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Luca, a few shots with feet in focus would be nice

Wow!! Would love to see her pussy lips open please.

Anyone that could be cool calm and objective in the presence of this beauty would scare me! There are a few models that posses a beauty and presence that goes way deeper than skin deep. Saphira is one of these. Her physical perfection is mind blowing but her allure is way beyond that. She exudes confidence and sensuality that is so much more than words could describe. Her impact is physical right down to your toes. There is no doubt that this woman would cause a busy restaurant to go silent merely by stepping through the doors. She is a force of nature that is totally irresistible and I for one wouldn’t even try.

The photography in this set is solid and the site interesting. Luka did an excellent job of capturing this dream and he has a winner with this model.

Hip, I am late commenting on this post of yours.......but I could not pass up the opportunity to say that you hit it right on the head. Sapphira can stop traffic with her beauty and that elegant and lovely smile of hers. Some women just have the "It" factor..........Sapphira is on that list.

a wonderful gorgeous lady

lousy photography

She is so beautiful. Really beautiful!

beautiful smile and face

I never thought that a couckatrice could be as beautifull. she is an absolutuly beautifull guirl

Absolute magnificence!!

Mr. Helios, could you get at least half the pictures you take in focus? That would be quite an improvement over this gallery, the whole idea of photography is capturing an image for others to see, isn't it? Or maybe not to you, perhaps blurred out of focus images is how you see things. This girl deserves better photography, she is beautiful, even with a large scar, which I may add, she owns, and does not hide, kudos, for that. Please do a better job just for her sake, she poses, wonderfully well, please do her justice by showing images that are focused.

this is not his first set with out of focus images. Met Art should take care of that

truly amazing....to believe such beauty is possible only its here on metart. the most lickable and tongue insertable butt hole.......muahhhh to Sapphira and Luca Helios

one thing that amazes me is the amount of noise.

And that is a problem of almost all sets.

We have professional photographers, working with presumely top equipment - and the pics we get are blurry, noise and everything but sharp.

Why? what is happening? What is going wrong?

Beauty like a thunderbolt.

Open and fun, too!

Just heaven on earth.

Thanks, S & H.

Sapphira is incredibly beautiful, and always happy to show it. She is, moreover a perfect example of a model who refuses to work fully nude with anyone but Mr. Helios. Many models are the same, very picky about who they work with. Mr Helios has done a great job of photography, so this set gets a 10/10 from me. (although I wish I could score sapphire higher than a 10, maybe a 10++++ )

Two incredible masterpieces in a row. Helios has taken his art to a higher level. Amazing photography!

Sapphira A never ceases to amaze me she is always so confident in front of a camera within her series never leaving that sexy inviting smile of hers she maybe only 19 going on 20yrs old but she has a great future with her modeling career if she keeps it up she always brings a smile on my face when i see her Luca Helios captured her well within this series the lighting coming thru the curtains really highlights her sheer top slowly riding up her sexy derrier as she bends over have to i love the way she slowly peels off her top slowly revealing her small breasts per images #29-31 specialy #31 as if to say to us all "Check Out My Tits Guys" with that cheeky sexy smiles of her whilst kneeling on the cushion slowly revealing her firm belly and thighs until revealing her small firm breasts,erect nipple until she is toaly naked love the different expressions on her face as she poses in various positions from spreading her legs wide open to bendiing over backwards showing her firm sexy derrier revealing both her anus and vagina,labia lips Sapphira can be both sexy and provocative with these poses but there are some very serene sensual,serious looking ones as well to like image #115 lying back on her cushion but that's Sapphira A for you she is simply STUNNING as both a model/woman Thank You Sapphira A and Luca Hellios Its truely "Where Beauty Meets Art" my hat of to MetArt for posting this series and my favorite model :( :(

I love the scar; So honest. Please, never remove it.

I agree as well. It's her trademark.

Dear Falcon as a female member have to agree with you about her scar its adds to her beauty just shows her she is real plus there's been to many photoshopped series in my time with MetArt Cheers From Australia

Hi Rags You will notice that Ariel Piper Fawn A.K.A. Ariel N elsewhere in the Met Universe, has gone back to putting make-up on the birthmark on the inside of her left thigh just above her knee. I think she looks even better with out the make up. I agree it makes the models look like real women coping with life.

Sapphira is absolutely stunning.

What a beautiful woman!

I agree, she has a beautiful face.

Couldn't agree with you more.

She is an absolutely stunningly beautiful young woman with an incredible body.

She knows how to talk to the camera.

Amazing, and once again the sexiness of that scar defies all logic. Fantastic appealing lady.

I don't know which is brighter - the light coming through the window, or the glow from Sapphira's smile! Beautiful!

And so Sapphira extends her personal miracle with another breathtaking set. I feel a bit shy when writing about this astonishing woman. She is so obviously ravishing, right down to those delicious toes, that she inspires all kinds of raunchy thoughts in me. But I can't express them, because to do so would cheapen her classic beauty. I suppose the smartest thing to do is shut up and enjoy the miracle.

I'm glad so many people really enjoy this model, but I have to say, if we were all to list our top 20 favorite models, I feel certain we'd all come up with some very different entries. And that is as it should be. Variety, the spice of life and all.

Well, Sailor, at least you're not alone.
"Enjoy the miracle," indeed. Well said!

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