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i would lick her scars too. i dont give a rats ass. her face and body is perfect to me. especially her pretty ass pink tight windy butt hole. damn she gives me so many boners on a regular basis. its irregular to get so many erections. any man who has erectile problems, just look at her. BOING!

i love her so much. i would love to lick her asshole every morning noon afternoon day evening and night. id stick my tongue all the way in, kiss her feet and anything she wanted.

Sapphira is just simply gorgeous she always brings a smile to my face when i see her beaming face,sexy smile Luca Helios captured her very well within this sexy sensual series simply adored the outdoor setting and her skimpy outfit as she slowly peels it off only too create some very acrobatic sexy poses on the velvet covered cushion in different sexy poses revealing her long sexy legs,her nicely trimmed vagina large inner labia libs perky small breasts erect nipples never leaving that sexy smile of hers she is just simply STUNNING both within her photoshoots and movie just have to love the way she lifts her long sexy legs up upon the fence revealing all of her glory what i really love about her poses are the ones of her casual lying on the velvet cushion in both casual poses and Saphhira revealing her breasts vagina labia lips firm sexy ass in some gorgeous rear end shots of her have to adore the lovely close ups of her beaming face,sexy eyes and that gorgeous smile she may have dropped off the top ranking models but she will always be more than a 10 to me as for her piercing i quite like it suits her features very well and i don't mind the scar either just shows her she is real within her series no photoshopping of her images Saphhira A has a body any man would die for and as a female i'm kind of jealous about her body she is simply stunning its a shame that some of her shots were abit cut off alas she curtainly made up for them with the others my hat goes off to Luca helios for such a lovely potrayial of such a gorgeous model i hope to see more of her with MetArt both with her photoshoots and movies she is truely "Where Flawless Beatuy Meets Art"

Lovely girl! Very nice shoot.

Sapphira not sapphire but black diamond.
Makeup, Clothing, Jewelry: perfect.

Location anonymously, a gate and a lane.
Not coffer for its beauty

call me a sick freak - but that scar makes her even more attractive.

She is a beautiful, sexy young woman - who survived a nasty injury. So she is strong and a 'survivor' type. Her genes must be top. A lesser girl would have been disfigured. But on her it just underlines her desirability.

amazing girl. i love all the treasures on her body

Natalie Wood? How about a young Karen Allen? She is her doppleganger.

Sapphira looks a bit like Natalie Wood, one of my all time favourite Hollywood female stars of days gone by.

Natalie was Russian too!

I hate to sound pedantic, hipshot131, but Sapphira is Czech. ;))

She does, indeed, Moon Doggie -- and they don't make em like Natalie any more.

God, you make me feel old! I even remember Moon Doggie, himself!

What a perfect little jackpot she is....

My "10" for today --

She not only looks HOOOOOOOT in heels -- she kept them on for a full half of the set.

Page 2 made an old man VERY happy --

Thank you, Sapphira --

My gawd, is she beautiful.

Breathtakingly stunning.

Thank you for sharing your feminine beauty, Sapphira.

This girl is amazing.

she's got a tidy set of kibbles n bits!

The flat mole in Saphhira's pelvic region may require a dermatologist.

I'm no dermatologist, but I'd be happy to check it for her.

Sapphira is totally wonderful, an incredible beauty straight from the Czech Republic. The blue object is, of course, a giant liberator cushon, which can be found anywhere in the streets, of the Czech Republic.I looked at the mark on her stomach,and particular shot no 66. It looks like an old scar that she didn't put body make-up on. I like that, it makes her look a little less like a goddess and more like a human being.

Agreed about the scar. Thank you for not photoshoping it out! I prefer to see the real girl not some photoshop version.

Agreed! I'd rather see the 'real' Sapphira, scar, flat mole and everything else human. No airbrushing here, thankfully. She is a real woman, but it won't be wrong if we still think of her as a goddess!

Sapphira is pure heaven with sets like this.

Sapphira you are beautiful, every little inch of you! We love you.

What a smile! I think that she was trying to be all serious, but she was so happy that she just couldn't stop herself from smiling.

Thanks to Sapphira and Luca Helios for a delightful set of photos. Now I am smiling too.

Wow, talk about hitting you with it out of the gate! The difference between #1 and 2 is night and day. When she unleashes that smile the sun comes out! Sapphira A is top of the list for me. Even if she has drooped of the top ten she will always be top 10 for me. This girl has a radiance and beauty that is as solid as the gold standard. There is nothing about this model that I don't like. it is funny, there is a segment in the middle where Luka does several facial closeups and Sapphira changes back and forth from smile to solemn and back several times and I actually feel the impact of that smile each time she reveals it! This is a dream girl. She has powerful magic and I am glad that she has bewitched me. I don't know about Helen of troy but I know this lady surly launches my ship! I would bet that in the morning she will be back in the top ten.

#2 is good but #8 has me all dreamy-eyed... what a fantastic girl. 10 doesn't seem enough.

8 is nice too but then they all are! It's pretty tough to make a bad photo of this dream lady!

Sapphira's smile could light up a football stadium. The rest of her is sheer perfection. She is utterly beautiful from top to toe—hair eyes, face, breasts, pussy, anus (!), legs and feet. She really is lickable all over, and I would die happy if I could do it. One request: Sapphira, my love, please get rid of that junk in your navel. It only detracts from your beauty, and you are the last woman on earth who needs it. xoxo

Sailor, top marks from a true connoisseur; junk is the perfect description too.

lanbof, there is obviously a first-rate intellect lurking behind that username.

Nihil, I'm not trying to change Sapphira, just the stuff she wears during photo shoots. I would never try to change perfection, even if it isn't Ukrainian.

swplf2, you clearly need professional help for that obsession. Here's hoping your meds kick in quickly.

Sailor, if you love somebody, don't try to change them. Maybe she enjoys 'that junk in her navel.'

nihil, Remember Sailor is an old fart and is SET in his ways. And Sapphira is not a Ukrainian so he won't forgive her...

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