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Pic #93 - Foot of a goddess.

hayley13, I am sorry but I've only just seen your comment of 21 hours ago. I am almost squealing as I say this, you can't possibly cut out people like Sapphira and Kalena. You gotta think again!

While Sapphira does indeed possess a "1,000 Watt" smile, even so, it is nice to see other expressions on her gorgeous face, and Mr. Helios has done a wonderful job of capturing smiles and other expressions in this set.

Well hayley13 now you have four other sets and a film to go back and feast your eyes on all over again! Seriously though, how do you compliment this set too far? With that face and smile, those gorgeous breasts and pussy, and Luca Helios' photography, this must be one of the best sets I've ever seen. Well done and thank you Sapphira and Luca. More please.

Amazing model for sure. She is gorgeous from head to toe. I'm such a sucker for shots like 118 where you can see the vaginal entrance, I have to give this set a 10. But I'm not fixated on one thing, the rest of the set was great as well.

Хорошо, но мы хотим лучшей демонстрации пусси, можно же взять за крылушки пусси и немного преоткрыть врата рая, а мы получим истенное наслаждение и продлим подписку, надеюсь у вас получится.

It's Greek to me... Any idea?

This set is absolutely magnificent. Possibly the best set of 2013. And... If I'm being honest, i've never paid too much attention to Sapphira until now. That's how good this set is. What a gorgeous girl! Boy am I jealous.

When Adam featured Sapphira recently on the blog it was her film. In the comments on the film the existence of a significant scar on her lower left abdomen was visible. In today's set Luca has made it disappear again. Why? I totally agree with all of the positive comments here. Sapphira is one the most stunning models we have had come along for a long time. In the movie she shows that without any enhancement she still is unbelievable. Her reality does not need any photoshoping. Adam responded to my comment like this as follows "As for “the scar,” itself. I agree with you. I like it! It’s proof positive that Sapphira A is a flesh and blood human being." And my comment today is simply, Amen.

If a boo bird is going to give a down thumb, then tell me why. Hell I might even agree! I am honest in saying (I try always to say that!) that my posts are nothing other than my opinion. Even though my real name is Pope, I do not pretend to speak "ex cathera".

Being a 15 year internet porn veteran, it's hard for me to even take notice of 90% of the stuff out there, let alone get excited about it. But this set completely blew me away. It's probably the best photo set I have ever seen, and God knows I have seen enough in my time. Big congratulations to Luca and Sapphira for creating something truly special and truly great. The setting, the lighting, the progression, the tone...everything is perfect. And Sapphira herself is like an angel, so, so achingly beautiful. Luca, you are a genius. Best. Photoshoot. EVER.

Sapphira is fantastic! She is a beauty beyond compare, and Mr Helios is the perfect photographer.

Sapphira makes this set beautiful with that amazing body.

BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! Great photography.

God what a magnificent woman! This set is so much different from her video but it just demonstrates how fantastic this woman is, I cannot see how any man could not be charmed by this wonder of creation. Seeing that body covered with oil is so hot! Her parents must have had fantastic genes to create such wonderful specimen of perfection. Everything about this beauty is taken to the max. She has raw sexual power that is amazing and a smile that makes me swoon. If this set doesn't light your fire there is simply no hope for you.


Simply amazing! So incredibly beautiful.

Sapphira is sheer perfection. If Helen of Troy's face could launch a thousand ships, Sapphira's smile alone could launch twice as many. And who knows what sort of damage that fantastic body could cause. Even in this unfortunate outdoor setting she is breathtaking.

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