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Sapphira love to work with her

That 19 year old tease tanned ass was made for fucking.

Sapphira is the perfect combination of a stunningly pretty face (especially when she smiles) and a rockin' hot body! Currently, she is my favorite MetArt model!

Sapphira... you need to move up to real porn. Would love to see you sucking on a large Johnson, and taking it in that beautiful ass of yours!

Fabulous set from this amazing teenager. Sapphira really knows how to spread her legs beautifully.

she is luscious and looks tasty

i love this girl. she is adorable. i love her sweet face, her small boobs, her nipples, her long legs, her curvy ass and her delicious pussy.

thanks for Luca for this set

nice ass

Sapphira - 10! 9 on the poses! 6 for the photographer. Maybe Arkisi, Koenart, Tony Murano, Matiss or Rylsky can really capture this beautiful lady's special qualities...in focus. Ella es un increíblemente hermosa mujer! ¡Qué dulce sonrisa! Esta mujer tiene una increíblemente rostro tan hermoso! Uno de los mejor modelos on Met-Art! Y, algunos de la muy mejor vistas adentro tu hermosa, abierto, rosa coño! Justo lástima que Lucas no podía enfocar la cámara. Estos realmente podrían haber sido fotos especiales! Pero, no. Lucas no centrarse. Pero, ¡Oh, ¡Sí, Sapphira, eres muy especial! Asombroso, Gracias, Sapphira, para abriendo tu dulce, fragante rosa! Hermosa rosa señora! ¡Gracias, Dulce Sapphira!

Sapphira is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and sexy girls to ever appear on Met-Art!!!

Couldn't agree more with this either...;o)

Sapphira is not just totally beautiful all over, she is happy about it.

I am too!...:oD REAL happy about it!

Another of the 'Gorgeous Czechs'! Sapphira is breathtaking. I couldn't agree more with the moon doggie about 'focus'. Does this "artist" think it's "artistic" to focus on the part of the model that's farthest away from the camera!? IT'S NOT! Very frustrating, ESPECIALLY with Sapphira!

Luca H.
Thanks for showing a few pictures of beautiful legs and cool high heels :)
This girl is amazing !


beautiful pussy!!!!

Sapphira, that lipstick is NOT your color. The orange tint is bad for you. You're adorable otherwise.

Incredible beyond words.


My "10" for today --

And just like clockwork -- it's July 1st -- so we get 6 sets to choose from.

Total perfection! There is nothing about this girl that isn't a 10+ I don't see how anyone could rate her less than 10? I wish there was a way to vote even higher.

She has a magnificently beautiful face with a radiant smile that is irresistible. Her body is beyond rating, so magnificently formed and totally buff with all the elements in perfect harmony. This is my take on perfection. The thing that vault her over the majority of women her or anywhere else is the personality. This woman lights up the world around her and this seems so real I doubt that it could be faked. There are so few women that are in this class that there can be no doubt that she should be in the top ranks on any list.

They say you can't have everything but I think you can. Sapphira is a fantastic girl who needs the right photographer, or a change in Luca Helios' style. What Moon Doggie is saying is we ALL like that beautiful backside - and in focus please!


Sapphira is a gorgeous and totally hot girl!!! She obviously loves to show off her perfect body, and Sapphira, we do appreciate it!!! Great photo quality too!!! More, more, more!!! Please!!!

Very Beautiful!

HOLY TOLEDO! What a lovely pussy!

It is nice, I agree. Also nice to see they didn't airbrush out the little freckle on her mound and the ones elsewhere on her body. A great set overall.

Very pretty girl, only one doggie shot of Sapphira's lovely bottom in focus. Sure, she has a very pretty face but her cute little bottom is what most women would kill for and a few shots of it in focus for us guys is not asking to much is it? I love doggie shots, hence the call sign. I'm starting to get a bit tired of all this out of focus photography.

I hear yah! Photos 69-77 are much the same pose. Out of all of those, couldn't at least one be focused on her behind, nicely posed in the foreground? Photo 76, if focused on her very close bottom would have been a killer shot!


That's my grade on the set also, but the girl is 10+!

So incredibly lovely! And smoking poses. What a fantastic set.

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