt's promotional material, such an uninhibited beauty!.

Sapphira you have taken Met-Art by storm, you are incredible! Amazing brunette bombshell. I hope she makes her way over to Sex-Art for some intense solo work also.

As above plus some 69 action would be even more stunning

Ditto on the solo work request! Let's go Met-Art...

Fantastic! Sapphira you are amazingly gorgeous. Thanks!

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